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Capstone email

Capstone email write for me latest paper printing technology campaign 2018 report card 2018 gmc - [Man] Hello? - [Drive Through Cashier] How may I help you? - [Man] I'm here to pick up an Uber Eats order. - [Drive Through Cashier] What is the name? - [Man] The name is um, ♫ dun, da, da, da, daaaa. Ah, Christian. - [Drive Through Cashier] Christian? - Yeah. - [Drive Through Cashier] Second window please. - [Man] Okay. - [Drive Through Cashier] Thank you. - Thanks. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, another day another dollar with your homeboy Jermaine and getting this vlog started off. I am on an Uber Eats order right now. I am at Mcdonalds, Micky D's, that place where I hate picking up Uber Eats orders from, but for now, it's super late. It's 1:30 AM and I am doing some Uber Eats orders. Let me explain to you guys why I'm doing Uber Eats orders out so late. So the other day, I was out doing caviar deliveries and I went over to the Uber office to get my Uber account switched and they were actually able to get it switched, that way I could just only do deliveries because that's what I really want to do is only deliveries and not really people. So after I got my account switched, this is the start of a new week, so there's like, decent bonuses out. You know, it's 65 dollar bonus if you complete 20 trips, so I was thinking, at first, when I first started off, I was thinking, no, I'm not gonna go for that because it's just not going to work. It's not going to work. And then I had this idea, let's just go out and do five deliveries. Let's just let the time go by. I had other plans and my other plans fell through and I was thinking, let's just drive, I got the car, right? And there's no traffic out tonight. So I went out to do like maybe three or four deliveries just to see how it is, right? So you know, I pick up the first order, the first order's super smooth. I pick up the second order, the order is super smooth. I pick up the third order, so on and so on. I'm at the fifth order and I'm thinking, dude, that only took like you know, an hour and 20 minutes and I'm already on my fifth order. You know, because I got some doubles, and then I just had one order that was just like, two blocks away. And one thing I've noticed, every restaurant I've showed up to, pretty much the order is already ready, except for maybe like two restaurants so far. So pretty much tonight has not been a bad night at all. I've already knocked out 13 deliveries. And I want to say I started around, what, 10? So that's not bad. That's not bad at all. 13 deliveries in-- I'm not really fighting any traffic. There's no traffic out tonight. I used to work these hours all the time and then for some reason, I started working in the daytime. And then when I started working in the daytime, I never had energy to work at night and then I wanted to sleep at night and stuff. But just out right now, there's no traffic. It's so easy. What am I thinking? I should be working the night shift. I should definitely be working the night shift more, but I guess there's no taxi driver jobs at 1:30 in the morning. But I did have a taxi driver job scheduled at 9 PM. If the client would not have canceled that job, I probably would not be doing Uber Eats tonight because the payout on that job is really, really decent. I could have just, you know, just did that gig and just ended up chillen, passing out. But then since I didn't do that gig, since the customer canceled on me, since the customer flaked on me, I was like, yo, look, let's just go out and drive Uber. Let's just see what happens. And I've just been all over the city. Like I've been out in the Sunset. I like the Sunset. I haven't been out at Sunset for quite some time because, as you guys know, I've been out on a bike, on a skateboard, and I never ever make it way out towards the Sunset. But when I'm in a car, I can actually make it out towards the Sunset, and Oakland, and Berkeley, and San Jose, or LA if I really wanted to drive all the way down to LA. I don't want to drive all the way down to LA. Cheaper to take the bus. Hint, hint, I don't have to drive. Hint, hint, I can watch YouTube videos the whole ride down. Hint, hint, I can sleep. Hint, hint, I can do other things besides drive. But anyway, still at this Mcdonalds and this line is going pretty fast for the most part. I've just been sitting her vlogging and vlogging and bam we're moving up. We're moving up, we're moving up, we're moving up. Pretty soon I'm going to be picking up the order right here at the front window. Yo, this is how I'm getting this video started. I love how Uber says, go inside, like, they won't let me go inside. I wish they would though. That would be really cool. Yes, let's go. Get the food. Yeah, Uber. - [Cashier] What is the name? - The name is Christian. - [Cashier] Huh? - Christian. - [Cashier] Christian? - Yeah. They busy in there tonight. Check out this Mcdonalds, yo. If you notice, there's like the cops sitting right there. I don't know for what reason. I never see the cops sitting around. Let's see, this order's only a 10 piece chicken nugget meal. What's taking so long? I thought it would have been, you know, a large order or something. Okay, thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you. - [Cashier] Thank you. - These streets are so quiet right now. I'm loving this. Green light. Off picking up this next order. This one turned into doubles. So after I knock this one out, this will be 16 down and then I have four more to go. Maybe I'll complete those four tonight. Maybe I'll complete those four in the morning. We'll see. All right, so I just picked up the pizza order and as I arrived to the restaurant, it was supposed to been-- Just picked up the pizza delivery. Now when I walked into the restaurant, it should have been two deliveries but instead, it was only one because, well, one order was ready and the other order was going to take 15 minutes, so Uber lets you cancel one of the orders if one's not ready, they'll let you cancel the other one instead of just make you wait there. Which is really stupid when one order is done and the other order has 10 minutes before it's complete, so I'm liking it. I'm liking it. So let's go drop this order off really fast and I've already accepted another request after this one. So the next request will be drop off 16-- Just dropped that last delivery off. You know how sometimes when you pay attention to Google maps, or not Google maps, but I guess this is Uber maps, you know, there's like a cross street and there's a street here. You guys know how sometimes you're making a delivery and there's a cross street, and the numbers just happened to match up, but you don't see the street sign. Well, pretty much that happened to me. So I'm getting out of the car, and there's like this statue of a Halloween costume, this guy in this suit, and it was really dark so I really couldn't tell what it was so I'm just getting out of the car like, whoa, you know? And then I realized, okay that's just a little Halloween thing and so no big deal. And then I walk up to the door, and I'm looking at the numbers because I can't see the street sign. I'm looking at Uber's maps and I'm thinking, okay, this is the right house, so I'm shining my light onto the house and I'm looking at the numbers and the numbers match up. So what happens? I go to the door, ring the doorbell, and then I realize, okay, no, I don't need to be here, I need to be four or five houses over that way. It was just like the next block over. But of course, Uber maps sent me on this side of the street and I didn't see the street signs because it's all dark and I'm paying attention to the GPS and I don't even know if it was a street sign when I made a right to turn on to that street. I'm thinking to myself, crap, I just rang some random person's doorbell at 2:30 in the morning. Jump back in the car, made a right turn, the client was waiting right there on the street. The client was waiting on the street, standing in underwear. Gosh. I tell you. You see it all at night. You see it all at night. The freaks come out at night. For now, let's get ready to head off. I don't know if I'm going to get anymore orders right now. Maybe I should head back towards downtown. More orders downtown. As of now, homeboy Jermaine is done with the deliveries. And I think I'm going to get ready to call it a night. Get ready to stash the car and go skate for just a little bit. (sirens sounding) These streets are so quiet, it's almost scary. This is a ghost town. Did I get left behind? Oh good, there's a garbage truck. Today's been a very, very profitable day. I did knock out some caviar deliveries earlier and those are actually kind of planned but what wasn't planned was me doing all of these Uber Eats deliveries tonight. That wasn't planned at all. But I like the extra, I like the extra. And I also don't mind skating at night. It is just-- It's a ghost town. Man, I like it. It's so quiet. It's so peaceful. When I first started driving, I used to always drive late and night and I loved driving late at night because there was no traffic. At that time, I didn't know the city that well, so it was really easy to learn at night because you could you know, do U turns and make mistakes and do stuff like that and there's also not a lot of traffic on the road. In the daytime, if you make a wrong turn, you may have to go around the block, you may have to sit in traffic going around the block and that's just a hassle. Versus at night, there is no traffic, so if you go the wrong way, you're totally fine. You can get back to where you were going in no time. I'm just keeping an eye on my surroundings. Is it quiet? Yeah, it's quiet. What am I doing hanging out in the middle of Van Ness in the middle of the night? Like literally in the middle of Van Ness, in the middle of the night. I notice they just added these stripes in the middle here. I wonder what's about to happen next. I know these are supposed to be bus lines in the middle. They're going to have two dedicated bus lines? But, I just noticed that they painted this and I think something's about to change very, very soon. So if you're in the Bay Area, you're in San Francisco, and you've never skated the inside of Van Ness, this is your golden opportunity to do it before the buses are here. But once the buses are here, we can still skate probably. And it will be freshly paved, really, really smooth. I'm still out skating. What's going on? What do we got here? Oh, it's the meter maids. They're out writing tickets at three in the morning, yo. You've got to pay them meters. Yo, want a Tesla? Need a Tesla? This is where they get em in SF. capstone apartment homes anaheim Suffolk County Community College.

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