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Capstone apartments champaign il

Capstone apartments champaign il capstone value creation for money institutes and centers of nih reporter ´╗┐there's Tommy he's going to go into the lottery place this is our first one and we're into some videos for you over the weekend they look forward to them coming up from New York he is now saving I love that it went late back at home Billy and of course the street is amazing it's crowded and there's a another fruit Street thing right by the Port Authority you know that yeah when Fort Mason I wear the inside of Macy got my lamp on bonus and I want more people without going on all right and Wow how long did that take us to get here ordered by at least 40 minutes from Macy's because of the street fair he blocks off the next the Port Authority crazy traffic so I figured I'd show you a little bit of the street fair we're not going another court we came because that's what that might have been a lottery like with the last time but it's not so I'm glad I found a person would I would have felt bad as it was all right bye hi so what did we get it Macy's poor Tommy got scrub what else is no that's exactly right also I'll show you the creep all right said the bottom so this was the ball the jockey I got three when I bought lamp on and this was the extra bonus I think for the central or $70 yeah this is a new one for me anyways it's the green one so I wanted to try it those have water to put in be infused under your eyes so that looks good this I've had I can't pronounce them that's a nice simple it will add the color then you got to pick I forget and we will open because we got to pick between if you wanted makeup that was just the bonus this was the ones we spent more than 70 got to pick if you wanted makeup but it was a full-size lipstick or was a sample of the perfume and it was a sample of the body wash and moisturizer I don't wanted that but I literally just found that bottle of perfume so I couldn't fit mean I'll sing in it so I got the lipsticks and it's full-size lipstick that lipstick alone like $36 so full-size boom really it's a very neutral color but it goes would be really pretty go for that right now I was trying to show the color in the light you see it every day the name of 340 all done up very high so that wood right there you money back you can't go long any bonuses and then he came with you got to choose with the color but you got to to the colors something I'm not that this is just blush not that that's squash and we got a brush which is great alright nice to go to the brush over black it has lamps on on it let's this is the bag you got to choose between either black or pink and I doing with pink they have a really cute phrase on them this one says wink and makeup are cute lamp on full cab a lot of bad sides on the inside is black line opened on the box it's more colorful than the solid yeah yeah yeah and the the word popped out mine to the words good can't get it to open okay Elton Widow and I was able to use plenty points because we have the Macy's credit cards and plenty things I had like nine dollars off I used the five dollar coupon I got from the Macy's monthly thing and then we had finally I used the $21 we earned from the Sher Singh that they do every holiday which should be coming up soon but this is a bonus if I get this video off in time it's still available is only for Friday and Saturday or Saturday only you get a mirror this is supposed to be heart-shaped let's see we'll find out oh I would keep going another bag in there another baggie I could is pink pixie it's my heart shape but it's faux leather back tonight oh very nice it is - it was magnifying I don't think it's magnifying which is good because let me tell you hahahaha the reason I spend so much money on this is because I got to review a magnifying mirror and dear God people don't it works it works too damn well way too well it could like see Owen here and I'm like oh my god so then I went and looked online for layout haha we could do to lift this for your cause and everything know it's sad but it were you know tonight that's why I got this and I invested in more money because it's supposed to you know firm the wrinkles one woman said she's been using it forever like six years and she's 60 years old she had no refills so like well girl you better not be lying who's I'm going to buy it because what you said but why now and even though it's his life is beautiful that's pretty and inactions really my sister my ability so that was as pretty as my spiel to it I glam code on the back so this bonus is still available with that today only I think it was did they do that one base nails that go from Friday to Saturday don't always hold one day when old me too but and that was what was free stuff and this is what I actually purchased now was only going to buy the nighttime cream and that was going to be a hundred and five dollars for the nighttime cream you got a bonus gift when you spent over seventy that's why there's more stuff here so then she's like well you're buying that anyways your mom to get the day cream there's only 35 dollars no 30 of them those 105 and then $30 more for the day cream as well and I will try the day cream so now I got the day and night hi Reza Phil and its rear it built in old wrinkles three times resident it visibly fights wrinkles so that's why I got it because I got a darn mirror that magnifies my faces a while ago so I went out and world so I got the nighttime cream and the day came I do use a Lam Collins night time which I've been using is almost empty that's why it was perfect timing for moment I got it so good it was really nice the music was so loud I couldn't hate right where we work if they were playing copyrighted music and you know YouTube she's very nice she showed me all the jars and we went over the size to make sure it was before side and it was I thought this is a good day even though 105 dollars is a lot of money you see the size of it this is 2.7 ounces the jar I have is 1.5 and this is almost double and it's half the price so I thought it would but it made sense one like what was going to get in and the $30 more I think I said this was worth fifty nine so you got it half-price I got this it is quite big either well after quite a while it's really well this is night miss a day so that was what I got was a good deal better at all thank you for watching subscribe we're getting close to 3000 subscribers and so exciting guy get closer to 100,000 so I can get a little plaque that's a dream but please subscribe thank you for watching have a great day bye okay I'm back and apparently you know I think it should have been more and there was more okay this is the other part of the other bone I don't I'm confused but anyway this is what I got to pick okay so anyways this is their eye makeup remover is really the best stuff it makes it up it really really works well I have a whole bunch I like to keep it in my makeup case and I use a little q-tip so when after put some mascara on and I always get something to take it off and it comes right off with this I love that one of you eyeliner okay black ebony eyeliner what's a gel no the crayon okay now I feel better oh my goodness you know right now much much better don't you tell me oh yes I feel I feel much better this is the basement scary put it on your eyelashes before you put mascara to make them clumping looks bigger I think it's a hot mess beyond now this is the one I got to pick out the color it was the choice between what was it was like a goal and it was like a red I think really you need to go like your skin tone I don't like red because it gives me like a zombies backless I haven't slept to be here oh I got the go chic color palette shoot right now yeah that's pretty yeah sell of the gold to the goal okay see you thought yes that's real friendly I love that a trillion light so that was the last work because these pallets are very very fun so it was a little mirror okay so that was what I got and it was $135 but because they had two gift cards and we had plenty we got the plenty points or the figures where we have the credit card line attached the funny thing funny is also with the Rite Aid I think you get points at rite-aid we get it at Macy's an exon exon the gas place so we finally made enough to get something off so that's what I got amazing thank you for hanging in there seeing the end of this video bye-bye everyone write for me capstone financial darin pastor Professional Business College.

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