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Capstone cooking definition

Capstone cooking definition capstone project for aspen university msn aqa GCSE history exam questions ´╗┐hello YouTube newsletter and survival group subscribers this is taro from te RA l0 day is February 22nd 2018 and this is the update report conducted newsletter number 8 for 2018 its information on the mystery explained that's coming along and even more on that here in just a second get into the report seismic indicators say earth is at the end of the second and final earth change Lowell period for the 2017 or at orbit cycle row to the black star position on the right side of the Scorpio constellation show will show you where we are at in the solar system looks like I need a little more RAM here we go Scorpio right here it's very close to Libra and black stars been in this area it's now transition we are at the 90 degree angle mark right side of Scorpio that's where we're at we're just right at beginning the next cycle 2018 cycle if we were to look at the black star it is ahead of Mars and Ophiuchus constellation so it would be just below the plane relative to the earth and we're looking crossways at it because we're at the 90 degree angle position will have the same position as relative to the Sun on May the 15th when we are between the right side of Scorpio right here where it says Sun right here so Mars on the fourth passes between Jupiter and we're gonna be watching that leading edge of Mars right here for signs of magnetic portal conduction convergence right in this area then that's where we are in the solar system show you the seismic values pardon me here's active link activated link where you can check on the 7.2 Mexico earthquake event and this is an event that was expected it was expected to happen further south we get pounded with five of those deep earthquake events last week in they on the Fiji side of Earth mental transition zone and so that's what caused the activity to take place closer to the terminal end up in the Mexico region then so looking at the year-over-year then it kind of looks like that we're following 2014 if you look at the values it looks like that we're following 2014 but we're actually going to be following 2016 and I'll show you that right here this is the backside alignment this is the pattern though I want you to try to realize where we have two seven magnitude earthquakes and then in 2016 you notice how the sevens because of the deep earthquake activity the sevens piled up earlier in the cycle now whenever we go back and look at the pattern 2014 backside alignment you notice you don't see the sevens here because the dynamic was changing sevens took place leading up to the backside alignment then we had nothing down through here but we go down to 2015 we see the transition taking place at the backside alignment you see all the sevens that are taking place right at the backside alignment and this was a 7.8 the backside alignment we picked it right on the date this one right here but the thing to notice is all of these earthquake events are taking place earlier so then when we go to 2016 this is looking at the 2015 chart so then we're looking at 2016 we have our two earthquake events there's New Zealand El Salvador and notice how the sevens are popping off sooner so we have the two of the backside lament than one two three four five earthquake events the last one and a week 51 now look at this cycle you see you have the two the rent Iranian quake New Caledonia quake and all this period of a month and a half goes by before we see any the sevens and now they're popping off and they're popping off near the int near the end of the cycle so that's kept our indicator quakes down here this should be around 20 this should be sub 200 but it's not because of all this activity that we had so late in the cycle right here and this part of the changing dynamic has to do with the deep magma plume activity the reverberating waves let's take a look at earthquake 3d at where we're at right now and the first thing that you're gonna notice around the entire planet there's no earthquake events in the last seven days last eight days now and this one was not deep enough it's not in the transition zone it's 351 kilometers it's above the transition zone nothing along quarter number one so this activity near the terminal end of Boise barrier quarter number two this took place because of activity that's already taken place remember we were stacked up over here five on this side that's what caused this activity and it caused it to take place further north along boysenberry quarter number two we had a pattern of these big sevens on a long corridor to because we kept getting pounded on the feejee side and they were going further and further south the expectation was for it to this quake to take place here thing is when you're at the very end of the cycle this magma plume formation that shaped like a giant horseshoe these corridors narrow narrow they get narrow and narrow as Earth core cools as we're moving to outside over position as they get narrower and we get pounded that allows the pressure to test the terminal end well that is precisely what's happened my apologies I cannot answer the telephone at this moment then so that's the reason that we have this here now with the lack of deep earthquake events we should see the activity going down down down that's fully what I expect it's just happening right at the 90 degree position right at the 90 degree position so our indicator quake values ago are going to they've been high and they are still expected to settle down now that we do not have the stimulus coming from the origination zone my apologies for what's going on with the phone I guess I'm going to have to turn this baby off my apologies if you're trying to contact me then the noticeable change is right here with the stack of flags that's the Yellowstone quake storm area more information on that down below we have 10 kilomettre quakes 10 kilometer depth there are under the 5 magnitude that's what we see going through the uptick period they're still here they're still at the 10 kilometer depth this is magma plane related definitely it's just because the fiji side was getting pounded that's why we're seeing this activity up here but notice those wide-opened no activity in the last seven days under the Cascadia base so this is a this important story for the week Yellowstone what's going on there and this is these are precursor quakes these are precursor quakes pointing to what's coming later in the timeline the earth is clearing its throat in preparation for the coming uptick period that's what's happening this is the current quake storm area in the Yellowstone area and there are some links here that you're going to want to check out Mary's report I like a report Lisa havens report like like her report on the contributions that they're making to the reporting on Yellowstone really really good then on the other side of the planet here's the thing that we're going to notice is that points appear at quarter number three one act one event per day that's what you're looking at notice they're all at the 10 kilometer well there's one at 12 but you see the 10 kilometer pattern 10 kilometer pattern 10 kilometer pattern all the way up through here this is all gonna be magnet pulling related so think of what's going on over here being similar to what's going on at the other side of the planet that's why we're seeing these 10 kilometer quakes when they pop off in here they're a 10 kilometer depth ten kilometers 10 kilometers that trigger is the deep magma plume corn formations and my suspicion is that there are a lot of stories out there about the the magna plumes underneath Antarctica and my feeling is that there needs to be more research and reporting on what's going on underneath the North Pole because we're seeing similar activity in the north in the South Pole and the deep magma plume formation that was local to the Pacific Ocean is now becoming more of a global phenomenon very important to realize that though there's a this is just where the pressures are and this is this has not been happening on previous orbit cycles 10 kilometre depths up through this region this part of the change shifting dynamic so with the earthquake to get back up here the chart a second this is likely going to be the final week this is likely going to be final week though I'm going to let two weeks go by and then we're gonna see these diminishing values right here and there we're going to be able to identify this is going to be the last week in the cycle number one it's going to be the next week whenever that happens this charts going to change so instead of having a 2016-17 charkas we're still right now we're at the end of the 2017 cycle we're just starting the 2018 cycle so this is going to change from 2017 / 2018 everything for 2017 it's gonna be push to the top of this the the new chart and then we're gonna begin week 1 well that's gonna happen here in the next couple of weeks week 1 and week 2 is going to show up underneath these values all this is gonna be moved to the top of the page and so this 2016-17 charts gonna be finalized and then he'll be put together in a document just like 2014 just like two guys you see up here so there's going to be another link here it'll be three side-by-side 2014 15 15 16 and 17 18 so we'll be tracking for the last four years and monitoring the seismic patterns in the weekly reports coming up for 2018 and there this is expected to diminish that the 10 kilometer depth quakes here going to diminish and then we're going to start the next cycle and we'll see that this pressure going back this is where it's everything's retreating back to then we'll see a new series of these deep earthquake events and everything will start progressing outward the arrows will begin pointing into Cascadia again and off west coast of Mexico I expect what's happening down up here to happen here it's just this is taking a little longer because we've been pounded over her on this side they see now all this this stimulus is it is being removed from the equation seismic values globally definitely going down here for the next couple of weeks and then it's going to take her at core a little bit time to heat up again when you go back up to 2016 before I let you go on this part when you go back up to 2000 the end of the 2016 cycle then to begin the 2017 cycle we were at outside or position C where it starts over around here now look at these values right here for do you see how you have three sub 200s in a row that's not happening yet because these big earthquake events took place earlier in the cycle this cycle they're taking place later so these sub 200 values aren't showing up as early but I still expect a pair of them to show up down in here I mean though it's kind of hard to believe we were up at 419 you see the decrease we're now down to 244 that should be jumping down that tell me that shouldn't be dropping down this should be around 20 this should be around 200 I expect that those values can even go south of that then only two new volcanic eruptions see the one in Philippines that Energy's been passing back through corridor number one from from Cascadia all this time the activity was in Kamchatka further further south Japan for the further south Philippines at the end of the cycle you see Philippines and just one in the origination zone the becoming weak we could just see one new volcanic eruption and that's likely going to be I would say in the center of the origination zones likely Papua New Guinea could be on the left and Indonesia could be on the right in in Fiji but I'm expecting a very small number here for the coming week then Don shared this link right here this is what he's sharing with you right here it's something that I hadn't caught appreciate Don sending this in ancient secret discoveries what China's been doing on the moon we were aware that China was going to the moon even back in 2011 and 12 they're using earth magnetosphere they're traveling and coming back they're working with the Russians this has been kind of a covert thing in this is information this time lapse color panorama deal of what the Chinese are doing there on the moon there's a lot of other of the technical tetrahedron shapes and things with Saturn with the hexagons things like that real interesting video there that I wanted to share with you guys and for the short report I'll get more into the mystery explain project supporters and things like that in the long report and Geney series here are some diagrams for the minister explained in here and scriptures and science wrote Frank J Tipler sharing information sent the lot over the years lots and lots of information to people like that and generally they do not respond but we want to keep making the effort and especially I want to share diagrams in the mystery explained with you guys so that you can begin seeing the patterns this right here one diagram shows the primer in scripture in Genesis 1:1 and how we use that unlock God's true Bible code then this is very very interesting mark is and I hope that Michael is working with him and Don our project astronomer and they are going to be taking pictures this is what I'm going to be showing more of on the long report and this is looking at the east you see looking east southeast clipped expand we know this is our that this is 51 oh right here and see how it's right near Saturn Saturn is creating a problem of flooding the image with light right here we're still too close to outside over position you know see how we're right on the rise and you're gonna have atmospheric distortion but this is a good time to practice the optimum window is going to open up here in April then May and then in a little bit at the end of March but then May and June there was going to be critical months for catching the images and there's art to it and then stacking those images you're going to be using the stars in the background to see indications of micro lensing the gravitational lensing effect and if we get lucky and stack the images we'll be able to you we will see a shifting of the background stars through the microlensing that's what we're looking for so there will be articles in the newsletters my instructions for my observation instructions and then Don's commentary on the stacked images once we are able to create the mini movies so you have to create a good number of long exposures in long exposure images and then you stack them on top of each other and you see the black so you never see the black star but you see the influence is having on its environment that's the way the only way that it can be tracked and so this is uh where the optimum observation window has not opened yet that the optimum observation window is going to come in the morning whenever the black star is higher in the sky then we can begin taking types of images that we need so this is a short report I'll get more into that in the long report and get more information always by going to the website at ter al0 see you guys on the long report capstone projects help cheap United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point.

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