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Capstone course chamberlain college nursing for money

Capstone course chamberlain college nursing for money do my enterprise risk management plan mouse freezes in ms access report design ´╗┐there we go hey everyone welcome to my channel I mean II and today I'm going to be talking about things you should and shouldn't be bringing to uni in particular you a that it could apply to advances or because a lot of it is just common sense so there's a lot of that obvious ones that I won't say that you should bring I hope you just remember those anyway like tooth brushing your clothes and also I am Not sure as I'm going to post it that I did a video about how I got my makeup to look like this it's not a tutorial because I can't really give any tips but maybe I put it on maybe wait I'm going to start off with you better Ian you do they do makeovers pillows teddies whatever you want their mattress protector important and I would say definitely because the beds at uni or the my bed is well uncomfortable like it was like a rock and it's going to be if you're in Yui a is going to be so far and your bed because there is no surface so just make sure you have a mattress detector else you're going to get a number of and sitting on a crappy bed all day I would take a lamp I thought it was well important that took a lamp to uni because my room is really dark I think some of the accommodations on campus have lumps fitted in and obviously if you go to other uni so maybe like medic if not definitely buy one I've got cheap one from Wilco a little white one and it's a palace coat hangers definitely bring coat hangers bring as many as you can because hanging things up and the different items of clothing is the most boring task I took like a rail that went over the door with like little hooks that I put my coats are and my hoodies so it is easy to just hang it up and take off and it's put my bags on there as well obviously you don't need to take that but that's just a little tip from me and depending on what you need go obviously you Leo we get bins but some might not give you them so take a bin or I think Emily got hiring broham bin and then like normal rubbish in it and then she put recycling in the uniden remember to take a wash basket I took one with little handles on it so I could take it down to D and laundry room I got it from Tiger for like probably very very cheap take your bait your washing powder so that you can wash your clothes or tablets or whatever you want to take extension cable so important to me there are quite a few plugs it in the village and not sure about anywhere else but I find it really useful having an extension cable so that I could put types of phones right a laptop has a hair dryer on strengthener anything else has a lamp on at the same time so yeah important to pick up any photos anything and decorations that you want to make it like look nice new room all the unis sailing in our lives put things on the wall if you feeling rebellious puts in from I didn't personally but you might be a bit more crazy than me on to the kitchen I'd say take one or two sauce pans and a frying pan one or two plates for me two plates and one bowl literally you don't need any more than that unless you're going to have like your boyfriend or girlfriend command all the time there's no need to have more than one plate for more than one two plates really I had four and then everybody's spatula Lords and spoon for your cooking cutlery again don't take they just get cheap shitty cutlery and just take like I think this year I'm taking light - was everything - nice - 4 tsp glasses you don't need many but obviously you're going to need them for drankin so take as many as you need and if you drink hot drinks obviously a mug at all that's reminds me in the village probably the same on campus we did not have a toaster or kettle if you go to the unit you'll probably get a taste of kettle microwave remember because all dearly earnings accommodation seems to be incredible we didn't get a toaster or a kettle so we had to buy one we all chipped in in our flat so make sure that you talk to that four hand and sort that out if you're going to using that we look like a four-hole toaster which is ideal cheese grater masher like a can opener I didn't use any canned food that I've been told that's important if you need it and bottle eight now said it nons trying to open it with a teeth or on the countertop and take your take kitchen roll because things the bounds get spill and take tea towels so you can throw your sheet up are these are just kind of random ones paracetamol so if you feeling poorly known what sorts of shops if you like plasters if you bleedin again you don't want to walk anywhere and you don't want to get blood all over the Coptics it probably won't come out things like LEM said anything from freshest Lee because I know so many people who got freshest flu I don't think I got it but that was me because I'm just really sensible and also I took maybe this is my thing I took little vitamin tablets for like a month before I went to uni and carried on taking them so that I didn't get freshest flu and I think it must have work so Chisolm house I took four and it was fine because then you can have to a nosh basket and use two if you're a boy maybe you don't need that money the Colonel's take bags for life take big bags or and like a backpack because when you go shopping you don't want to buy the shitty little bags you can just put especially if you go to Aldi like scan and so quick you just have to put them in shove them in so I we would take like really big bags for life and just shove it all in and take it over to the counter and rearrange it backpacks is a good idea because at least you can just have it all on a back and it's not straining on your arms the whole time take a waterproof jacket or a coat and if the ideal if your bag was waterproof because I doubt you're going to have a car so walking to and from uni walking to the shops if you need anything if it's going to rain don't want to get drenched I would take one or two folders depending on your course just to put all of your papers in just to sort them out I think I've covered most things if I forgot anything I'll just put it in the description box but yeah other things I think you should definitely take to uni obviously there's some things that are just common sense that there is there's a good one so now I'm going to go into what I think you don't need to take don't take loads of pens or staplers or a whole bunch because staples in a whole bunch unless you're going to be putting things in a specific folder or all you're going to sort out what you have to do I never stay put anything or hole-punched anything the whole time out there because I just put it in like a little book folder those are pens like I said in my last video you can go to freshers fayre and get a whole pencil case full of stationery so don't bother if you're going to you yay I wouldn't take any metal Trades to the kitchen because we have no ovens unless you're the pot accommodation got no ovens and they planet dangerous to put metal trays in the microwave oven so don't do that don't take this is a superb one because who else are takers me I took like baking stuff because I thought maybe would like bake some cakes and something nicer than a point you're not going to make any cakes no time no other than that point their ticket you should arrange with your flat on a grid chart to sort out who is going to bring washing it liquid and like this scarves and stuff because we had four bottles of washing up liquid and probably like 20 scara's or cleaners and things like that and it was just so pointless so just sort of out say one person or two people bring it so that it's not a complete tip in there it brings all it rolls because they will give you the cleaners will give you a new toilet roll every week or new toilet rolls every week don't take toilet cleaner unless you like disgusting because the cleaners will clean it for you and luckily if you're a girl I wouldn't take more than one pair of heels because everyone goes out in trainers or boots and there is just no point in wearing heels because you're not going to have a crazy for night if you could possibly fall and twist your ankle any point so they are my things you shouldn't shouldn't bring to uni you in addition if you've got any more things you want to ask or any ideas just put them in the comments and thank you for watching do my capstone pain management City College, Harlem.

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