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Capstone commercial seattle

Capstone commercial seattle rays from the capstone christopher hills for money need term paper on life sentence ´╗┐you I think we made tremendous strides so far that in the three weeks of the preseason because a huge advantage to have indoor facility that allows us to get guys into some live situations which I think it's been a big deal just to get guys you know reps actually playing the game in sort of the simulated fashion and the weather cooperated to the point we've been able to get outside at least once a week and in this past weekend for a full weekend to play 16 innings of interlocked games and really get a chance to see what we needed to say we got a lot of questions manager this weekend but the guys have worked extremely hard we've come a long way in three weeks a lot there's a lot of years you don't get outside on a baseball field before your first game in the Northeast so for us to be able to do that just provide it from the inside I think on some guys that we for the beginning of the season as to you know who's going to get the first opportunity to really you know some guys played extremely well some guys pitched extremely well and there were some guys that struggled and so you know those are the opportunities that we have to go off of as we get into the beginning of the season here and our goals make the n-c-double-a tournament whether that's by winning the conference or whether that's by being a team that gets you know recognized regionally in the rankings and maybe get an at-large but at the end of the year when we're going into every game you know thinking we wanted to win that game you know and depending on how it goes you know that's where that's where you've got a kind of weather the storm sometimes and take take the good out of whatever's happening so we you know if we don't play well in a given day we got to take what we what we did well and capitalize on that we got to take what we didn't do well learn from it and take it to the next game and and hopefully correct those mistakes and get better every day we do a three senior captains this year Jordan drought Justin chasmar enjoy warm and then we also have a group of four guys on that we call our Leadership Council and those are guys one in each class that were voted on by their coaches and teammates and the kathys were loaded on coaches and teammates as well but our Leadership Council guys are making fairing to the senior patch that will use the junior Nippon ending is a software and Rob Alicia burger who are who the freshman so you know we the idea there is trying to develop leadership up and down the roster you know you certainly in my opinion need to have some guys that I think has some titles in terms of being a captain you know even if it isn't it just to be that expansion of the coaching staff when you know think pointing to get across or you know something he can be corrected or wherever it might be or even encouraged so you know those receivers that I named Jordan Justin and Joe has done an extremely good job of you know kind of navigating the ship from the player standpoint there are positive leaders and they know how to take their peers aside if they need to correct something and do it the right way so they've been they've been extremely helpful in the progress we've made in just three weeks and you know those Leadership Council guys are also kind of another layer of leadership for their teammates to keep an eye on things and to really be there for their classmates you know if they're struggling or if they need a hand with something those guys it's done an excellent job of being there as well like I said we talked about how we need leaders up and down the roster I mean Christina often absent scene 2 overall they're seniors that don't necessarily have leadership titles but they're just as much a leader as anybody in our program to and anybody knows that they have the ability to to step up and say something to hold somebody accountable and to just and also have voiced their opinion to the coaching staff you know and I think that's important to have that two-way communication because there's thirty five sets of eyes they are compared to the five on a coaching staff that might be something that that we don't you know from a starting finishing standpoint I think we're in a good spot where we had a lot of options we might not know exactly at the moment who's going to be you know that one two three conference weekend sorry and a lot of that will be worked out through the course of the you know the first seven games here and then our florida trip as well so but certainly guys in the mixer you know Joe Warren Mike bolo j Joel bar Tony Jake Lloyd Andrew Schultz Zack man a sec I think those six guys you know have a chance to compete for rotation spots and ue because they don't earn one of those rotation spots you know there's still going to be a guy that look to in the bullpen to easier to get big out for us at different times because the back end of the bull typing can shape up well too with some of those guys i just mentioned if they're not if they're not getting the ball to be hitting the game and then you got guys like Chris Kizer and Connor Lachey to come in and shut the door which are used to that role they were in that role last year and you know that's kind of a specialty type of role or not not a lot of pitchers coming out of high school or used to pitching out of the bullpen so to have a couple of upperclassmen you know Connors the junior chris is a senior that looked have two upperclassmen back there to be able to go to at the end of games when really that's when the pressures on is a good thing you know that they're used to that they're used to being in the fire they handle that well our outfield is is going to provide a lot for us during the course the scene of both offensively and defensively right now we basically have five guys working out there pure poison who primarily is in center field Brian Gillen primarily in right field Pat chef when he was in left field and then we have Sean crew and a beber monde des who who've been out there as well and Sean cotton provides a right-handed power options and a be the left-handed hitter who runs really well and has a very good arm so all five of those guys kind of provide a little bit of a different skill set that that can help us in different ways at different times you know another big battle for us is going to be our da spot you know there's a look there's a lot of options there as well you know I think right now and the carnations done an exceptional job swinging the bat and might have a leg up on some guys you know get Phil peer feedback from the men's basketball team this tweet which were excited about and he'll be in the mix at first base and then possibly also add eh maybe even in the outfield once you get going here a little bit he showed that he can really swing the bat this fall so obviously gonna need to get his timing back and kind of get a baseball muscles back but he'll certainly be in shape and ready to go after after basketball season and playing a lot of minutes there for the basketball team so you know we're excited about him as well but m0 is going to be an interesting battle through the beginning of the season we have a lot of good options there so you know it's really come down to who plays the best I mean you know I guess I think right now Johnson chasmar times the leg up at shortstop but you know at second and third it's probably going to be a combination of a couple different guys you know Nick Panetti you can play both second and third Luke owns can use more of a third baseman Zack Thomas who's more of a second baseman and a shortstop you know those three two of those three guys will probably get the first opportunities you know when we get out and start playing next weekend you know but we even behind them got guys like a teddy gonzalez who's a freshman third base when you have some power and God has progressed really nicely defensively through the preseason guy link a newbie who swung the bat very well for us they're alive bowl pendant in our inner squad games you know those guys are knocking on the door there too so there there's a lot of options where you know it's a good as it's a good thing we're guys need to play well to kind of earned jobs and hold on to jobs and from a coaching standpoint it gives us a lot of flexibility you know Nick and Nick contains a comment it left handed those other guys hit right-handed so it just gives us some options on a day to day basis based on what you know what type of pitcher we're seeing and what the best matchups our first base is another position battle through and probably sure burgers and refreshments is a very good defensive first baseman and has swung the bat really well for it there you know he kind of carried on from a hot falling into the sperm now and you know Phillip here he coming back from the bait from the basketball team those who guys will be in the mix at first base you know in the beginning and you know certainly has some other guys we feel like two can play over there you need B Jordan drought we not catching may see some time at first base in at D H so you know also all those guys providing power and their bats and play well around the bag so I think we're in a good spot there to give our I want to give our players on our coaching staff a lot of credit for you know where we are at this point they work extremely hard you know the coach is preparing every day for our players and our players kind of giving it back with their effort at practice and in their individual sessions and in the weight room so you know we talk everyday about the two things you can control your attitude in your ass our guys for the most part of done it if it's true that it's done extremely well with that you know the thing that would remains to be seen is how well do we do controlling our attitude controlling our effort when we faced adversity you know throughout the year and I think that's going to that'll be a telltale sign of the success of this season you know during the course of the game if we have to get behind or if there's a bad call by non pas how do we react to that situation if we happen to lose a game or lose a couple games in a row how do we react to that to try to get back up on the on the right path and you know I no doubt that our guys can do that because they handle some adversity and practice and it's done a good job and you know when push comes to shove in this games really matter we got to try out not with our emotions control us and just keep playing the game one pitch at a time like we talked about from day one do my access 2018 capstone project 1 DeVry University.

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