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Capstone academy milton

Capstone academy milton do my capstone real estate services logo football informative essay examples ´╗┐hello and welcome to another exciting episode of rome 2 total war and again now we have Athens defending defending Athens against the patricians be doing the desert will beat you again you get away from my gates you son of a bitch my elephants are smash through your gates have taken me on well in the desert but now you'll you're fucked quite frankly sir I have the power of Hades on my side really yes come here and say those of Hades fire oh my god what the hell I didn't agree the siege equipment I'm a bloody management step on the elephants through the front gate please there's no deployables okay peasant archers right grips a gator spreads so will your dare defend these walls then what you got archers arches archers and a lot of artists by the looks of it yeah quite a few Watchers gate with oil fancy oh yeah we got all that we got plasma TVs and stuff as well and air conditioning holy crap les yes because we use the smaller wallet ah the larger map has the Acropolis vehicles about could could have there's the path but also wishing from both sides of course and ships with me a ship out yeah these scorpions firing I don't know yeah they are are they from your seeds towers yeah I got the carelessly full of men come on crappy archers fire oh shit I don't know is pushing the siege towers good all the better inside them oh boy looks like your ladders are on fire edge ah oh dear yes a bit on this is full of arrows that are on fire whoa that's a lot of arrows coming at night Cousy rocks like gate break it down there oh my god look at the let die I'm losing the liar brave bed oh shit great gate pummel it's the climate a bit cold for you here it is a bit chillier than we used to oh that lad is probably on fire yeah trying to burn my wall down it's made of stone you fools you actually gotta try you gonna try climb up Gotham as long as ya get for the break you're really gonna commit them to I think you are oh shit no archers I'll just shoot over here get the tower oh my god we'll be shooting the towers yeah I'm lucky I'm have a bunch of bro part you fell over should the towers man light him up yeah oh shit oh man is that gate open no I'm sorry but the gate of the tower Royal Guard hey Wallace come on hurry quite cool are they like the back of Shepherd or one of our towers is gone oh shit my archers getting pummeled down they said well look at the barren ground moving was it plan ha ha ha right if you've got bows it's time to go withdraw archers trampling show don't please just just head back for a bit bye and you've got a skills that's a frenzy charge that's not really helpful no come on are you bringing up that battering ram what's coming up we've got the way the generals stood the way trying to batter the elephants all the way I think this battles go better than the last one didn't they I think I've lasted longer I see the walls yeah should they help go if you've got a bow it's time to go get out of it pull back you guys get that way bring down those Royal Guard or whatever they are that is what sloped a tree room let's go guys oh the cataphracts we can't get in if there isn't the whole kenya god however they're doing the man I want you good time with us eat apple girls they got that in melee unit lose it good good take these guys down a listers hit the light unit oh no who are these dudes like Kevin felt isolated scale for us okay god they look pretty tough you know Blas George oh my god can I commit more man I can't a bit more bed to the bridge what's going on up here fight men climb at the wall properly just climb up the ladder they stop to fire me off the siege tower where although I hang around the bottom they didn't ice pack you clean they always do all right look hold on now okay I'm away from Manor cover the hubs some of them were rotting off running off Oh going away oh my god my hot whites have been battered up they've charged men outside the walls who has you what the fuck a lot of problems they keep trying to engage your man well maybe that was my plan guys if we can get the front gate closed that was very useful they need this Baron the gates wide open do come along please put it back in but we're losing badly off you go it's getting better over here obvious each tower looks like it'll look really nice oh no a beat in the bag oh yeah cowards you better run I am so no good being cowardly against us oh for God's sakes can we get this gate closed people how many times do I have to tell you closed it was a mess inside where can we park cuz we're charging you because they're very useless Oh sent them to their - oh wait that's my general fallback in general was just desperate for blood get on the bloody ball properly Oh the show there shut the gates yeah free foot that side yeah bitch clever whatever my colleges on the rapids the wrong way round I think so this could be on fire in the circuit fire damage free per side free safety ahem I know it just principle tricks out of the old bag bring them down kill those lost husband fight gun on the wall pretty badly hurt pretty badly I was beaten back yeah they're retreating across the wall though so they may well I don't know take the Acropolis by themselves bring down right it's that battering ram the background is turning into position oh yes like once the gate sir eighty oh god I'm pretty sure all my traps kill my own meds you're what my wall mr. dick mr. dick give it a bit in the way we're building the road we didn't quite finish unless we heard you were coming we was no point drop a ladder just savages so you wouldn't appreciate a nice road mind your ankles don't twist an ankle on the way is what the hell is going on that's total war folks it's just sort of spinning around outside the gates all my men have left the wall I decided to help flank me probably it's pretty cent so around the side have gone through another gate I wasn't defending oh here they come pay attention I got them fighting on the rocks ah there's a wall of Spears that is don't let them in make them suffer for every foot of Athens fight them on those jagged stones now we will fight on jacket so this is no advantage to us whatsoever Russians know we're gonna break them here Oh what's going on yeah dribbling up they're in trouble Oh retreated units in the middle they're treating you this Oh push him back push them back why are you guys coming back down again stay there he's gonna come up oh shit the elephants look poised don't lay it's too late too late hold the ground then hold the ground elephants are coming in bikes to the front please for the bikes yes but keep the elephants out who's coming up the wall now there's just all sorts of stupid crap going on out there climbing the ladders go over all guards yeah we have suffered but our walls at our city oh shit here come the elephants good oh crap start to grab that let's go it off bring him down bring him down hold hold the bag hold the bag man first we shot on the troops it's no no looking all down these pachyderm stakes for everybody tonight I think oh one left oh there he goes bloody siege towers it's like how hard is it they keep going back down and this is one when we're meant to keep dying yeah they get stabbed and they come back down yeah yeah it's like what man fighting might keep going down as well I don't know why it's bit weird I'm feeling pretty confident I'm not at this point pretty confident I'd say what's going on out there why are you going that way this house don't work though still Tennessee people just know go up them oh my God my men have come back down the ladder again for no reason and there's a couple of your guys on the wall it's like some peasants on the wall with cardboard shield and my men have ran away good work guys now could you get back up there and stop them coming through easy as it sounds that's what I would Troi fact these dogs get away from our city yeah get out of here we're not afraid although I know you have some oh where are you good I think that's trying to get up the ladders inside the city as well yeah as soon as the door opens I bet that's what the problem is yeah like something out it always armies no turn or ladders that everyone's for treating yeah yeah well there you go that was the the great battle of Athens thank you very much for watching we'll see you next time Cheers ati capstone pre assessment mental health order American Museum of Natural History.

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