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Capstone event definition cheap

Capstone event definition cheap capstone in denver world migration report 2018 2018 [Music] what's going on ladies and gentlemen welcome into NFL daily special 2018 NFL scheduled release edition Cam Rogers coming at you alongside Tom downy don't worry he's working his sources right now he's getting all the game set for youguys has to happen I'm sorry we are going to reveal ladies and gentlemen all of the games for the 2018 NFL season as our sources contact us as we get the information we will get you guys this schedule we are live here on Facebook Twitter and YouTube we thank you for coming along for the ride before we get into all the information about the schedule let's get into the latest NFL rumors here and we'll start things off with Tom Brady does he want a new contract this report coming from NBC Sports up there into England Tom we're giving this three Goodell heads here this one does seem for life because brandy wants to play beyond justice next two years in the years past when he's hit year two of his contract he tries to redo it and get something different in there so I think it makes him sense all right so this originally we first heard about Tom Brady with the whole situation in terms of not being committed about playing for 2018 according to reports he spoke with teammates or teammates at least believe that he is going to play he's not gonna retire I mean it's nice he's not no he's gonna play this year and that's that was maybe never in doubt this reason we only gave it the one head maybe he tries to do something crazy but we didn't think that was gonna happen so three heads on this one all right let's get to a rumor at number two here Kendall bent with is he going to be out in a week one Beckwith excuse me well maybe this one is very much in that rumor category because we don't really know what the future is for Beckwith because as we sit right now he suffered a broken ankle in a car accident now thankfully is okay long term he's okay but he did require ankle surgery so kind of sounds like a relatively severe car accident he is going to at least miss training camp possibly more we don't know if he's going to be out for a week one but it is very much a possibility as we sit right now all right let's get to the next rumor on our list Cowboys are they not taking and sutton in that first round of the NFL Draft this one is more in that rumor category but I wouldn't be all that surprised if it did go down because what the report from Tony Pauline is who is a very reliable source is that the Cowboys don't view him as a round one Talent now with that said just because you're not around one grade or around one Talent that doesn't mean you're not going to go in round one because NFL teams do not hand out thirty two round one grades there are actually at times far fewer it's more in the high teens or the mid teens instead so don't don't be overly surprised when you see Sutton going around one just because he's being given around to grade doesn't mean he's not going to be a first-round pick so that's what's going on there I could still see a scenario namely if the Cowboys trade down and take somebody else in around later in round one or they move back up around two or something I'm not ruling out Sutton in round one but he is not among my top or most likely options for the Cowboys early on I'm they're gonna look more for a DJ Moore or late in vandura even all right two good Dale heads on that one let's get to rumor number four here are the Browns drafting two quarterbacks Tom in that first round maybe don't get your hopes up on this one we're gonna give this one just the one head maybe at one point the Browns did consider drafting two quarterbacks really pulling that Redskins plan they went RG 3 Kirk Cousins cuz you know that worked out so well no I see in the notes here Tom all caps it won't happen yeah you you like my love my notes are very blunt then I'm not always as blunt on air so look Cleveland has a bunch of first or second-round picks but they have Tyrod Taylor they have Drew Stan I don't think it makes much sense for the Browns to take to cubies early they've got other more important needs so don't get your hopes up on that one if those of you that for some reason you know would want two quarterbacks really if the report was that they had discussions about it and it's not surprising that they at least talked about it doesn't mean they're actually going to yeah I think NFL teams will always discuss a lot more things and people realize but it doesn't mean they're actually going to do it so because because you hear teams discuss things doesn't mean it was a long in-depth discussion of Eibon and hey you go research this happen sorry to waste time we're not gonna do it that's what I think happened here alright let's check in with some more draft buzz here I wish going with a defensive back in that first round two heads on this one it's almost three for me and again 20 Pauline who's a very credible draft analyst he throws out a couple names to monitor Minka Fitzpatrick and Josh Jackson both of them I believe we had listed as potential Packers targets earlier this week on our recent NFL daily the Packers because they trade away damarious Randall because they told us other because of the Packers have shown interest other guys I think it makes sense their edge rusher also in need but remember Mike Pettine scheme has tended to prefer talented corners over talented edge rushers here so that's what I'm looking at for their top target I think it makes sense in general is Denzel war Packers at 14 is Denzel Ward Denzel Ward's full or I don't think he gets to that one of the egos earlier be it to even you know Bears Raiders Niners dolphins even someone above that but I do see a scenario where maybe someone of the Harold Landry make up Fitzpatrick elk is available you're gonna have multiple quarterbacks let's just say four go on the top 14 you're gonna see Nelson go you're gonna see Barkley go you're gonna see both linebackers go you're gonna see a cornerback oh I think you'll see via the vago all the sudden you gonna see there when James go all of a sudden there's a real scenario where maybe it's Minka maybe it's Landry is available for green banning then get one of those guys with Marcus Davenport or Josh Jackson being their worst case scenario at number fourteen overall I do believe Denzel Ward is very tempting therefore Packers leaders oh if they could get in they'll take him in a heartbeat no doubt about that one all right let's get the rumor number six are the Dolphins gonna go with Layton Vander Esch as their backup plan at eleven just the one ahead I think this is their backup to the backup plan the report was that they would consider Layton van der ich if their top two guys who as reported before NFL daily are ro Quan Smith and Tremaine Edmonds they want one of those two guys they don't get them they'll look at maybe a Denzel Ward or make a fitzpatrick or i think a more likely backup plan B to veía if V navei is on the board Smith and Edmonds are off I think the Dolphins take veía at number 11 overall and they more fully replace here they're their top linebacker their top different tackling another consumers now of course gone so I think vanish is a back-up plan I think there's a real chance he doesn't even get to the Cowboys pick at number 19 overall I think the Dolphins could do it I think how bad of a reach would that be though it I'm not gonna that I so I'm gonna view it as a reach but I get why he's gonna go straight it's really a similar L to Tremaine Edmunds he's just not as young and maybe a little better right now as a football player based on production van der ash has the upside you want because he's a freak athlete but he is still a little bit raw as well all right let's get the rumor number 7 on our list here are the Broncos trading down from number 5 overall John Elway said he's open for business well he very much declared that yes we are open for business but also said hey we could trade up we could stand pat so we can do anything he's stating the obvious of course the Broncos are open for business every NFL team even the Browns at number one the Jets at number three even are open for business but their asking price is so astronomically high no one's gonna do it so the Broncos are a prime team that could elect to trade up or trade down everyone want they trade down if they don't love any of the quarterbacks and I'm starting to suspect maybe they don't love all the quarterbacks I don't think they do Tom I think they would love Baker Mayfield the jet thing you're gonna get thing you're gonna get Baker Mayfield so if Rosen slides if Allen slides maybe the bills or dolphins or somebody else leapfrogs up into that top five Broncos trade down they get a corner guard later on in the draft the word is the Broncos have a core of quarterbacks that they're focusing on and if that core kind of dissipates before number five overall perhaps they do trade back maybe so I think it's be very curious to what ends up happening with the Denver Broncos I think if they stand pat it's either a quarterback or don't I'm thinking Quinton Nelson instead who is an absolutely fantastic player at offensive guard speaking of trading back how about the Eagle sounds like Eagles leadership is willing to move back to to stuff to heads here again because it also makes sense and the Eagles GM high Roseman said yeah we are open for business but again it's the same type of mindset here every NFL team is open for business whether or not they make a trade is up for debate I will say this though with the Eagles it makes sense for them particularly they have no second they have no third round pick and that's scenario you know maybe you go ahead and try to trade down get an extra second and a third and then you accumulate more draft picks for yourself because at that point you're able to fill out more needs if you're the Eagles or the Seattle Seahawks by the way you're without some very he mid-round selections if you don't have those available what are you gonna be able you need you at that point you do try to trade down if you're Philadelphia I think that makes some sense them if they can do that they can get more assets they have the pick number thirty-two over of course that last first-round pick their next selection is it until 1:30 they have to wait almost 100 picks before their next selection in rent or in the NFL Draft so kriti now makes a lot of sense maybe you make a deal with a team like I don't know maybe you try to move down with the team but like like the Giants potentially don't do in division stuff maybe the Colts could try and move back up in Darrell along with all of their assets they trade down and they set themselves up for more picks on day 2 you're watching NFL daily Kim Rogers here alongside Tom Downey presented by mizzen and main we're going through the rumors here how about the Seahawks and Veta via this is gonna be tough because they're gonna have to move up to get him I think this is why it's just one head they are gonna meet with vetova it's neither gonna take him out to a nice little wining and dining as NFL teams are apt to do so there's definitely interest there the issue is I don't find it very likely that the Seattle CR is going to be able to get me to veía because they have to move up to get him I do not see a scenario here where they're going to be able to stand pat and a wait and then pick up via via because I don't think he's gonna last that long I think is gonna be off the board the top 13 picks off so if you're Seattle you're going to have to trade up and the issue is you don't have the assets to trade up at that at that point you know you don't have the the pic value you don't you don't have a second or a third round pick how are you gonna move up from number 18 overall to get let's say number 11 you don't have the second round pick it would cost are you gonna give up a future first or if you'd a second for a nose guard I love Vita veía but I am not giving up that much when you're CIT you've got so many needs if I'm Seattle I would be much more likely to trade down and say look let's trade down let's get extra assets let's try and build at that depth of the roster there move down to from 19 the air for 18 even to say like 25 and get extra production there and be able to build that roster because if you move up you just don't have the the attitude without sacrificing future picks to go do it just doesn't make sense for them alright big-time piece of news get into here Tom the Giants have cut Brandon Marshall had a season-ending ankle injury a year ago he failed his physical the Giants cut him 5.15 million dollars in cap savings only about 1 million dollars in dead money so with that Brandon Marshall is now a free agent the Giants could perhaps go out and shall we say try to sign dez bryant apparently Dez may be a Giants at high regard Dez wants to go play for the Giants because he wants playing against the Cowboys twice a year this is very funny to me for Brandon Marshall because if you follow me on Twitter at what going down he you probably already saw my tweet on it where here was the deal with Dez Bryant because Brandon Marshall posted something on Instagram about Dez wanting to play for the Giants and then Marshall before letting it said sorry baby bro no room tagged at Dez Bryant and then that put him in position where you know a couple days later Brandon Marshall has been released by the Giants and I threw up the other jay-z o face there so Brandon Marshall this is not a surprise though like I don't know why I'm always thought about how he was gonna stick with the Giants honestly I'm shocked it took this he had 18 catches was hurt last year was also released with a failed physical to designation as well 5 point 15 million in cash savings being saved to the Giants retired on cap it didn't make sense the Giants to keep Brandon Marshall was more of a surprise of what's taking them so long it was inevitable this is not much of a surprise here that the Giants have gone ahead and cut Brandon Marshall he was a bust signing besides sterling Shepherd he's a really good player as well so I'm not I don't think this is a big surprise for the Giants maybe shouldn't been there either alright so Brandon Marshall saw him rattle off a couple teams here that you think maybe he could go visit and maybe sign with I find Brandon Marshall I might call it a career ok I think it might be a scenario where if you're Brandon Marshall you have a very cushy job in position here to go joining for Network that's been a very common theme for Marshall maybe you call it a career you know maybe go to team like the bills the bills need wider say for help maybe it's whatever team that once Dez Bryant but doesn't get him signed commercials yeah well the Colts aren't trying to win right now so maybe a lot of sense but the need is there I think so but maybe they want a veteran guy so well I was a brand Marshall but I think this might be the end of life room [Music] capstone essay questions Concordia College, Bronxville.

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