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Capstone design pdf

Capstone design pdf write for me basel committee internal audit paper how to reference a book when writing ´╗┐so Planet Fitness touts a lunk free workout environment but they can now add bigot free to their tagline after canceling a woman's membership when she's refused to stop complaining about a transgender patron so the incident started when a Planet Fitness member named Yvette Cormier went to use the women's gyms locker room she said I was blocked because a man was standing there it freaked me out because why is a man in here so then she went to go to complain to an employee of Planet Fitness and they said that their members are free to use any locker room that they please when she wasn't satisfied with that answer she went to corporate who gave her a very similar response she then went to the media to air her grievances to ABC News to which Planet Fitness responded by canceling her membership and releasing this statement Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non intimidating welcoming environment for our members our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity so good for them like standing up for gender equality of course our friends at Fox News were not happy at leaving the issue there and they had psychiatrist dr. Keith Ablow explained how in fact they as intolerance are the ones who are the victims he says we are being bullied into accepting things that are untrue to our core feelings he then went on to create some nonsensical analogies saying he wondered if his twelve-year-old son could join a club for adults if he sincerely believes that he is 18 you better believe he isn't how about if somebody sincerely believes that they are of a different race are they then going to be treated as a minority give me a break so the fact that he's even acquainting these issues with the transgender community is it's just preposterous to me here's dr. Keith Ablow doing it yet okay and so this guy's a psychiatrist and he doesn't understand that some people really believe that they're born in different identity right but no one believes it born a different race or they're born exactly six years older than they are right those are not psychological phenomena as those don't happen in in the real world whereas some people believing that they're born of a the wrong race a different I'm sorry a wrong gender a different gender it's incredibly common it's like what kind of psychiatrist doesn't understand that concept I don't know I mean he just panders to the fox news audience and this is the kind of stuff that they love but I also was really amused by the first part of his statement where he's like they're asking us to accept things that go against our feelings gap because facts and feelings are two different things right so if someone who's identifying as a female then that person identifies as a female gender identity crisis is a real thing it's not something that people just made up and if it hurts your feelings well sorry that's the world that we live in now I'm gonna say something that's probably to get me into a little bit of trouble I think that Planet Fitness should have been better at communicating what their policy is that way people wouldn't be surprised when they encounter something that they didn't expect in a locker room okay so I'm gonna keep it 100% honest if I walked into the women's locker room and I saw a transgender individual there and I didn't really know what was going on would I be kind of confused by it of course I mean would I go on a rampage over it no as soon as I understand what it is I'd become right and I'd be like okay well this is what it is and it's fine doesn't bother me right but in this case this woman first of all did take it too far by freaking out about it she didn't accept their explanation but Planet Fitness also should have had their policy plastered everywhere so people understand what to expect you think so though I don't agree I mean because let me agree in part okay so I'm not saying you shouldn't be surprised I'm sure anybody would be surprised you know he it depends on you know if they're before the operation after the operation instead of their pre-op and you walk in and everybody's naked and then you see you know someone that seems to be from a different gender in your locker room of course you go whoa yeah ton of people will have that reaction it's not a crazy reaction at all that part I agree with that right but I mean what does Planet Fitness supposed to do hey everybody giant posters here I'm gonna put up a banner there's a transgender person in the gym watch out okay so maybe not plastered all over the place I think I took a little too far but somehow educate your clients or your customers about what your policy is because I don't think anyone expected that okay and and and I think surprised is a very light way of putting it if I walked in and I saw a pre-op transgender person I would freak out I would without knowing what to expect if that if I it's the women's locker room right I'm naked I want to be naked in the women's locker room I'm changing I'm showering whatever it doesn't register immediately that this person is transgender do you see what I'm saying yeah I understand that but I just feel like no one is disputing that you that anybody would be surprised by the right right like maybe we shouldn't be surprised there's plenty of transgender people and and you know and if I saw likewise there's no way that I wouldn't be like oh right and I think I would get it after the first second or two right but the problem isn't in the initial reaction the problem is in the reaction afterwards when Planet Fitness says to you hey listen here's the situation the transgender and they didn't go through this whole elaborate thing to trick you into get into the women's locker room okay they didn't like go through decades of their life being you know acting is a different gender just so haha got you in that Livan or whatever hey uh-huh so you did that's not why they're doing it right so then I totally flipped to Planet Fitness aside yeah and then one day she wouldn't get it look they're like they explained to her once twice three times they went all the way up to corporate when she's still outraged by the fact that oh my god a transgender persons in the locker room that I would do the same thing Planet Fitness said yeah there's the door you can go find another gym that you know that discriminates against transgender people good luck kind of off that point if somebody is you know some people are gonna say like oh then anybody's gonna say oh I'm transgender so I can go in the women's locker room like if you need to be able to say like oh I'm transgender just so you can see like me naked like okay go for it if that's what you need to go through to see something I don't think I would encourage that but I don't think that I don't think obviously this person has this feeling and that's where their heads at and that's how they feel and that is totally Gintama and that's like a a real thing but I don't understand people go from there and saying like oh then anybody could just go in anywhere it's a frolic if you want if you are so like desperate to see that then like whatever no look first of all there is not an epidemic of guys pretending to be transgendered it's just that's not a phenomenon that exists okay they're not like the guys like Oh guys watch this how cool I'm gonna be hey I'm a girl okay and I want to go in the one second of all you don't just need to walk in and say to plan a fitness or anywhere else I kind of think I'm a girl I'm gonna walk into that woman's locker room okay no I mean like you didn't get fake breasts just so you could walk into the women's locker room you did then I'm with your hand if you went that far well you earned it dude okay hit have at it Hoss if you actually started to look like a woman got surgery etc just again in a women's locker room you deserve it alright my final point on all this dr. Keith Ablow is part of Fox's met quote medical 80 can you imagine who's on there bTW can you imagine you're about to go into surgery they're like don't worry we brought Fox News's medical bTW it's okay this is the guy a little below a blow I'm sure there was a conversation who do I have to a blow around here to get on the medical agent software engineering capstone project online Paul Smith's College, Paul Smiths.

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