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Capstone examples

Capstone examples do my excelsior capstone course a c inverter consumer report ´╗┐hi guys Luna here and welcome to this first h1z1 video where I'm going to be going over the initial parts of the game just looking at what there is options menus first impressions and so on for those who haven't had a chance to play yeah I'll be working on some other videos for the game over the next few days as well but it's a busy time so I don't know how many I'll get out I will try to make them as soon as possible I really wanted this bit earlier as well but as a lot of you guys already know there has been issues trying to get on to the live servers and I had to wait an hour in 20 minutes to get into one some of you still can't access the game I know anyway if you do enjoy leave like let's jump into it then when you first start the game there is a four hundred megabyte update which should only take a second then after you load that you will find yourself on to the main menu right here here you'll find the option to play customize visit the store and sangs the one thing here which I like which pub G on Xbox right now doesn't have is this challenges section and it gives you a reason to simply log on every day for a little bit there are three challenges that you can see right now play one round of solos play and place within the top 100 and complete all 12 of the tutorial challenges in the play menu we are why - because Jules is locked and it says it was going to be open which it's not but you can still play on solos and fives and you can get to play one of my favourite things so far which is the combat training if you click on there and you check it out it's essentially just a practice match where you just constantly play and you kill other players and if you die you can simply respawn it's very useful for practicing game kills before jumping into the actual main game all right on to the customization menu you have a choice to open your crates which you can get from playing the game which is where you can unlock your any gear that you might get for head options do you have three hats and helmets and twelve different skins - a mock four shirts you've got two different options tank top or a full-body ghillie suit right there lots of skins available for that one loads and loads to go over to bat packs to shoe options one trouser option one glove option one face mask and one I wear plus you got a choice of two different body armor colors I didn't go over all these skins as it doesn't really preview them for you instead I'll probably go over all the available skins once I finally unlock them next you get weapon skins and you can customize the ak-47 the ar-15 you're right shotgun the Hellfire for six the sniper the m9 Magnum and the crossbow the next section allows you to customize all of your rights you get the offer order with a pickup truck the ATV and of course you get different skins before your parachute again I will go over these all in more detail once I have all the skins unlocked so we can actually loop over them the next section is emotes and this is simply where you can unlock all of your remotes and there are 36 different ones to collect all together and last of all you can choose your character in there for male and for female ones to pick and the sides you can make the game brighter as is a bit dark and as for sensitivity I'm gonna make a separate video on that when I go over things like aiming and so on but you can see here all the basic controls if you want to know how to play but it's pretty basic and it's not too dissimilar from other similar games and that is all of the basics of the game and all the stuff you get a lock character customisation sayings and skins as for the game itself then I haven't had much time to play it yet but I'm really enjoying it so far the graphics are not too amazing it really reminds me of a game like defiance in the way it looks if any of you guys ever played that I know it's kind of both now but to be honest I don't mind too much about the look of the game as it is still in beta I think right now it Mars more for performance and actual gameplay the gameplay is like the lovechild of pubsey and fortnight which is a good mix it's definitely more serious than fortnight is and you don't have the annoying build an option which prevents a lot of us from playing that kind of game but it does not have the same skill cap requirement Punkie does where if you play a pub key it's likely you won't do too well in your first couple of games you have to build up you have to learn all the different skills you have to spend time learning how to shoot and how to aim and of course if you don't play the game for a while you can easily lose all those skills and you can have to retrain all over again and learn the tactics and positioning and all stuff like that this game is far abort to the point and you can just simply drop into a game shoot and hit the target it's a lot easier than I expected it would be and I've already had like 20 kills in the first 20 minutes and while yes it is true I died a lot I definitely got a lot more kills than I'm used to in a bow royal game the thing I like most is the controls we were promised console controls rather than and rekt pc port of them which has made the game feel really fluid and responsive and definitely fun to play there's been no lag or rendering issues of any kind and I'm on the original ps4 not the ps4 Pro which should perform even better than it does on the original and picking up and equipping items gang to the menus are all easy enough the one thing I wanted to test up personally was vehicles I think they are a little annoying to drive because the camera doesn't really follow you you need to move it manually but no performance issues or anything while driving in conclusion then guys I've only played for a little while just over an hour but so far I'm really enjoying it I think the ability to pick up the game drop into a match and be able to get kills straight away sharra games as well it's all stuff that is gonna appeal to players you know that quick turnaround no surviving for 30 minutes to be sniped and the whole match was pointless that is a feature that may pull over players from a game like pub G we were frustrated at the game right now especially with slow progress and especially if you don't have the patience to learn all the skills required in order to succeed in that type of game anyway guys that is it for this video as I said I did plan to make this one a bit longer and far more detailed but having to wait over an hour and 20 minutes to get onto the server I did run out of time and then get to cover everything that I wanted and I thought would be best to put a video rather than no video at all but I would back tomorrow with more games so look out for that and subscribe for more similar videos but guys I hope you enjoy thanks for watching and peace sample research topics in human resource management City University of New York (CUNY).

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