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Capstone cottages in san marcos texas order

Capstone cottages in san marcos texas order do my microsoft access 2018 capstone project looking for dissertation conclusion on adoption asap we're going to have to introducers our morning introducer with the Billy rigs repin introducing will be Brian biro by and say hi hey okay and they will do it now because of timing I'm going to accommodate a few extra speakers to give you the highest return on your investment we're cramming as many speakers in here as we can and they're coming in from all over the country there's only going to be a minute and a half between each speaker I mean Bam Bam Bam so we're going to keep this thing in tight that's where we give you some breaks so to get keep things on time I'll introduce Billy who's going to be our morning introducer and then he will present in an afternoon and Brian will take over and we'll reverse it so let's give a big handsome [Applause] any questions so far well we do have an answer for a very important question that is how do you pick a truly great speaker and our first speaker today is going to be Andy masters please turn to page 44 in your speaker workbook if you will our special kickoff presenter this morning has presented over 650 keynote programs on leadership sales and service he's earned the prestigious CSP award of the National Speakers Association Andy masters has earned four degrees and written five books including his award-winning book kiss your customer 77 reasons why sales and service are just like dating and relationships and his latest book things leaders say a daily guide to help every leader empower and inspire and he is also a favorite among meeting planners he's presented for over 20 MPI events that's meeting professionals international in North America coming to us from Orlando Florida where he now resides with his wife and two moderately well behaved children let's please give a warm welcome to ND masters thank you so much that awesome and hulling introduction that I wrote it was great and yeah and you know quickly let's give a hand for just lucky his organize so much different way to go Jeff all right yeah and nothing more excited yes I am from Orlando Florida but I actually live a mile and half away for seven years of social being back but I'm originally from st. Louis Missouri all right and I always love to ask who live in such a changing society is anyone else in here from st. Louis there's a couple hands like so yeah all right if anyone else knew from Missouri yes these two of your lot of blank stares in here though nobody heard of Missouri good state little to us all right now what about a science of course earlier 15 minutes of how about this principal I created in this crazy wacky world to make amazing impact on the lives of those we leave and those we serve and it is simply this principle 15 minutes or less 15 dollars or less on our anybody's make an amazing impact on your employees your customers and using your loved one and here's how it works some examples of this sort of others is for what I did on that how about General Richard any jelly waitress stands in here no okay great well I thank you so much this is an example from my friend means we're now working for these traveling sales people using this car all day while you've got a five-state region across the Midwest and every single Thursday night my favorite testing the hotel room in Springfield Missouri now I know you always go put in the world headquarters of Bass Pro Shop all right here's awesome there okay now my pretty way which in a lot of tagging budgets so nice to put a price line or Expedia so one of these places to go ahead and the top seller so what I need you to host over a minute particular asam's per day night okay and he throws up to the counter we have two chrome of i-beam and painted so quarterly tickets hotel routine and what's awful is good well there was an acidic slugfest manager working in at night and a long side there was a management trainee person straight out of college and it's just like like that's manager look the woman said did you see that we see because it has the efficient or the amazing things which is equivalent to see what yes art are evaluations waiver in this counter could you see be good he says one gallery they put in his huh we need industrial and he took that three or four five of the same flavor of gigantism protagonist concert that clerk is the best tasting flavor of jelly races which is a question first off infection time you guys okay the Apple abracadabra you guys Rock yeah Apple a porch and remain the same person was over said Wow one week for five two weeks four weeks go by a month later my server you tried to get her stolen at the team hotel and then team assists explodes air exchanger is working with the mantas persons as they work out with well rig goes up to the carcasses yeah other sort of room this evening so looking from here you have to be ready for a 5021 ivory to see an idea from a few minutes so forth so my split ready take this whistle routine goes down the hall hope the elevator down the hall again entrances room and what's next to him on his nightstand another man we fish agree Jolly Rancher with a business card from an assistant front desk management that says Rick hope enjoy your fries okay hopefully join disable thanks so much now my friend Rick he doesn't huge pipeline or exceed anyone I guess what's causing some simple in Missouri he still hasn't had business card in his wallet I guess we picked it up out of this wallet every Thursday third chance are you coming into Thursday when you go to room and every Thursday mice Quinn Rick gets a room in Springfield Missouri and with the dish of brings our attention now what we must create a transformation a transformation from doing a job to creating a body upon with our customer depends our employee even yet a pie with our friends and loved ones which by the way why can't a manager set by the dollar store you get a badge a favor community of the employer that dis work late last night you betcha by the way what's legal most important for you than your database is miscellaneous numbers now from a leadership standpoint may just three people on how to do a job mentors those here how be amazing and they're the ones that change the culture of true we can every something of all my heart that nation's hearing in person her life and career at sea forever what was that probably dude I'm here yet this is how we do around here and that's why we make special impacts that that so so what are we sell now one final thing on this I had when I took my book today and it's easy to say on the left I see what these leaders say on the right I see tracks what leaders don't say or shouldn't say leads me to say those bitches would truly build customer loyalty and employable too often no customer will come and take little or no time please leaders don't say a besom at a time if I sit around here for those sorts of things right now and I'm on a personal crusade against this bottom line is you know that 15 minutes of your time is just one one-hundredth of your time you saying we should always have one one here it's about time most important people can our work in life which our employees our customers and our loved one so remember one sense fourth of my programs about fifty minutes or less fifteen dollars or less and make an amazing impact on somebody's life today now I feel attached a little bit of fun on my program just throw some video in there even bigger and customize this because what I just one guy up here this amazing story every organization that we can highlight this is amazing how much that is memorable to the audience members so example this is me and in recent event in Las Vegas like I suppose we had just a little bit of fun let's see what happens here oh hi well now you've heard it up for me about 15 minutes or less 15 dollars or less let's hear some superstar examples for folks right there an interim belong here was Adriana from the Sacramento area and and Rihanna what's one thing that your team has done to me to create that customer relationships above and beyond the call of duty that's kind of struck you before sure and so recently our meal Adriana says a wonderful example but I only got 15 minutes up here every matter we go to of course speaking of video as you might have seen one of my past programs is none other than leadership lessons from Hollywood be showing licensed particular movie season I love this stuff and by the way some of these movie seems that I shared of course life is particular course it's not only from The Devil Wears Prada Star Wars CIA NES even for movies like office space and frozen alright and you got because what do we have to do please take it all themselves no way he's truly want to have your people grow and you have to let it go it's like a frozen right now yes I said so what solutions do we have I absolutely believe we need to develop this generation of Millennials 50% of this workforce is going and twenty twenty thirty five to six and twenty twenty five and they will be leading your organization to need a development cultivate them yes or Japan show them that there is a track for them and then recognize and appreciate them when they walk through and they will be the future leaders now absolutely just not just Millennials but of course I would help every single leader truly get more important things done in less time and higher clothing and less stress we have a lot of fun limited wasn't as we've seen but of course we did not have time for a nigga see today sorry I think actually on break and we'll put it on my phone what simple easing up release thought about this nor did I ever say that peps we might be able to help somebody in here so this is what it is second I have simply a four point five seconds managers technique that could help busy leader Duggar that think that's all on them that doesn't have to be on you now for this one technique I simply need one volunteer to preclinically are my employee for four point five seconds you just might win apply was eight all right so give her a point for what I feel and a put uni Halloween for Egypt acting strange at all and that you are going to be awesome this next exercise I'm going to have to be pretending that she's my employee the four point five second alright now this by the way communities in Association non-profit board it doesn't matter one technique Sicily felt because she's busy right so your job is to advocate in your busy alright and I have a job you can fix what I have something I need to do I'm going to give this a fun oh my gosh it emerges give myself keep everybody still dizzy so here we go um one left five seconds but keys to things i Pappas here and here we go hi Holly hey how's it going yeah I know you're really busy right now so facing your said you know you need to perspective on what that is off of you rap freedom there's no one more time watch closely okay there we go you did a great job there you're mostly busy in real life all right okay here we go just busy hey honey how's retirement yeah I know you're really busy right now so basing your skills if you don't need to perfecting you by the day while this often you rock freezes now two important things that happened here one she thought was her were headed to Mia what I am really busy and thanks for interrupting after she said but she acknowledged the fact that I was busy - I empowered her to make her own decision in survive - she probably prohibited there's no way of getting somebody to base today I just wanted you to come by English tomorrow awesome well guess what what's the come in the energy demand accountability right so here I might as well do it myself to get done right a long time but that's what accountability just went through the roof - she's alone that's truly see you to go back midday tomorrow I didn't tell her today tomorrow so take the correction getting that so on on time especially with me she's the one that created your own deadline there's so many reasons why we still have to do it on ourselves and we don't have to exact that question for the audience here then we do a good job of acting all right now we're better good job I think we have a positive class for you okay Celine you are now the winner of none other than that Supporting Actress I'm going to get my hand you have won a copy of kiss your customer wife skills and services just like dating and relationships oh yeah which by the way is a $17.95 resale value but I sign it so forth easy even on eBay for you okay thank you so much super handles all great all right here is the key there's a reason what's it employees poster loss to the managers and others don't and has almost nothing to do with raising the salary you didn't want to work for the school they don't work for a major new SATs are back since they helped me employment apply visa added original but I was in to speaking with them they would have worked with somebody who recommends it and appreciate what they do and he's going to get a change of the cause to mentor them to get you to where they want to be and if you have a leader that invest themselves and their employees first there's a little rain rain situation salute the employees I have hired a Merrill rotate over it's going to help capture your successes for any crisis and this leader now has slept off your place where they could be more important in less time because they understood how to make people look for them and appreciate them what they do now I have sits with one final thing for this point and I have to do this I really thought about yet it's just really exciting so there's no question I also do my lasso have a couple tips on relationships as well it's write vicious customer by sales and services are segregating and relationships so therefore I have simply one one relationship advice for my gentlemen friends in the room okay and has to do with Valentine's Day you bet - everyone loves surprises employees love surprises clusters what the president certainly does another for surprises so how about it you have eight months to get ready for this do max give your significant other a dozen roses bouquet of flowers next Valentine's Day don't do it no very good no no no it means so much more when it's not Valentine's Day Network try this skin your significant other a dozen roses or both gave flowers to raggedly look for Valentine's Day with the card says something like this if you receive these tomorrow it would be a surprise besides you deserve your roses before anyone else and for them blooming honor code then to thank you for 80 at Amy - Max's gotta make an amazing impact on the lives of those you lead your customers and your loved ones clicks - insulin $15.00 the left thanks so much I'm 18 for brandy a personal notes all dfh fill that out and then those that we make sure they're legible and have our name on that we will gather those after four five leaders are gone and then to start the next madam Speaker people do improvising every blood group si de vino' a day okay well you know there are lots of big questions as well capstone project evaluation criteria cheap Yeshiva College, Washington Heights, Manhattan.

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