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Capstone document meaning order

Capstone document meaning order write for me capstone project how to pick a topic looking for someone to do critical thinking on advertising for cheap ´╗┐what's going on everybody see for you today continue with the magnate Dean Matt 17 Ross reveal this is impromptu I would didn't have a schedule but because this Friday we are doing the final rebuilder viral which is the Cleveland Browns I want to use my updated rosters I didn't want people like Oh trying to take her away and dig into that to try to get sneak peek so I figure why not just modify the upload schedule get the Browns OneNote now so that we can get hyped for the final rebuild revival we're still giving Chip Kelly rebuilds you know splurged in there a little bit but for the final revival let's use the Browse most updated Ross or so if you guys don't know what's going on this series please go check out the first episode about the Philadelphia I going in-depth or the clip notes these are ostrich are based off of my own overalls Pro Football Focus their stats we have every team's first three rounds of draft picks rounds four-time drafted free agent I've included the notable guys free agency moves have made height weight height weight and race sometimes isn't correct because the offline player management tool is to read it but these are connected franchise' mode rosters so once you get into your own connected franchise mode with these rosters you can tweak them to your you know perfection if you want to get that at thirty five thousand subscribers these rosters will be released to the public and without further ado for free for free let's jump in the Roger so at the quarterbacks plot we give Joey Kessler age 72 overall its top quarterback here last season wasn't that bad but also wasn't that good or at least good enough to be optimistic that he can be and turn it around developing to be a franchise quarterback own eight thirteen hundred yards six touchdowns two picks but it is pretty clear that Hugh Jackson every woman's come on said he is going to be the starting quarterback and most likely to show him Kaiser is going to be the guy that has to compete to take it from not get a hand to Kaiser who certainly is a project quarterback in every sense of the word automata 71 Brock lobster coming from the Texas he was horrendous last year the Babli the worst starting quarterback in the NFL they got Kaiser in the second round which I think though is good value I think some of these people that are saying college is going to be you know first-round grade I think that was a little too much for each second round that's a nice place to get a guy that's debatably the highest upside out of any court erectness use draft class depending on what Hugh Jackson can mold him into but you know it is what I mean cars or anything surprised with Kaiser was not only did he play terrible last year with North Dame and he didn't look that good at the cob I didn't really run that good are you know watching him especially I remember a game gets temple he took out I thought he would have much better for your time than what he did but it wasn't really that special I thought he was going to run a lot of faster I wanted to but he still has enough speed to get it done so we have him here at at 71 and we have Hogan here 67 Hogan Kevin Hogan the top speedster quarterback me what did what did what did Kaiser run at his combine it was like a something real discipline it was like about 10 seconds tenths of a ten hundred seven six four eight 300 moving on to the running back you gave Isaiah Crowell at 85 overall last year Crowell finishing twelve hundred and seventy-one yards from scrimmage and seven touchdowns pretty much has the only guy to get things going on that offensive side of the ball so we gave him an 85 we got Duke Johnson we gave me 79 872 yards from scrimmage and he touchdown so not a bad stable of running backs here considering they invested a lot in the offensive line they should have a decent running attack next season was exactly you need well you don't have a good quarterback play we have Jackson 57 and Atkins in 66 no fullback to note the wide receiver position I guess they decide they want terrelle pryor to leave they clearly have the money to bring them back if they wanted to he had like seventy seven catches thousand yards a terrible quarterback play well they went on brought in Kenny Britton when it's not too far off of the caliber of wide receiver luttrell priors in my opinion I was still out prior certainly ahead of Kenny Britt but I mean least you're getting a guy that can get you know fringe thousand yards so they got that back we had Corey Coleman we gave you 78 overall as a rookie so I got to stay healthy but when he was on the field you saw that explosiveness I got him drafted in the first round and the play making ability from Baylor I think he finished last year with 33 catches 415 yards and three touchdowns if he stays healthy I mean he is the kind of guy that needs a good quarterback I don't think he'll make a bad quarterback good he's more of a down you know deke threat type player I mean kind of work with rg3 but you know I still think he's a town is there for Corey Coleman we got Josh Gordon we still gave a 77 I mean when is this guy ever gonna sort of goddamn life out Lewis 66 Rashard Higgins I was really a big fan of in college 65 64 64 63 and 59 for the breast of the scrubs here in Cleveland let's hide that spot we got David joke ooh they dropped it in the first round of lumber three first round picks plenty of upside there's still a project play at the tight end position but he's you know I do think he's almost less of a project and Evan Engram on the Giants and terms of being a complete NFL caliber tight end but I think obviously you think i'ma get the better receiving skills I think a job who fits it obviously was good enough to let the Browns give Gary Barnes his walking papers so he should you know maybe it could be a nice little sleeper in terms of fantasy football but at 75 where we give them we have to Val 68 Vitaly the h the super back from northwestern 57 64 64 and 51 I guess there's a lot of bodies here on this Browns roster let's just put that way left tackle we have Joe Thomas a 93 overall pro Football Focus last year graded him at an eighty eight point two so a little bit down here from Joe Thomas in comparison but he is still the second highest rated left tackle I think the highest one is Trent Williams on the Redskins and then Joe Thomas is number two I know it's an eagle fan I do like to rent enrage the Jason Peters is the best left tackle the NFL but if I had to say whatever left tackle could i potentially give it to it was I who me Joe Thomas he is a Hall of Famer for sure we have staff here 66 left guard Joe plutonium 83 Drago 72 at center JC Treader coming over from the Green Bay Packers we gave her an 84 overall nice pick up there definitely because Cameron was not getting the job done as a center there moving on the right tackle I think that's a better fit for him Mike Byrne 57 I carried 65 Saviano 64 right guard Kevin Cellular big-time free agency signing paid a lot of money which is really good he got a eighty six point nine grade last year for pro Football Focus will be getting 187 they've Greco here is an 81 he's definitely serviceable maybe we'll add him to the competition at the right tackle spot he's 64 that's not 64 320 that's you know that's ideal size not so sure about his length I'm just assuming here I'm just making a guess and he may be you know a guy that can compete for the right tackle spot and I might type of currently we have Cameron slated to be the starter you played all over the offensive line for Florida State so maybe he'll have a better life here right right right tackle the NFL Rodrick Johnson the guy from Florida State we gave him a 69 Sean Coleman 68 and Raider 66 that's definitely going to be a battle Browns fans need to look at in the coming season on the defensive side of the ball we gave a manual ugh but who is a fan favorite here on beach moti this is your first time stumbling upon it we're a big fan of Emanuel eyes but from our simulation stuff he always gets like 15 SEC to seize it he's incredible in the mad sim last year let the Browns insects he had six sacks last year which is not you know that's not acceptable as a rookie on the brows getting 6x it's pretty goddamn remarkable so we gave him a 77 overall and he could be a beast with the guys to be pear on the other side of them I leave Desmond Brighton again when healthy I think he missed all of last season there's another guy like a chip in four or five six tackle or sack story consistently threes nice rotation even a sip of the 70 Cooper 69 and metter 68 he'll be opposing side we have miles GERD the number one overall pick we gave an 83 overall what you see highest overall for any rookie in these rosters he's gonna be terrifying I think him and odd but is a very very good edge rush to have on a three-four we have Gabe right 65 in the pair that with Danny shell but we gave an 82 overall last year day Shelton has a no cycle really developed he didn't have the strongest rookie season I think really establish himself improved his first round value this year he got a second 1/2 over 50 some tackles which is tough to get for a nose tackle I don't think he must spin like probably talk through your top four four tackles for a nose tackle I know snacks out of lunch in New York but Sheldon probably wasn't too far out that's all you wrote is him with in 82 overall they got Kayla Bradley who was a French first round talent had the off field issues with I mean I'm a gator fan I really looked into it it seems like it was self-defense extreme self-defense it was another you know Joe Mixon where the chick put his hands on him first and they just knocked her out don't put your hands on a man and expect not to get hit but I don't know too much I don't want to make an official my my official opinion on it I've just looked at what I've seen on Twitter I don't know there's two sides to every story but he's tremendous values he makes the roster and I get Larry Hogan jovi who was I think my number 5 defensive tackle and this year's class with a 68 left side linebacker we got Jimmy Collins senior who we gave it 84 overall last season came in over from the New England Patriot a he had hch start story he had two sacks 69 tackle because he likes to 84 vote fair definitely room for him to get more upside he's he's definitely have to take on the leadership role of defense NATO orchard 66 little linebacker we have Christian Kirksey who he gave it 82 overall last year and 140 tackles two and a half sacks three pass deflections again enemy is tough to evaluate linebackers especially on the Browns because their defense is on the field so much I think 82 is a boat favorite courtesy Damario Davis we gave him at 75 he had 99 tackles 2 sacks a forced fumble and to pass deflections last year and 15 starts very serviceable and again I could say because he's on the Browse defenses deep in the stats are trying to inflate he stills making nice plays there so I think between 75 76 maybe 77 those ties you want to go with them counter 65 I was in a 58 and a right side linebacker with cam Johnson which gave 71 a rotational guy off the edge I think he had three sacks last year 25 26 tackles I thought a 71 and show over here with a 69 cover to the secondary we gave Joe Hayden one of the best Florida Gators I've ever witnessed in 84 overall nice season last year from him mad was lowkey snubbing him the matter was given like a 79 rating or what the he had three picks 11 pass deflections almost 50 tackles you're getting yourself an 84 year any commentator as it seems like that you're getting yourself an 84 you to beat Jamar Taylor was kind of missed with my dolphins then went to the Cleveland Browns last season three picks 13 pass deflections over 50 tackles that's Nate he won I mean they're building a decent secondary back here I think you'll get the addition of Jason McCord he's fresh off the press for these updated rosters coming from the Titans he's struggled to stay healthy you know he definitely look like he's lost a step or two but that being said I think that's a nice signing a low-risk signing from the Cleveland Browns to get some experience back there he certainly could end up being a outside start having Hayden and McCrory with Jamar Taylor in the slot but we also got Brean body Calhoun as a rookie three picks one of those he brought back to those for a pick six 11 pass deflections a forced fumble a sack and just over 40 tackles that's a 75 I don't Minnesota tremendous value here a little bit small I mean him amber Taylor kind of feel the same kind of voice but I mean there's some upside here to this secondary for the Cleveland Browns we got Burley 69 Howard Wilson who I actually thought was a low-key good prospect play like he broke his knee or something like that so he's probably going IR with a 67 and Howard sixty-three jump on a free safety ed Reynolds we gave a 70 overall he was the preseason star for us every year in Philadelphia but in terms of actually being you know a good NFL player I think their safety their safety score is not great here in Cleveland Elson 61 and Reynolds is limited I guess I'll be the positive spin on things we gave him a 70 at strong safety gotcha bell peppers who they invested a first-round pick on not exactly sure if you can make that transition to a starting safety as a rookie and NFL because coverage ability still needs to find some work but he's going to be a weapon all over the place I think he's going to be a guy you want to bring in to cover certain tight ends love you on bail when they play Pittsburgh they're going to give involved the offensive side of the ball so we gave you a 73 pretty much based off of the Atlantic ability and his instincts he's a very smart football player but I am a little concerned about his ability to stay to be a cover guy in the NFL but maybe they won't use them like that as a rookie which I assume they won't but they clearly must have a roll define for him or else they wouldn't have used a first-round pick we got Campbell 70 kindred with a 68 kick here they got to dating Gonzales who was the top kicker in college last year we go in 76 we had Cody perky with a 74 well that's going to be a nice little kicking competition and putter Britton Colquitt with a 72 so there you go guys that is your madden 18 madden 17 cleveland brown roster preview in you know anticipation of friday's roster revised roster friday's roster in the rebuild revival will be using this roster so feel free to leave comments the comment section below certain tweaks you may want to seek I certainly know if you think I lowball some guys because I'm using this roster in a video don't hesitate to think I should punch some people up I will certainly do that to help me out in my regal but as always guys 35,000 subscribers and I will release these rosters for free to the public so keep on spreading the word sharing the love until next time it's c4 capstone land company mustang ok order Rochester Institute of Technology, Henrietta.

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