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Capstone course ryerson order

Capstone course ryerson order university of utah capstone projects for money sql 2018 reporting services requirements for medical school [Music] [Music] I'm back talking into the camera like an awkward person again Oh guys you haven't been missing much I promise you it's been raining the whole time and it has been so nippy but anyway I had to get up this morning and drop off the littlest baby at school so I figured you know since I left the house I would go to the beach unfortunately you saw the state of the beach but I do think I'm going to go out for a run and at least get my blood pumping after I have a little bit of green and spearmint tea to warm me up [Music] [Music] got some bestfriend therapy going [Music] take your friend walking and talk about all your feeling all your feelings talk about all the feelings all right you're gonna go to yoga go home [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh my god yeah like day okay I joined the gym again because I finally get a free gym membership through my health insurance which I got through my wonderful Levi's so that's pretty much the best feeling ever is working out for free doesn't feel the best now though because my ass feels like it's gonna pop okay it is lunchtime I have lots of leftovers we got the green salad all underneath here oops yep definitely covered in dog hair and then I have my millet and veggie I call it confetti but it's kind of like tabbouleh right in there made with millet and then I have some plain kidney beans on top and I have to say it hits the spot I have a nice garlic ginger avocado dressing on my salad and I made it with no salt or tamari because I really want to cut down on the salts because you know I keep reading and how not to die cuz I've read it like 18 times now that the salt is really not great so I'm trying trying dr. Greger so I figured right before I had lunch we could just sit down have one of our good heart-to-heart talks because obviously probably noticed I've been gone for like a months and I posted on Instagram you know that we were just having a bit of a rough time with the family a lot of stuff going on so I was trying to take care of myself the best I could and my body and my soul was just screaming to just take some time for myself and kind of withdraw and deal with stuff and support myself and so that's what I did I just couldn't face trying to put on a happy face for the videos because it has been I won't say an unhappy month but it's been a very stressful month and I have very much been just just short of the end of my rope luckily I have some great family and friends that helps me get through it and I took such good care of myself I would I still ate really well the whole time like I was eating kale all the time it was so good all the kale and the beans and the whole grains and luckily I just have that down so I kept doing it I got plenty of good sleep and you know the whole experience didn't crash me so I think that it was a total except success I also managed to still I have still not gotten sick despite it being one of the worst flu seasons ever and coming like mucous membrane - mucous membrane with other sick people I'm still good so it all started about a month ago you guys probably know we have this property it's right outside of Hilo and we've been we've had it for over two years now and we've been planning to put a driveway on it and a place where we could potentially build a house in the future so we had to clear a little bit of land yeah so it was the day that we cut down the first tree which like broke my heart I was up there crying and we cut down the first tree and it was like that day levites grandmother got sick and she was in a care home for people with Alzheimer's because she had advanced Alzheimer's and she got sick and we got the call so we went up there to kind of check on her and quickly realize that it was a very serious situation so at that point we had to you know get the whole family together which um it's not really my business to share but Levis family has not always had like smooth relationships as happens with most families yeah so when everyone kind of came together when his grandmother was sick that was um a little stressful and then she did end up passing away a couple of days later at which point Levi and I and her other grandkids kind of realized that we were we were gonna need to step up to do the funeral arrangements and so we did and I'm so proud of everyone we're really pulling together and and getting it done but the whole process was just kind of one thing after the other and then we had had a bunch of people over the day that his grandmother died and then petunia ended up eating some table scraps and stuff and she got freaking pancreatitis and so we had to you know rush her to the vet with a freaking emergency and take care of her poor little thing she's like determined to cost me $20,000 in vet bills we'll get there one day I'm sure and then we had issues up on with the land about that time Levi and I ended up having to build a rock wall which sounds really simple but when you're talking about like moving and hauling and shifting 20,000 pounds of rock it's not as easy as it sounds and then being able to stack it together like a freakin puzzle and adhere everything with concrete while it's pouring rain and it was just it's just too much and I know it was too much for Levi and I just definitely Levi and I kind of like we had times where we pulled together and really worked together and got things done and then we had times where we were literally out in the woods on the property yelling at each other about the definition of a straight-line second time we've had that fight and we didn't work it out either I still think I was right and he still thinks he was right well and then we realized that we needed a bigger truck truck because hauling up that much bags concrete and stuff it's not just it's just not gonna work and if we're developing this property more we're just gonna need a bigger truck so like hurried up and trade it in Levi his truck when there were some really good deals on the 27 teens but that's a whole other sidebar we don't need to get into and then my car broke right when I thought the the shitstorm was over I get in my car and all of the brake system warning lights are on so I'm like oh Jesus and it's frickin Prius so I can't take it anywhere except Toyota so I take it to Toyota and they're like oh yeah we might be able to get to it within a week long story short two weeks later a rat chewed through a cord on my car because car car manufacturers started making the cords that wrap cables made out of frickin soybeans apparently rodents love chewing on them so $700 because a rat wanted to eat my car I'll try to let it go so then finally we got to Levi's grandmother's funeral and Levi was kind of stressing just about mostly just family dynamic stuff but anyway everything ended up fine like everything's fine I just couldn't make videos every time I thought about it I just felt nauseated and icky and I didn't want to bring my penis to the table with you guys cuz I was like sharing spreading the ickiness isn't gonna help me I don't think it's gonna help anybody else so I'm just gonna keep keep that achiness to myself take care of me and then I'll come back when I'm ready and good news is that I'm ready ready to film again I'm ready to answer comments again sorry I've been totally m.i.a and you bet your sweet little butt cheeks I'm gonna be on Instagram again sorry was that weird I've been saying butt cheeks a lot lately why not right so anyway I gotta hop to it because the how not to die book club is coming up we are on our second to last session so I'm gonna go get ready then I just put my hoodie in the washing machine which I feel like was a really stupid decision considering what the weather's been like oh and my office looks like the entire house exploded inside of it we're just I'm just dealing with it you know so I will see you guys for dinner Chuck said it was only six and four degrees it trucks an idiot oh nice - go - all right everybody so we got dinner I have a nice big bed of romaine lettuce I have some purple sweet potatoes this is the most purple one we got this batch wasn't especially purple that that is a beauty antioxidant and I sprinkled some dulse flakes all along the lettuce and the sweet potatoes that's gonna give me my iodine for the day and then I have some veggies fresh veggies sprinkled on top and then all around here it's kind of hard to see but I have a really nice big pile of the most delicious chili I have ever made is so good oh my gosh and then some of the vice famous guacamole he's quite delicious Chili's gonna make a nice salad dressing everybody else's plates looking about the same really mm-hmm this is really good - looks hearty you got the brain going on there - you're not allowed to eat yet no how's yours look my just a boat very nice your sweet potato boats sailing through a sea of chili and shack perfect are you out over there my gosh do not know normal oh I like your napkin slash placemat okay nice ragi these were made by my stepmom Beverly who you guys met or will meet depending on when I upload it one of our videos what Oh 8 okay you guys ready [Music] all right everybody so that wasn't quite everything I ate in a day because I sat down some time before dinner and after lunch and ate a bunch more of the millet confetti probably like another two cups of it quite a bit so I packed in a little bit more food today it felt good feel energetic I'm getting ready for bed now and I'm just sitting here I got my diffuser going orange essential oils in there tonight so Levi and the girls they're watching a planet Earth documentary and I'm just gonna chill out in the bedroom I got twinkle lights on and I am going to read finding ultra by rich roll which I have on my Libby app I also managed to get his cookbook signing ultra this cheese is nuts I also got the Alzheimer's solution I got present over perfect and I got the audiobook of breathing the wilderness and the real coffee hashtag priorities and I'm going to put my legs up the wall and just relax for the rest of the night so thank you guys so much for watching today I love spending time with you all I can't wait to get back into reading your all's comments so definitely leave me some down below and until next time make better choices for yourself no one's going to do it for you then take really really good care I will see you all so very soon [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh cheekbones are off the hook Jesus sometimes I just like to relax at home at the gallon of my favorite lotion write for me coursera capstone project quiz 2 Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Morris Park, Bronx.

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