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Capstone bank jackson for money capstone logistics greenfield writing a summary of an article example ´╗┐everyone is Sean and I'm back with a new video and this one is as the title says life as an extra and by that I mean background accurate so I'm going to give a little history about how I got into background acting and tips and advice for those who are interested in getting into acting or background acting so I'll give him two a little brief history about how I got into it and then the second half of the video will be just tips and advice so I got into it completely accidentally I'm out there doing it for about a year and a half now and well I wouldn't say accidentally but I did had no intentions to do it I worked for a sports scene and they were shooting a film in the arena that I work at and I heard through the grapevine that needed people to fill in the seats for a couple of scenes in film so okay I'll do it you're gonna pay me yeah oh great I'll do it definitely know how hard is to sitting them seat look like how hard is it to act like a fan that's why I was told to do to act like a fan so I was given an email address and I had to email a picture of myself and I got a response within the next day and they said here's where you have to go here's the time you have to be there here's what you have to wear so I arrived at the arena obviously because I knew it was going to be shot up there and had my clothes all ready and I go to a place called holding area which was a huge huge area there's about 1,500 back background actors there and Wow I didn't expect it to be like this I thought they were gonna had like maybe a 50 50 people or a hundred people and just use like CGI for like the rest of the seats or something I don't know so anyway you sit down at you find a place to sit and everyone is talking by the time you get there everyone's talking if you're not the first one there obviously wish I wasn't everyone's just talking and talking I'm like a complete new person I'm like what's going on like I'm very shy and quiet sometimes so I ain't know I'm sitting at the table like oh man what did I get myself into and within like 10 minutes someone sat next to me and said oh what's your name you know what have you been in before and so on and so forth and you just start talking to people and before you know it your whole tables talking to each other and they're talking to the next table and the tables are going up and everyone's just talking everyone I mean it's pretty hard to be silent we have 1500 people that eventually show up and yeah so just hearing people's stories was just wow this guy's been doing it for 20 years or this guy's been doing it for five years and this is this person's first time and this is my first time you know I've never done it before I have no intentions you were on Broadway I mean it's just so many different people it's all about connecting with people and that's just a beautiful beautiful thing so yeah after a couple hours because they're setting up on this set and we're in this area where we're just away from the set we finally get to the set and you know it's just beautiful seeing all the cameras and the cranes and the sound and I went to school for that type of stuff I didn't go to school for acting but here I was on a set on the other side of the camera so it felt kind of well didn't feel like anything you know felt I'm supposed to be a fan and let's do it so a couple directors came up to me and said we want you to do this and the next three days shoot the next day another director said we want you to do this and we want you to walk past Queen Latifah and we want you to just me randomly my first time there tell me to do all these things I'm like okay I'll do it and just like that you know no acting experience you know no nothing Here I am walking past Queen Latifah and you know Here I am jumping up and running across the camera and so it was a beautiful beautiful experience and hearing people's stories and hearing that people do it frequently I'm like wow I kind of like this I could do this more so after taking some time after hearing people give recommendations and another great thing about sets is that you meet so many amazing people everyone there is a friend by the end of the third day like everyone knew everyone liked by everyone I'm like out of 1,500 people I probably knew like I was on a first-name basis was like a hundred people like literally it's just that's how but you're always moving around and you're always just meeting people constantly and the directors who say these people we want you over here and so you're always mixing and matching with new people throughout the day and the old people would never forget you so it's just it's just a great experience new exchange email addresses and I heard about central casting which is an agency which is in the New York City / LA area so this video is mainly for those people because I don't really know other places in America that are casting agencies and yes central casting was the agency I registered for so central casting that org is the way I'll put the link at the bottom and I recommend that if you're interested it's the most reliable it's been around for like 100 years and if you hear about agencies please go to Google type in the name of the agency and type in the word scan there are so many scams out there that make you money and they make you take headshots for like hundreds of dollars it's a scam one of my friends actually she went to do it at different agency and I I was sceptical so I went with her and when I was there I should have done this this is how I learned my lesson and I'm listened to like they were having an orientation which is it did nothing seemed right so I'm on my phone I'm typing up and the first answer is scan and I'm like oh boy so we got out there before we could go any further they said forget this so anyway please do your research avoid scams but if I have a recommendation from someone who's been doing this for a little while now and it's a big probably the biggest network is central casting so anyway that's my little how I got involved with it now I started to enjoy it and I wanted to do it more so I continued to do it and I do it sporadically because I have something else and I plan to do it more in the spring of summertime when I get more free time but don't expect to make a living off of this now let me let's get into more of the tips and advice section of the video as um seven minutes into this now so I'll try to make this brief yeah tips and advice do not expect to make a living on for this here's the thing you get paid I don't wanna give amounts over let's just say get paid of around a hundred dollars per shoot and then of course you know that tax is taken out but you're not gonna get called every day to do this isn't a Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00 type of thing as a matter of fact you're gonna be on this set from like 7:00 in the morning until maybe 11:00 12:00 at night I've had one shoot start at 11:00 in the morning and I didn't get out so four or five in the morning so that was a fun one oh maybe I'll do another video about that one I probably will that's one so please do this if you work part-time this is the perfect you want to get your foot in the door for for acting this is the perfect thing you have to do is on background acting and yeah definitely don't try to make a full time living out of this you will eventually if you keep at it and maybe you'll be picked for a lead role sometime and you'll be discovered and you get into the Union and I'll get into all that technical stuff in a different video so so probably like a two or three series video maybe I will do another one next week or tomorrow or whatever so don't don't expect to make the living off of it if you're scared don't be if you ever then this goes for anything just not acting just anything in life if you have a goal go for it there's nothing wrong with embracing challenges and conquering challenges so if you feel a little skeptical about doing it don't be central casting is a $25 on the registration thing which is nothing because he'd take your picture and you know it's on file you don't have to pay ridiculous amounts for headshots you could have this whole internet thing it's great but don't be scared don't be hesitant that's a you never know and so you try and it's such a beautiful amazing experience another thing I want to say about the background acting is that when you're on set and I kind of said this earlier you're gonna meet some fantastic people and I realized that certain people have worked consistently throughout the years with each other on various TV shows and films together and you really they were really close friends and I'm like this is pretty cool like the people who make just on cents they didn't know each other before they got into it some friend I met friends that were friends that wanted to get into acting they got into casting essential casting together and they were doing them TV shows and movies together so it's a great way to connect with people it's a great way to meet new friends and I've met some great great amazing people who I met my first video shoot my first film shoot and I still keep in touch with them and it's just great and I've ran into other people that I've haven't seen in once when I do another one so just it's a great way to connect and meet people and that's the most beautiful experience in life at all I mean it's just connecting with people so do that if your get into background I think if you want to of course get into background I think if you want to get into lead acting because it could lead to it at least to get your foot in the door at least you know it's like to be on a set and be running directors and other actors and famous actors so you get to see the whole experience about that and if you just want to connect with people get your name out there if you're interested in that it's just a beautiful beautiful thing so I'll give a little more information at the bottom I'll give the link to central casting follow me on Twitter if you want to connect with me that way central casting is on Twitter I'll put the link there at the bottom and I'll have the link on the screen like a did my last video so anyway I'll shut up now and yeah I hope this video helped those who are interested and I'll have another one or two videos with more information more experiences more stories from the sets and anyone everyone you know have a great day and I hope you go for your dreams never be scared you'll never know until you try life is beautiful remember that take care of one next video do my capstone paper company longview wa SUNY Canton.

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