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Capstone dental group media pa order

Capstone dental group media pa order do my parts of a capstone project how to format a thesis paragraph ´╗┐what's up baddest army it's marjaan at bat a sick soul and today I'm gonna teach you guys how to make low calorie boneless buffalo wings let's do this guy's are you ready oh the first thing you're gonna need is chicken obviously you want to get boneless skinless chicken breast and I usually go for the hundred and ten calorie per serving ones this is panko crispy bread crumbs I got plain hundred calories for that and that's if I use the whole serving and then I got hot sauce I would recommend that you use red hot Frank's Red Hot Buffalo I never tried this and I always wanted to so I'm just gonna try it today to be honest with you you're also going to need a zero calorie spray oil zero calorie spray oil first thing you're gonna want to do and cut the chicken breast into like chunks like little cubes moved up so long so all the killers then $100 bill Adamas so Brett we got no fillers I forgot to mention you're gonna want to use I can't believe it's not butter this is optional but I'm gonna use it well now you're gonna add seasoning I like to use Larry's seasoning salt I'm also going to use paprika black pepper you can use whatever you'd like but I highly recommend that you definitely put some seasoning salt or salt now if you want it to be spicy like I do you're gonna want to add some cayenne pepper you could even use onion powder you could put barbecue seasoning you could put whatever seasoning you desire so you're gonna just mix it around and then you're gonna put it in a bag this is also optional this is if you want to really go all out and you want to really show off then you add a tiny bit more seasoning salt and then you're going to want to shake the bag so now that I have one serving of Pangos this is like the bread crumbs replacement I'm gonna add it into the bag so I'm gonna put it back in the bowl gonna spray it with some butter spray that looks like enough seasoning to me and then you're going to take one egg white one egg white gonna mix that up together this is gonna give it a nice thick texture it's going to allow the seasoning and everything to stay on and fit well and all the flavors are gonna come together so now you're gonna put them back into the bag and add the rest of your panko say no such things if you don't care so much about it being extremely low-calorie like I do then you're gonna use flour instead you could even add some milk even a whole egg if you want to use more calories so here's what it looks like right now I can tell that I could use some more black peppers by looking at it and even a tiny bit more of paprika you guys it smells amazing look at how beautiful that looks it smells so good smells so good in this kitchen I'm dying and I can't wait to try it he basically wants to make sure that it's evenly cooked do you want to put the top on you want to make sure that they end up looking this color like a nice golden brown with my first time making this and I am very pleased with the result because they're crispy they have so much flavor and I definitely think I use the perfect amount of seasoning and the right seasoning breading it twice basically made them thicker and fluffier and crunchy so this is like you guys have no idea my mouth is watering check out that beautiful interior oh my god chef boy our bad is bit again so now you're just gonna take the chicken and place it into a bowl now here's the easy part you push pour hot sauce all over there I love hot sauce I like my stuff really spicy and then you just mix it together see if I would have used red hot they would have liked them nicer color more like the buffalo wings it would be more orange but I think that looks great what do you guys think that my friends is the finished product and I don't even know what to say because I truthfully amazed myself with this one best recipe best taste best best best because this is eight ounces cook with the panko a lot of protein obviously very little carb and it's gonna be delicious very satisfying so you can even add a side of french fries for an additional like hundred calories by using a potato and I'll put the recipe video right over here this is like you're saving literally thousand calories like a thousand calories by making this at home when you eat out it's gonna be minimum six hundred just for the chicken minimum up to like twelve hundred mm even they use a lot of oil a lot of butter everything adds up in calories but when you make it at home not only is it lower calorie but it truthfully tastes just as good it's not better because I custom-made it the way I want it like I made it spicy and there's no need to have so many calories when you can make a recreate it at home it's all about planning ahead of being creative and be willing to put in that time to just make it yourself and you're saving money because when you eat out that can cost a lot more so there you have it guys low calorie Buffalo boneless wings mmm so I just wanted to talk to you guys really quick I got a lot of positive feedback about my last video the ending of it where I was just talking and sharing personal experience and truthfully I'm not concerned with what people think the way I used to be or the way most people are I guess where like I'm not afraid to share certain things so but I was surprised I was really surprised and I'm still surprised because I'm getting the notifications and I'm just like wow so many people seem to relate to that and I'm like surprised I was not expecting that but I just wanted to say that like I don't think there's such a thing as being perfect I feel like everyone has something they could work on there are people out there who do not want to admit they have any flaws and those are the people who will never learn they will never grow they will never change so if you're one of those people who commented that you know you could relay or you understand or you fill me or same with you and you're working on yourself or whatever the situation be very proud that you are humble enough wise enough self-aware enough to know and acknowledge these things about yourself and not only that but to actually want to change it and then take the steps to changing it I mean it's amazing when you you know how they say like like attracts like I'm starting to feel as though I'm attracting some awesome subscribers you know like when I first started the channel it was like different and I wasn't showing you know anything about my personal I guess my personality as much I was just being silly and sexy and stuff like that and I'm still gonna do that but the thing is there's more to me you know there's more than meets the eye and you should never judge anyone even even though they say like first impressions you could never get it back they say it takes about six months to undo a bad first impression like to fix it that's a long time so like just say you're walking into a job or a meeting and you make a bad impression that old bot that'll hurt you for a long time so I understand the importance of making yourself a peer a certain way but at the end of the day you know who you are so that's all that matters if you worry about other people and what they think you'll really never be happy you know like I couldn't even tell you how many times I wanted to turn up but I was afraid of what people are gonna think or how I look or whatever the situation may be but life is too short you guys so just enjoy the moment while working on a better future that's what I'm doing so thank you badass army for the love for the support for sharing my videos AJ I appreciate you Michelle I really appreciate you Jude I appreciate you a lot honestly Don I think his name is Dom or Don Dom or Don I appreciate all of you guys and please don't be mad if I forgot you I can't even remember my name because of this diet so just know that I appreciate you guys so much and I look forward to recording more videos for you guys and I promised that the quality will get better I did struggle tremendously making this video because of the diet seriously I almost did a lot of mistakes this is literally like my 5 top fifth time trying to edit it but you don't have to feel bad or anything but if I make any mistakes that's why struggle is real guys but if it was easy I love you guys stay tuned for the next video [Applause] [Music] capstone apac solutions ltd Bronx Community College.

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