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Capstone evaluation

Capstone evaluation do my critical care nursing capstone project ideas kansas college essay ´╗┐hi guys so September is already here and University C's is approaching and it's approaching fast you're probably feeling exactly how I was feeling a year ago which is absolutely panicking I just felt like I didn't have enough time and I didn't know enough about University so what I did is I researched intensely just trying to get as much information as possible but I realized that there were 11 things that all of the articles seem to miss out and I think if I had known them beforehand it would have made the transition into university just so much easier so that further ado let's get into the video so the first thing is something that I was really guilty of I always think up scenarios in my head when I went to university I thought I'm gonna be living and cool so it's gonna be like having a never ending sleepover I'm gonna have pillow fights and we're just all gonna be best friends we're gonna live happily after ever after and yeah that just didn't happen so your flatmates probably won't be your best friends but that doesn't mean to say that you won't be friends with them you probably four be friends or at least you'll get on hopefully if yeah if you if you try I'm sure you'll be at least friends my flatmates they really love me they're really nice don't get me wrong but I we weren't best friends I tried really hard to be best friends but like if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen which leads on to my next point you'll probably encounter loneliness it makes sense because you probably lived your whole life and maybe in the same village or the same house or maybe even if you've made from place to place you always had one constant which is probably deal your guardians or your parents or your siblings you know you've always had them with you and so then you know you have overseers like literally just plucking somebody I'm just dropping them in like a completely different environment with completely new people there are times we feel really lonely it starts to kick on like further in it was really like a strong feeling to the end of the year but one of the things for combating loneliness which I wish I did is just trying to win as many societies as possible think sports teams because you know you have this kind of camaraderie this kind of team spirit that's the word I was looking for team spirit so try going for something like that okay number three is that pupil might come into your room what I know it sounds really really strange but let me explain right especially freshers week where everyone's drinking it can be an innocent thing as just you drank too much and you try to find which flat is yours and you think because you're new you know you don't know the area so well and you think that is your room now if you don't lock your door then you might wake up in the middle of the night with a nasty surprise so definitely lock your doors all the time I always lock my doors and I remember one night of course I was watching a horror movie a few hours before and I woke up and is probably like 3 o'clock in the morning to the sounds of somebody trying to get into my room it sounded like somebody was breaking like trying to break the lock to get in and that was truly terrifying for me if that happens to you don't think the worst is probably somebody that has got the wrong room so just relax so um you guys are adults now no longer the days where your parents will cook you meals and do your grocery shopping now I have to do it all by yourself you have to embark on the dreaded food shop track let me say that again you have to endure the dreaded walk to shop and then the walk back but what people seem to fail to mention is the fact that the nearest shops you or the nearest cheapest shop to you is probably 10 to 15 minutes walk away I doesn't seem too bad but when you're walking back with 4 5 heavy bags it's far it's like a trek really I don't know some of you might be thinking that's fine I'll just get a car but I don't advise you to take a cart because of so many reasons which actually I talked about in one of my other YouTube videos which is what not to bring to university and I'll put the link down in the description below maybe I can make it appear somewhere on the screen but yeah just don't bring a car and in my advice to you is just like start working those biceps somebody will probably know it's not a probability somebody will steal your food but when you think about the fact that you had to walk all the way to the shop and then carry all the items back home and then you put it in the fridge and then two days later you find out somebody has stolen your food it's it's a horrible feeling don't take out when your flatmates because truthfully it might not even be there probably that somebody else from a flat that's close to you has access and most of time it's just unintentional so the thing I would say is label your food and then that stops all of that whole mess from happening six first you does count first year does count it does count okay it's like the practice year so really use your time wasting use your first year as a practice and try as hard as you can because at the end of the day if you try really hard it was just you'll progress more than if you took it as like just man it's only first so you probably were 18 19 20 40 however old you are right if you think back was it yesterday we were taught that time goes so fast and it's exactly the same with your first year the actual terms are so so so short and if you're used to like school you'd have three different terms it's not like that you have two terms you probably start the end of September early October and then finished December like that's the first time second term January to like May but then you have Easter so you can tell just how short the terms are just think how fast things go and then because of social it'll just go even faster I feel like I started University yesterday that's how fast it went also you have to remember that you do have to pass first year to move into second year now don't worry it's like it's only 40% and if you work hard or if you work or do some work I'm sure you can get that 40% passed mark so the workload is yes it's sort of the same level as a level if not higher but in terms of stress don't worry the stress is nothing compared to a level it's a lot more relaxed it's like having a break but the workload is still hardened and just think right I would love to be in your position you're starting fresh you're starting new you start you've got a whole year ahead of you which is quite relaxed from a level or its equivalent just some time to ease in get used to university life and also just giving you a bit of time before you two starts where things start to count a bit more but first you still does count okay guys if you're living in halls the walls are so thin they might as well be made out of tracing paper you can literally hear everything and I mean everything your body will probably start to feel not so good if you're drinking a lot of alcohol you probably have a lot of hangovers if you don't drink alcohol then probably the food that you're eating is stiff maybe it's really unhealthy probably it's really unhealthy but also is that you're probably eating different things so it's a change so your body has to adapt to that and then also just the pressure of like all these things happening at once just so much to take in you probably feel tired you just your body won't feel that good and you probably will get fresh as blue as well but just think it will pass the moon will pass then you just get back to your normal self number 10 is short but sweet and that is that you don't need to drink I'm someone that I don't really like to drink because I don't like the taste of alcohol I just like drinking what I didn't drink that much alcohol at freshers like I still had a good time like it's not like people would judge you because first of all even if they did judge you it's freshers so everyone has to be really nice to each other because they everyone wants to make friends so nobody is going to be horrible to you because you don't drink so don't worry about it it's fine leads on to my 11th point they'll trust me this is a cracker this is this is something that will really shock you guys I feel like I need a drumroll okay that was my drum roll so the 11th thing is that University it's just like school what yeah university is just like school actually like boarding school in fact I've never been to boarding school but this is what I am at in boarding school to be like so if you're living in whores it's like it's like being at boarding school because you know you've got all your classmates they probably will put all of you from the same subject and the same block so all the film people they seem to be on all in one block I guess with my course it's from like Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00 every day which is very structured like school everyone thinks like it's so free but there's a lot of structure to it even if you have days off like if you're doing English or something like that we have few contact hours I think that's what it's good then it's like having free periods when you're at 6 for now I know you guys probably trying to get as far away from school as possible but I guess it's kind of a nice thing it shows that it's not that much of a change from school which makes everything easier yes those are the 11 things that nobody told me about University I hope you guys like this video please give it a like please subscribe to my channel I've got I'll actually got quite a few more university videos which I'll put in the description down below or maybe if I can work out how I can make it appear somewhere on the screen I'm I'm gonna really want to do a university Q&A so I'm gonna I've created a Facebook page I'm gonna create a Twitter page where you guys can tweet me I haven't I don't even know how to use Twitter but hopefully I can work out how to do that you guys can tweet me questions and then when I get enough questions then I'll do a Q&A video please comment down below as well I really want to hear what you guys have to say you know anytime if you've got questions just ask me and I'll be more than happy to answer your questions so good luck to you guys it's gonna be a great year you're gonna have a lot of fun it's different and it's something new and something exciting but also as I said it's not so differences like similarities to your life as well alright see you guys bye [Music] [Applause] wasn't it yesterday you were talked about [Music] [Music] coso enterprise risk management integrated framework 2016 order Rabbi Isaac Elchanon Theological Seminary.

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