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Capstone art

Capstone art do my capstone program south carolina help for toddler teachers ´╗┐colleagues and friends of New Jersey City University I want to thank you today for joining us at this momentous occasion as we begin to address a portion of the long-standing capital infrastructure needs of NGC you the recently enacted New Jersey higher education field its facilities bond Act has provided the state colleges and universities with a capital funding necessary to address our facilities needs Fringe ACU the awarding of the thirty four point six million dollars in capital funding will allow the university to upgrade its academic administrative information technology infrastructure and further to renovate and expand our existing science building which houses the university's programs in biology chemistry physics and Geoscience before commencing with our program please allow me the opportunity to formally thank in JC use board of trustees for the unequivocal support for this project and introduce to you Ray Perez our board chair for brief greetings good morning on behalf of the Board of Trustees it's my pleasure and honor to welcome you all here on this occasion we haven't been doing too many groundbreakings lately and i think sue has kind of decided that we're going to ratchet that up a little bit so i'm happy that we're here today and i want to thank you all for being here and at that point I'd like to turn it over back to sue thank you today's groundbreaking ceremony commemorates the initial physical work for the expansion and the renovation of our Science Building this effort could not have been possible without support of legislative official and Friends of NJ see you her instrumental in crafting and endorsing the bond Act which authorized these expenditures so allow me pleased to introduce to you the several legislators with us here today to offer some brief remarks and before I start I want to say this I've had the opportunity to work in a number of states and one of the things that struck me so solidly when I came to New Jersey is the support of higher for higher education by our legislators and I my hat is off to them for the hard work that they do because I know it is tireless work and I so appreciate that their commitment to this so I'd like to start with Senator Cunningham she is the chair of the Senate's higher education committee and represents our own district senator thank you so much president Henderson and welcome everyone I am just so happy to be here today because this is it is wonderful to see legislation work and it's working with this I'm so proud of the newly enacted New Jersey higher education bond act this act was created to give our colleges and universities the opportunities to expand its facilities and to make it easier and better for our young people to go to school here one of our concerns is that we like our New Jersey students to stay in New Jersey and the only way that the weekend the only way that we can do that is by offering them the best possible education the best education and that can only take place if our schools and facilities have the kind of facilities that they need to provide that kind of education it's good for New Jersey it's good for their education and it's good for the economy of the state which we can never forget thank you Thank You senator Cunningham I think the data point I learned was that it's about $30,000 30,000 students a year that leave this state to go to other places to go to school and very often they don't come back and we need them here as educated citizens so let's keep them home a person I'd like to recognize who was unable to be here due to the famous New Jersey traffic it's senator Loretta Weinberg she is a staunch supporter of higher education as well as well as women's issues she represents district 37 just north and so if we could thank her for her support I'd like at this time to ask assemble Assemblyman Vincent Prieto because he was on his way he is another individual he's the chair of the Assembly Budget Committee and Rhee represents district 22 32 excuse me in western Hudson County so if he shows up I would like to make sure that he has an opportunity to share with us his remarks another important person I'd like to recognize is Assemblyman Charles Manor is similar in Manor is an NGC alumnus he represents our district 31 and he currently chairs the Assembly's Law and Public Safety Committee and sits as a key member of the assembly Higher Education member I also want to give thanks to two individuals whose commitment to the success of NJ CEA's future efforts emerges one of this nature's premier this nation's premier public urban a new University is unparalleled I'd like to ask Tom DG's he's the Hudson County Executive to be recognized at this point Tom did you come bring remarks good morning everybody it's great to be here today on this momentous occasion you know as a Jersey City guy in the whole life I've always viewed NJ see you as a work in progress from State Teachers College to where we are today right now it has shown a growth that has reflected its community in the needs of its community we built two using a similar type of bond ordinance from the state Hudson County Community College has built two new standalone from the ground up buildings in the Journal Square in North Hudson areas and we're working on another one on Pavoni Avenue right now every year and I mentioned this at dr. Henderson's inauguration every year I go to the graduation for HC CEC and dr. David s each of the students as they accept their diploma what are you going to be doing with yourself next year well over half of them say we're coming to NJ Cu for to finish the degree the way that community colleges have evolved over the years and the way that they've worked together with NJ see you I think is a model for people all over the educational community to to copy I'm very pleased to be here there's nothing like being at a groundbreaking unless of course you're at a ribbon-cutting and will be here before you know it with that ribbon-cutting and I can gratulate and njc you for the endeavor thank our legislators for all the help and helping this happen and wish you the best of luck in science and technology building thank you finally someone who has come on board just as I have it is my pleasure to introduce Stephen full of new jersey city mayor thank you sue I'm just gonna really quickly reiterate some of the comments of Tommy Gees and Senator Cunningham I just want to start by thanking Sue Henderson she has really breathe fresh life into NJ see you and a partnership with Jersey City and the Jersey City public school system and Hudson County Community College that really is second to none she recognizes that NJC use fate is tied to Jersey City's fate and we really appreciate your leadership on that so thank you this is a great thing it's 35 million dollars as a byproduct of state legislation championed by Senator Cunningham and the assembly and I just wanted to say that this is one of the examples of really government working effectively where you have all the different levels of government working together to really get something that tangible that students will be able to appreciate and will make the city that much better Jersey City is terrifically positioned as it relates to higher education looking forward between Senator Cunningham on that committee and Vincey Vinnie Prieto going to be the speaker and it really is a testament to the opportunity that we have to really make NJ see you excel amongst the educational facilities of this size across the state of New Jersey so as Tom said it is great to be here for a groundbreaking better to be here for a ribbon-cutting that's a great comment and we're congratulations on this we're looking forward to being here in a short time to see it completion so thank you see if I want to thank you so much before I introduce the next individual I want to share with you some interesting information I shared last week with the senda Higher Education Committee we were there talking about graduation rates and how important that is that we not only keep New Jersey City New Jersey students home but we get them graduated through an autonomy manner students who come to us from a community colleges finish at a very fast pace here they finish at a 75 percent graduation rate which was quite healthy and really national norm so that lets me know that our students who begin at places like Hudson County Community College of Bergen Community College do quite well once they get here thanks to the good work of our faculty so it's an important point to remember as we kind of move forward I'd also like today to recognize Rolando lavarro he's the new jersey city council president who was gracious enough to attend Stacey Mero Rolanda so the passage of the bond Act also required the support of several statewide associations and organizations whose today grace our presence from the New Jersey Association of state colleges University our trenton based advocacy association which help to guide the member of campuses through the challenging fiscal and political climate our state faces to accomplish to the passage of the bond act we have Barbara baranski the association's director of a government and legal affairs Barbara I always enjoy my meetings with the presidents because she brings new life that she brings the reports from the other side of the street representing the New Jersey Alliance for action the state's premier Association the advocates tirelessly for New Jersey's investment on our aging infrastructure and a significant advocate for the bond acts passage we have with us today Gerry Kenan the Alliance's executive vice president also with us today is Ciro scelera he's representing the New Jersey laborers employees at Corporation and education which contributed significant funding and advocacy support for this membership and the bond acts passage syrup finally we have with us today the students and the faculty from our science programs who will benefit significantly from the science buildings upgrades I want to share a quick story with you two weeks ago I was down in New Brunswick I was at a something called an L SAP conference it's a grant that comes from the federal government and it's given to faculty all over the state to help engage undergraduate students and research now once those students finish doing the research they create something called a poster and then they go and present these posters at national conferences but then also down at this particular conference I was so proud we had the most number of posters represented there to the tune of about 20 I'm a correct and then we had the most number of awards at the end of that so I would say that our science program is on a roll congratulations so on the behalf of the faculty and students I'd like to introduce dr. John GRU is the chair of ology department to offer some brief comments hello and welcome everyone and thank you for joining us on this most auspicious day as we break ground for the long-awaited renewal and expansion of our science building dr. Henderson has acknowledged the public office holders so I'll move on and I want to recognize some of the folks who locally have really contributed to the success of this project so far and will continue to do so I'm sure so first of all on behalf of the students and the faculty members of the the biology chemistry geosciences and physics departments I would like to express our collective gratitude to dr. Henderson for her leadership with dr. Bruno for her advocacy for dr. Aska and mr. Andrade for their and their staffs for the hard work and excellent work that they did in preparing the successful grant the proposal for for funding NGC use science and math departments currently serve about 700 students in a wide range of programs and our students chiefly aspire to careers in health pharma non pharmacological devices and products environmental science and advocacy and science and math teaching to name a few our graduates are thus well positioned to enter New Jersey's competitive workforces in these employment sectors NJC use science and math enrollments have collectively grown by about a hundred percent over the past decade and in continuing this trend we expect to serve approximately a thousand science and math majors by 2018 New Jersey's Department of Economic excuse me the New Jersey's department of employment and workforce development has identified acute needs for trained individuals to work in key fields that NJC you can support by 2020 New Jersey must add about 24,000 all practitioners 26000 healthcare support personnel 157,000 computer and math specialists and 10,000 teachers these job growth areas require trained professionals who hold specialized bachelor's master's and doctoral degrees the confluence of the high interest in NJC use science and math programs the high workforce demand for science and math graduates and the expansion and renovation of NJ CU science building create the perfect opportunity for an jcu to take a leading role in shaping new jersey's technology-based economic development and jcu embarked on the an expansion of its science faculty in 2012 beginning to hire and support at an unprecedented level science and and math faculty with new teaching and research labs these faculty members will serve as mentors for undergraduate students as curriculum developers and as practicing professionals who bring research grant grant support to the institution and publicize NJ CU in their own scientific communities we have a unique and exciting opportunity to take science and math at NJ see you to the next level but more so we have the opportunity to increase the participation of NGC use graduates in the New Jersey economy and provide more of our students with the opportunities for socio-economic upward mobility to constitute the American dream and personally I couldn't be happier ok thanks everybody I'm very excited for this group of faculty and fellow students they are hard-working you see them here day and night winter and summer depending on this always always always working and they have such a passion for their field thank you finally I'd like to thank the key members of NJ C's administration and faculty who worked closely with speak the Spiegel Spezial architectural group if they are they here today could you please stand I've always said the architects have an unusual job you have to take people's ideas and make it bake form that we all live for the next with 25 or 30 years so thank you for your work this group provided the impetus for ensuring that the project would address the current and future needs of NJ Cu students and seeking meaningful careers in New Jersey's growing science and technology based economy thank you all for coming today and participating in this very special ceremony and please join us from life live refreshments following our groundbreaking ceremony and yes in a few years we'll have the ribbon-cutting along with other groundbreaking thank you very much you do my ideas for capstone project Adelphi University, Garden City.

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