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Capstone auto group statistics with r capstone github for money button in access report ´╗┐so protest music and yesterday I was with these two ladies that I said I'm going to give a talk on protest music and they said I'm okay with that so I figured that maybe I should like define it in the beginning itself define a protest music you're producing about something right and generally you're protesting against a perceived or real injustice by large the you I don't call song saying I don't want to go to school tomorrow as protest music but for a serious Gani of Abby's which my Hindi Bolivar Bahamas partner huh I'm not used to only talking English all the time so protest music is something that I think we've had with us since ever since I was very very privileged to learn all kinds of protest songs in my childhood because my mom used to be a calming and she taught me a lot of IFTA songs if the Indian people whose theatre action or something like that and they used to make a lot of protest songs Salil Chowdhury Bopanna Jerrica all these are members of Hitler but the most you know like both protest songs you wonder is this a protest song I'll sing you one two lines of one protest song which I love made by one of my most favorite musicians and it goes like this get up stand up we taught to stand up for your rights get up stand up don't give up the fight that's it he's just son two lines boos Neoga you know he was here protest gonna plus the music is like this so you're okay and you're feeling good and that's the key thing towards good protest songs that a the lyrics are important but be it must be good musically there is nothing more boring than a boring political song and there are lots of boring political songs because people sometimes get very serious when they write political songs a hacky lay mashallah chalapati hello go Mary go okay Kubota local looted like a car some so everybody is fast asleep so Perez music has to be really up and happening and interesting now why protest music why do we want songs we want songs because say every movement you'll notice has a bunch of songs associated with it except for probably Una's it didn't as far as I know I don't know about any you know a male freedom movement but there were a lot of protest music but it's been eliminated from our consciousness do you know anything about songs from the freedom movement protest songs no you know that Gandhiji liked hymns arrear Anaya Buddha's gonna throw line they were lot of protest songs I have heard from people that they are lot of protest songs but we don't have them in our public consciousness today 60 or years after independent then we move to the 60s and the 70s where we had a whole bunch of protest songs which were known by almost every single activist or anybody who was associated with movements these all tended to be a songs from the left the organized left because the organized left by virtue being organized could teach the same songs across a whole swath of areas and there were some really really nice songs in there can I see you I want to sing you one such so Oh joki a child and we will tell you what these songs were about so it goes a rue Cana George okay ma Joad Abednego me Tina Joe um go in Colaba hey Zul Makaha baba hey Shaheed oh ha ha ha Shaheed Hungary become heat over here okay no Joe lukina JAMA Tina Joe Davina Jojo Cana Joe um go in Colaba hey Zul Micajah babu Harsha he do har ghadi become he talked Abu lukina Joe Lara hey it's Lee aka Jack McGee sake yada yada McGee sake' Adam II Kakuna Co yada mean apiece okay Adam in apiece okay Malik Oh Oh Molly comas do decay no kurosu decay furka call me dying gave someone a taco lying Luke energy oh yeah oh yeah Moloch will do we will eliminate differences everybody will be equal it's a very left style of thinking mainly operating on the dimension of class some which class gives may interpret oh time cos the gender environment resource you could cast 1k as a hen mania and TK that was a time they also used to sing about you know like there's a bengali song which is key all everybody in the workers of the world unite type thing hello gana okay it charty know the gold portion low take a chair pre Toby look : Baro teri ganga janeiro Yonsei mbc c.p vietnam air Mekong okay so Bharat Chien Mississippi Vietnam it's all we are talking about the fishermen in all these four countries or how they all whatever so it's a notion of everybody in the world is fighting something together which is great and they made some great songs but around the late 80s things started changing cow cow vanilla obviously present when you make a statement like this people say okay what I'm going to do a lot of things I'm going to say these things and all of these statements are open to interpretation question debate etcetera etcetera but right now I got the mic you don't write so badly in my mind what changed was to three things happen one the global left collapsed right within India the decline of the left and it's gradual irrelevance started at the same time liberalisation started in India and with liberalisation came a very intensified increase in the extraction of resources LaRocca as any a guinea or other resources were being extracted but there's been a quantum jump in the amount of let's say forest land to mining or to irrigation or to this or to dams over this there has been a sharp increase in inequality yes a lot of people are moving into the middle class but you have no idea what's happening down there because insidious frankly you don't see too much of what's happening in the country's countryside movements like the Narmada Bachao Andolan started campaigning on resource issues right they were not left led movements the organized left really actually saw environment as a sort of he came from NATO corrupt card irrationally occupant basket is given knows whatever so they away these guys started doing these movements and they realize that the old songs don't work anymore because the issues are not local local issues local people local languages local songs because if you're mobilizing people let's say in the norm of the value of mobilizing people you have to sing in the language of the people so either using Indumati or you sing in Mohali if you organize organizing in buddhist are using in Moorea you don't sing Luke a Nigerian ago because to a man who is losing his land he doesn't care if he is one with the fighter in afghanistan or vietnam he saying my land is going man fight for my land so what happens is that with these changing issues the music changes and my question has been i've been exploring this for a while that how has produced well how is the direction of participation change so I'd like to play you a song that I came across a short while ago it's been around for a few years I think it really encapsulates the kind of song that defines fortissimo sick now and it's called hum gout whatever Nighy hum jungle Rodney anyway this song has been originally made by a man called Bhagwan ma ji who was leading a fight in charcoal against a bauxite mining which was displacing a lot of villages from his area and he wrote a version of the song which then a friend of mine called Meghna a flaw whose a documentary filmmaker and activist who's been working in Jharkhand for years then made into Hindi made into certain lyrics and they have gone and recorded this in a studio in Raji so the production quality is not great but the sense of the song is something that you guys will get the minute you hear you get it but I love the last line because K Bhagwan but I a sub giorgia Hodja so this is you suddenly development has become this garden because but one one guy disconnects accrual guard because one ke saamne Bhagwan because kaki got a buncha a nickel - I mean say hey I don't know what to your nickel determines a sinecure eg a nickel determines a Boeing you're not wanted you're not part of us you have to pay the price so these are things that people are singing about now in the rural areas thinking I was very pleased to know that these songs have been made and it's very interesting because you know that I know one song or I know two songs there must be a hundred of the songs out there and that's one thing I'd like you know people to go in search and find songs and give them to me because I want to you know I want to learn more about this my second question I asked when researching what's happened to produce music is why there is no urban protest music by poor people you know you live in Delhi I live in Delhi I we all see the slums I have rickshaw wallahs outside my house why are these people who are living fairly miserable lives not protesting against these lives even in song there is no does anybody know I don't know there is no poor people's urban protest music in India I searched I didn't find and what I realized was it didn't like you know you're walking past a slum and these guys are sitting around and they're singing what they're singing is they're singing songs from the village so they're singing about a land they have left their singing nostalgia they're not singing protests and my theory about that is that poor people in slums congregate by where they're from to jambalaya's I and we have come from here so they sing everybody sings songs from their song from their song nobody gets together and since how about today can we sing about what's happening to us today nobody does that okay and this is something I I hope comes about because they do blues Gazza if the Blues could arise if rap could arise protest music by oppressed people then surely something in India must come up and I'm hoping for it but what has come up in urban areas in India is what I call middle-class music okay and middle-class music has a very different way of treating lyrics no lyrics has this beautiful way of putting together complex multi-layered ideas into very simple words that anybody can sing but a lyricist from the GAO writes very differently from the village writes very differently from an educated person living in a city and this thing about different things because we middle-class people are not losing our land we're not losing our forest but what we are we are you know pollution and the corruption and politician all of this is what we are facing so the tendency is to sing about things like this and so I want to play you a song by friends of mine a band called Swapna and they made a song called topi Mali which is satirical song about politicians okay or you head number no feeling me to get the pan over to left but up in my leg yeah so nice nope it's like a reggae beat they've got this they've got guitars or they're singing in the lair just taking off on politicians this I call middle class educated protest music right I want to move to another kind of protest music which is again urban waste and this next song has been written by a guy called Lucian Eli is also known as MC cash he's a 23 year old rapper from Srinagar in Kashmir right and he wrote this song in 2010 when Kashmir was burning stone-throwing this boy remember has never seen pundits in Kashmir all he has seen since he's grown up is strife guns battles protests separatism this is what he has seen and it's very interesting that he chooses to sing it in rap I wish I could play you the whole song because his lyrics are pretty interesting this is an English I just going to play you the chorus part okay number teen to no one so this guy basically says I protest about the blood in the streets I protest I'll throw stones and never run I protest for the mother who's lost her son I protest for my brother was dead I protest against the bullet in his head it's very powerful stuff and when this guy was invited to come and sing in Delhi he was attacked and he was not allowed to perform his studio in Srinagar was shut down by the cops but he still continues to do work and he's written a whole bunch of songs and you can find him on YouTube if you really look so this is protest against the state Kashmir and I now want to play your protest song from the other part of India the Northeast from money for a friend of mine called aku who's a money Puri protest songwriter who has written a song about Iran Sharmila Iran Sharmila is a lady who's been on hunger strike for the last 11 years and she is one of the most iconic figures you can imagine in our country yet the amount of attention she gets in the national media is almost close to nothing if you go to Manipur you will know why this guy singing protest songs now what happened is aku's the song in money puri and I asked him a coup Thawra sing it a little bit in English also now because 3 million people in the world understand money puddi maybe but if you sing it in English it will get through to more people so of course I know you sing in English now because nobody understands my English so this is me singing but this is all a cool song acoustic yoon translated number some of us to share me my sister finish my bacon and easy Joe everything you fold your eyes every day we are not him you and me okay so it's a very very different style of singing so very different from topi one a very different from gouge what ugly what he's singing about Sevilla and he's saying you know you have given a strength and through you we can learn and she goes on to say you know Sharmila's story will tell the whole world how to love so these I find this very encouraging the fact that these kind of protest songs are being written all over our country as part of my band Indian Ocean we've also been singing some songs that might be interpreted as protostomes a couple of songs I just want to play you just half a minute of two songs there's one song called Hillel age of Jordan Leah okay written by a man called Barak Pandey who's a was ml writer poet and the next song is a song called nakida which has been written by a tribal activist and poet from Ronnie Zilla in Maharashtra and it was heard by a friend of mine who's a Milani tribal from madhya pradesh jammu ah he translated into Milani he taught it to me and this song is interesting because what the second song says is a ranger of a render means forest ranger so the forest ranger comes to my village and ask for money as a bribe Renne arabic wife among a who he was only after he will not give it to you the way we used to earlier Ragini mashallah muah diva zero because we are the verses are the much array of tigers so it's a song against corruption it's a song against how the state treats them and it's a song asking for a diva see self-realization identity so like I said lot of complicated ideas put into a very simple little thing okay don't overuse our part or chair go dude it's a torch PD hoodie I what we are trying to do I think what we are doing by playing these songs is to take songs that are essentially local and rearrange them to an idiom which is acceptable to people across not just India but across the world because we play this everywhere and so bring these songs out and push the idea of singing protest music more and more tickity and with that I'll stop thank you capstone gas microturbine generator system order Non-denominational progressive Christian.

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