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Capstone autism and famlies

Capstone autism and famlies do my capstone financial planners p2p presentation [Music] hi I'm Danny ran and I went a long time let's go you know here I'm Danny Rand welcome I left here ten years old and a jet my parents I became the lone survivor Danny Rand back from the dead why didn't waited this long to show up how the hell did he learn martial arts ready train come on my father instilled in me a love and respect for this company that has never fade this is my home the brand is my company the city is no place for daddy we will give it up no covenant will many what happened to you why are you really back here some bad people got on the inside criminals I know what they are but they can do it despite them we need someone with special skills I've been training my whole life [Music] I'm going with you no you're not you need me the change is coming down become what you were meant to be I am the iron hand how does that mean you hey youtubers it's Charlie so everyone's going crazy about iron fist let's break this down most of this is going to be about the iron fist trailer what's going on during the series but I also address crossover with Luke age Heroes for Hire in the classic comic book costume in the other Netflix series like defenders in Punisher which are also dropping this year so there is a new round of the marvel giveaway I'm giving away one of those spider-man figures all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video I totally like Claire temples introduction to this she's kind of like the explainer character Danny ran says I'm the iron fist - like what what the hell's that supposed to mean so you have like a lot of people that will be watching this - have no idea what's going on with iron fist from the comics so this trailer just spells it out a little bit more clearly Danny ran comes back after a plane crash when he was a young boy he grew up in Conlan the sort of inner dimensional city I don't know how they're going to change that for the TV show but the way they explained his powers from the TV show is just in the harnessing of his Chi that's what you're seeing when you see his fists glow so they're not on fire like they are in the comics and in the comics he got some of those powers when he plunged his fist into the heart of a dragon so the song that they play in the trailer is a bit of a wink at that it's a posh haze I'm a dragon so this is meant to be a very real world Iron Fist it's not exactly like the comics there's always minor changes so for instance you have the Meechum children in Danny Rand standing here is he's come back to society look I'm not dead this is partly my company I inherited my father's shares so now I'm co-owner with the Meacham's and they give off this really sinister vibe but he used to be very good friends with joy Meacham here so you see they have like special connections throughout the trailer the other Meechum Ward Meechum doesn't like him so much you kind of get that vibe it's pretty clear from the way they present them in the trailer the kingpin level big bad though is Herald Meechum Danny rands father's former business partner who was responsible for the plane crash he orchestrated that so that he could take over the company so when Danny Rand is talking about the hand infiltrating his company like you see Harald Meechum looking at the imprint of the hand here he's talking to crane mother Rand enterprises is very tied up with the and they're helping import things you see these shipping containers with Meechum on the side this is sort of a callback to daredevil season 2 when the hand was trying to import black sky so that they could raise the demon that they're worshipping so now that's sort of an Electra storyline but that's very daredevil centric so now you're getting some crossover with iron fist so his company is sort of the infrastructure that the hand is using to accomplish their goals the other villain you see him fighting here this is sort of like the small bat is Luo Cheng in the comics he serves as the host for this demon that's trying to get at Iron Fist power the source of his power is the dragon so I don't know how they're going to incorporate the actual dragon the source of Iron Fist power into this it seems like they toned that down a little bit so maybe he just knows how to harness his Chi the same way that Iron Fist does so Xue Cheng works with crane mother who's working with the hand who is using Herald Meechum to import all of their resources you probably recognize Jessica Hedwig as Colleen winch is kicking a whole lot of ass at the end of Luke Cage Claire temple pulls that little tab off the martial arts lessons bulletin that's for colleen wings classes so she teaches self-defense but she's also this ally of iron fist in the comics she doesn't have quite the mystical origins that he does but her family descends from a line of badasses so all this craziness is in her blood and she does know how to harness your Chi in the same way that Iron Fist does but she's not quite as powerful so that's probably why you don't see her fists glowing like his but a lot of the scenes in the trailer here stuff that they showed off at Comic Con him walking in the funny scene of him getting carted out by the security guards just taking them down like it's nobody's business the Iron Fist version of the daredevil hallway fight that all the Netflix series of God Luke Cage got his version of that iron fist is going to have his then showing off a little bit about the magnitude of his power you can see they toned it down a little bit he's crazy powerful in the comics but remember these are supposed to be street-level heroes so they toned it down just a little bit so I would say he's about as powerful maybe a little bit more powerful than Power Man when he's at full strength Luke Cage is the strongest the most indestructible but Iron Fist hits the hardest they could probably go toe-to-toe but as we learn from Jessica Jones you actually hurt Luke Cage it's just his skin that's unbreakable not his internal organs so it'll be fun to see that meet up on-screen during defenders misty night is supposed to have a cameo but like I said the love interest in this is going to be calling wing so in the way that the Luke Cage series changed a little bit about that in the comics misty Knight and Luke Cage weren't really a thing in the comics but they changed that for the TV show they're also changing iron fists just a little bit but that might change when we get to defender the music is going to feel very much like Luke Cage so maybe a lot more wu-tang they called Luke Cage the wu-tang off' ocation of the Marvel Universe the really big thing about iron fist though is that he is the only person on the defenders that understands the true threat that the hand poses daredevil has learned a little bit about it from stick but Iron Fist has spent way more time in Kunlun learning about the mystical war between the chased in the hand so he's the guy to come in and say look there are a lot of problems in Harlem all over New York City but there's this even bigger problem in the secret organization in this mystical war that we need to stop a lot of you are asking me if Danny Rand will get his comic book costume in the way that daredevil got a costume Luke Cage even wore the yellow shirt for a little while I think that there will definitely be a version of the costume people about thin John's he's come out and said look marvel will kill me and he just kind of jumped around a little bit so I think that just confirms there will be a version of the comic book costume but it probably won't happen till the very end of the series but like the trailer says everything is dropping on March 17th that's a Friday of course I'll be doing episodes for it leave all your requests for bonus videos in the comments below there's going to be a bunch of Iron Fist defender stuff because defenders is coming this summer and then the Punisher series is supposed to drop at the end of the year so there will be three new Netflix series dropping this year it is going to be hard core while you wait for that next video you can click here to rewatch all the Super Bowl trailers and you can click here to learn about the different colors of lightening on the flash thank you so much for watching everybody let's high five I'll see you in the next video you write for me ap capstone seminar frq Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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