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Capstone commodities capstone college of nursing nurse practitioner for money frequency selective surfaces thesis writing [Music] my name is Sangeeta I'm a cinematographer I have been involved in this industry as is in order of over the past almost eight years now and I've done a formal training from us in from New York Film Academy and ever since then I've been involved in advertising features and music videos and so that's my background a cinematographer is the head of department of the camera department he works very closely with the director of the film so the sonographer and the director they both together visualize the how the film is going to come out grand is the center of his job to put the were those visualizations of the director in onto the film so he works very closely like cinema refer works very closely with with various other departments like the art direction the costume the direction Department and you know plans hull plans out how the film is at the end we're going to look on the big screen photographer basically is someone who tells the story in one single image that is a photographer and stenographer basically a movie is a series of photography so it's like at a base level both both have the should have the same basic skills they should have a sense of technology a sense of lighting sense of how to use how to frame a shot and we know what the solution or offer is more that you need to know which exactly what camera to use and what kind of lighting is a you know needed to enhance the whole film the look of the first videographer usually works in a with a television studio so weird before when digital was not that much into place and very still negative was used so although all your shows which were run on TV were short on video format which is high-definition cassettes and all and your features were short on your film negative so hence there were two different terms views one is a videographer and one is a cinematographer so so that's why videographer were more into your television you know shooting and signal refers was the name stuff too because of the because we were doing cinema whoa there are a lot of Indian as well as foreign Institutes the main Indian Institute is your FTII which is your film and television Institute of India which is in Pune is the oldest and the most prestigious courses that it provides our most prestigious courses in not only cinematography but also in the entire filmmaking so if someone wants to become us an autograph oh I myself would suggest which I also myself did was not to take a specific course on cinematography but to take an entire filmmaking experience because to become a stenographer you not only need to know camera work but also direction also video editing also lot of other aspects of filmmaking and even you need to understand the producers point of view so our entire filmmaking course will definitely help you in even if you're doing direction or cinematography is always better to take the entire course and also there are a lot of courses that are available abroad of course the price is you know always is a matter because it's going to be very such courses are very expensive so either you can start the post maybe after your 12 standard or like under graduation courses or even after you know you've done your graduation so there is no there is no specific route that you have to take you can start the pose at any time and there are also so many workshops that you know offer from New York Film Academy and London Film School profs in school and which are 1 1 2 months courses but all these courses are very very comprehensive so if you have a very basic understanding of cinema or filmmaking it's advisable to do the courses later on so on field experience is the best experience that one can like a student can get so if you can get hands-on you know working under a DP that is a that's what you call a similar offer is also known as a director photography so if you if someone if you can assist someone for you know like three four months and get a basic understanding of how to work one said how how film is being made and then if you go on and do of course it is much more effective and you know you can understand grasping much more you can know what other questions to ask and you know so that's what I think it is very important to even do a course because you are surrounded by people by students who have the same amount of passion as you have and it definitely motivates you it helps you understand other students viewpoint about cinema as a group you watch so many films you you know then at the end of the day you discuss so many films and you know so it is 24/7 you are surrounded by just cinema and filmmaking and people who love filmmaking so it is very important to do maybe I mean not oh 2/3 of course but at least like a 6 1 7 months you know workshop or seminars of courses whether the end of the day this filmmaking industry is you have to constantly keep on learning like I myself want to do a workshop whenever possible so you can never stop that this is now I have learned everything you have never learned everything every day is a learning experience beat on set or be down school wherever is a constant learning experience in the filmmaking industry in terms of skills one definitely should have a creative sense how to use the lighting maybe an artificial or the natural light in your which will supplement which will you know complement your framing so being creative being observant is one skill that you need to have for example you give you are traveling somewhere you observe certain type of light falling on a subject or you or you find some like you know some in terms of art direction you find something so you need to observe and grasp that so you need to be very observant as well in terms of you know sonography so that's one skill you need definitely need to have also being creative and all is a set thing like you know you you you need to be to become a similar offer you need to think in a different way you need to think out of the box you need to think creative and you need to think more than a layman would so that is that is a given said that you know one needs to hide which is inbuilt which cannot be like you know kind of forced upon someone the most important skill that you need to have in you need to have that passion for cinema because without passion I don't think anyone can survive in an industry for a long time so passion is very important for this you know for this industry because it's like after working for 18 hours 16 hours you come home and you can't stop thinking about the failure you've talked to your friends about the film you get excited so that's one thing that you definitely need to have the other skill that one needs to have become a justice refer is that one needs to have definitely a leadership quality because sonographer is the one who binds like most of the other departments also together like he has so he has number of people which worked directly under him like his chief assistant there are camera operators that work depending on the scale of the project there are focus Fuller's and there is a whole lighting crew that is his gaffer and ki graves a lot of people lot of department that work under him so he needs to have complete control over his department he needs to have like you know planned and one needs to be on the same page he needs to conduct meetings with the director the art direction and a lot of other departments and so that everyone is in the same page so you know like if you're doing a like an act for example you're doing an advertising and you know you on the set like if your crew members don't know what is happening so you just going to lose time so every single department every single person under the symbol refer needs to know what's going to happen and what is in everyone needs to be on the same page other skill is also planning planning is very much important in this because at times you need to go on a location scout before the film is short so that you know what exactly what time to shoot the shot or like you know what is the angle that's preferred so you have to like plan each and every aspect of how are you going to shoot the advertising advertisement getting a job as a stenographer it's very different than the normal normal jobs like you go to a suppose if you want to work in like finance or a bank or something you go with your CV you go to the res you and you work go with your past work experience later with our recommendation and that's how you get a job in a normal day-to-day life but as a similar offer it's there is no CV there is no res you've nothing I mean someone you you can say that I'd run a 4-0 I've assisted this one ever say that one but at the end of the day every director every producer will give you work it's they need to completely believe in yourself believe in you so what you have to do is I think the best the best one can do is like now technology you can shoot movies on your DSLRs you have any iPhones even you know like iPads Altair like your tablet devices and everything so I think one needs to prepare his or her own Sharif so once you have the work in place you can easily you know kind of shoot some more commercials that we call you can kind of shoot with couple of your friends your friend if he wants to become a director you can just team up with him and shoot couple of commercials and you can easily then go to the director and producer and show it to them this is a mock commercials that I've done and so they know that what you capable of because at the end of the day every director no producer even if they produce an advertising it's advertisement it's at the end of there is a lot of money that they have to put in so they have to be completely you know kind of comfortable with you and if they have not worked with you before the first time so at least they know this is the work you have done and you are capable of doing such creative jobs and out of the thing out of the box thinking and all that so that's that's definitely one way that a person who is very new to this field can go about yeah the other is definitely having work under someone for a few years and it's it's this job basically starts paying after a few years it's it's like maybe doing a specialized you know like specialize the field of maybe medicine or something how you get start paying after a few years is the same where to start working as an apprentice where you get paid nothing then you start assisting whaler and slowly slowly you climb up the ladder and then when you you have to gather more contacts and people know you then from the industry through through the years and that's how you slowly start getting jobs it's not an overnight thing it takes lot of years and but you all you need to have is the passion and determination and after that I don't think there's nothing to stop you and also the as an outsider many people's face problem is they're not from Bombay and like to even make their families understand like that I'm going to do in filmmaking is a very important thing because the end of the venues when and outside it as this family that I want to join the film industry like the parent so anyway anyone just thinks about the glamour and the that is you know involved in the film industry but they don't know the back side of it where how much of hard work and how much of creativity goes inside in making a film even like everyone right from the director stars to the desired direction to the costume everyone works very hard to you know make a film but that is very rarely shown on television or you know what is shown is the final product or the parties or the blammo so it's very important to make your family member understand that this is this is you know what goes in making a film and you need to be there where like Mumbai is the hub of Bollywood and filmmaking so you need to be in the center of you know where all this filmmaking is going on and you need to surround yourself with people from this industry like day and night just think about cinema and you know just networking is the most important thing in this industry as well like you meet someone it all works on referencing so you meet someone at a party and you say oh I am I still refer this is my Cherie this is what I've done so maybe you know next date it will go it will check your work and they like it they will maybe refer it to someone else so networking is very important unlike any industry but especially in this will make industry networking and the way you market yourself is the key today's young generation I feel that we are all very lucky because technology is evolving at a very great space-like pace and today you have hands-on technology at a very student level as well you can just pick up a DSLR and just if you have a concept or an idea in your mind you can just go there and shoot the next minute edited on your phone or edited on your laptop so there is no there is no particular like excuse that I don't have access to technology like earlier yeah I mean you had a concept but you know there were not many cameras that were available to you at such good resolution so I think if every student is one for example if someone wants to become a servant or a fight he does need to go out there like even if he has a at a friend's wedding was at our family's wedding he can shoot a nice wedding video out ofyou know his Oh another DSLR and edited together and make it look like a wedding film so every day's you should try and contribute it to your passion and definitely like there is no shortcut to this it is a full-time thing so if someone is doing like a part-time job and if he treats this industry as like a part-time thing it will never work you have to give your full time into this and many many years into this then only you will see one day after maybe like 10 years or whenever like you know it all depends on you after that you will see yourselves at some level in this industry and as a student also I mean if someone wants to do a course in filmmaking I would definitely suggest to work as a apprentice as an intern under someone under whoever like coming now from Google's you can you can contact I mean you can know anyone like sim refers so you have your favorite favorite dps you have your favorite filmmakers that who you know that you want to shadow or you want to work with so get in touch with them if not them then you know someone is but work under someone work under apprentice don't don't think about money for at the initial stage because once you prove yourself money you definitely will follow so this industry is not something where you are like no I won't do on money no then you you're better off working at a bank or somewhere else where you know you get salary but your most important thing is determination that after a few years do not give up just keep on constantly proving yourself and believe in yourself that's the that would be my suggestion for today's generation and one day you will see yourself becoming whoever you want in the film industry write for me capstone health plan Frank G. Zarb School of Business.

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