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Capstone apartments jobs for money

Capstone apartments jobs for money what is professional capstone project for money purchase personal statement on anthropology ´╗┐director of the tenants union representative network and George Ghul is a longtime attorney with community legal services Phil what you guys come on at work Thank You senator use and Senator Heywood's for making this happen this is a remarkable event I'm really impressed that we have come together come together as a village it takes a village right to react to what's going on so strongly and so powerfully as the other speakers have said this is an issue about will we have laws we have an understanding about this we knew about this problem 100 years ago i was looking sherwin-williams notified everyone at lead paint was dangerous in 1904 so we've had federal laws we have state laws and we had local laws law we just got passed in Philadelphia I think is a really good law it has some very glaring problems but it's a very good law for a powerful law we have to come together to make sure that these laws are enforced and that requires two things it requires resources and it requires will we can't do what we're going to try and do without inspectors out there trying to identify the problem without the courts implementing the laws and exacting judgments without the law department taking this very seriously and imposing fines on landlords and others who don't comply with the law we won't go forward without those folks working together but we also need the goodwill of landlords in the community to make sure this doesn't happen it's unacceptable that we create a situation where our children are so vulnerable you know the measure of a society say is what you do in most vulnerable members of your population infants and toddlers three-year-old and seven-year-olds being neglected and abandoned in this way is inexcusable and we're all responsible we can point to finger someone else but we don't come together and address this effectively it won't happen and so I commend those who are here today I look forward to being able to work together I look forward to real concrete tangible enforcement and funds to make sure things happen and by that I mean for example in local law in Philadelphia we have in that law of the right for tenant to sue a refund of rent if they in fact did have not complied with in terms of lead safe certification a refund of all event they pay you don't hear about this very often that has to be enforced you have make an example and enforce those kind of laws then things will change otherwise they won't so I thank you for this opportunity I look forward to working together with you and thanks my name is George Gould on the managing attorney at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia one of the thank Senator used in senator Haywood for putting this together it's very exciting the issue of lead is something that I've been involved for many many years starting in the early 70s I filed federal lawsuits against federal agencies for their problems and dealing in refusing to deal with lead-based pain and was successful in those cases I then over the years I've worked with many of the city council folks here and got some good laws passed unfortunately the amount of resources as everybody is mentioned has dramatically decreased and we can have all the laws on the books but unless there are resources to hire inspectors to go out and do what needs to be done they're simply going to be laws we have a law that requires that landlords who rent the children under six have to get a let safe certification landlords don't do it the problem is the health department doesn't have resources to see that it's enforced and they need the resources to make it a priority resources as everybody has mentioned really to me is the issue the first issue is making lead a priority the second issue is funding the resources to deal with the problem we've heard about the consequences of lead poisoning for many many years but when you come across a child who's been lead poisoning who can barely talk who virtually has no memory it's really frightening and unfortunately that is happening in the city every day and i'm so glad today that we have people from all levels of government who say they're going to put the priority there we're going to fight together to get the resources to get this problem resolved thank you I'm going to ask Thank You Georgian and so I'm going to ask Reverend mark tyler from the mother bethel AME church minister Rodney mohammed the head of the philadelphia n double acp and Jerry Jordan why don't you if you if you might if you know my why don't you come on up and join us and if you could comment briefly come on gentlemen comment comment briefly on on what it is our teachers have to confront with this issue of children who are impacted with bled Thank You Reverend mark tyler passed her mother bethel AME church and also a member of power Philadelphians organized to witness empower and rebuild powers been concerned with the number of issues in the city most notably living wage quality education and fair funding and also reform in the criminal justice system policing and mass incarceration but when we launched six years ago we also had two other bullet points that we've not really lifted up that I suspect will be coming to the forefront very soon one is quality housing and the other is access to health care and both of those merge in this one particular issue I'm standing here today really because of Jalen the young man 9 years old not much younger than my youngest child and the reality is that if life had turned out differently for myself and my wife Jalen could be our children it's just that that simple many of us are paycheck away from having to raise our children in the same types of homes that Jalen's mother unfortunately has had to do and so I want to say that I've heard a lot today about what we don't have but I want to push back a little bit on the Thank You senator Hughes and Senator Haywood and all of our elected officials are soon to be congressman and all of those persons on City Council who stand here as we stand together but I want to say that we do have something I was ticketed going into a Rite Aid one day I went in for not more than 90 seconds I came out I didn't see PPA when I arrived and by the time I came out not more than two minutes later literally I didn't even see who wrote the ticket I see boots on cars all the time in fact this morning when I woke up I was flipping through the channels and I saw parking wars and sure enough the episode was about Philadelphia and people who were down there trying to get their cars out because we put a premium on ticketing cars in Philadelphia and if you don't pay we put a boot on it and we take it and the price doesn't come back on the city it goes on the owner of the car and if you want your car you'll find the money if you don't we'll sell it and we'll take the money if we can do that with automobiles certainly we can do that for our children and for our future it's unacceptable unacceptable to me to say that we can't make landlords pay we should put a boot on their rental income we don't need if they don't need a warrant to boot our cars then why do we need a warrant if we are proven with these inspectors who should be paid by the way by the fines and the fees that come from the landlord's if we find that their level that we've heard any amount of level is too high if they have levels of lead in their homes we should take the rent and if they don't pay eventually take the property and I guarantee you that will change things we've got to make this a priority and when you hit people in their pockets people change their behavior so I want to thank you senator Hughes and let you know that there are people in the community who will stand up and support you as well let's make sure that all the Philadelphians especially our most vulnerable have all the same rights and access as everyone else good morning everyone Minister Rodney Mohamed president of the Philadelphia n double acp just very quickly I want to thank Senator Vincent Hughes I want to thank Senator Hayward for their leadership in this when I got back from the state conference I begin to read articles the n-double-a-cp of course nationally has always had resolutions against environmental racism and for those who are the least and the weakest in the society being exposed to elements in that that brought danger and injury to their persons I just want to say that I fought very hard for universal pre-k and I want to I want to make sure that when the children get to those classrooms that the only lead they bring with them is in their pencils and not in their blood and so the n-double-a-cp will commit to the people who should be the most outrage of the people who are living under these conditions and we have to go set a fire up under these folks because too often the elected officials get a bad rap but they're here today they on the front line and they're calling for a fight in this area but the people who should really be doing is are the tenants and so we will commit through our 2017 to tenant education the people that can really educate them to their rights and how they can fight back because I'm convinced that many of them have been convinced that they can't fight back but they can and so the n-double-a-cp will join with the combined efforts here and commit to doing that thank you very much Jerry Jordan president of the Philadelphia federation of teachers on the city state and federal level everyone is interested in making sure that schools operate and function well so the kids get a great education in Philadelphia as was reported by Senator Hayward Haywood that there is water and any number of schools there is lead in the water in any number of schools in the city and any amount of lead that a child ingest is unacceptable it is bad for that child and so we stand here representing the pft saying that we will do everything that we can to make sure that this problem is corrected so that children are not exposed to lead at home or at school it is absolutely important that we do that because there's a cost for what is happening to children when children are exposed to lead we pay for it as a society in so many ways and you know from a standpoint of funding remember the City Council vote to provide funding for schools members of the state legislature do the same the cost of educating a child with special needs as a result of lead poisoning is going to cost our society a lot of money for a lot of years there is nothing more important than correcting this problem because our children our future are depending on us thank capstone exercise excel 2019 chapter 6 Institute of Design and Construction.

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