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Capstan anchor winch youtube order

Capstan anchor winch youtube order capstone ncsu mi 5 review movie aloha ´╗┐panic gentleman person right now how Honda never lost to indicate for having us today and after that very fiery speech I just want to say that we can calm down and go back to the limited they're right here it actually crystallized and provide a little extension about really where this is that so I'm going to do a reputation and it had to do a level of argument that my partner mention about earlier so let me do a little reputation the discussion operation was brought in to hear a couple features ago and we absolutely want to say it's sad thing or it when there is racism in our society when the racism in our justice system and we obviously are against racism an idea right because we were found in that nation of laws opportunity and equality and life liberty pursuit happiness and so we are against that kind of thing when what laws are unfairly apply we think that we should work towards we are creating a better system changing the system of getting people good lawyers by paying lawyers more sure we you know it can be imperfect but we don't think that this is the solution and we an opposition I can actually make the case that this makes the system works so going with them saying is going to make the system work but let me let me the last week we talked about anarchy and he was proud to be an anarchist which is which is cool but as we talked about earlier you can vote you can vote you can vote for a president that will appoint a US Supreme Court justice that does not believe that that belief it is unconstitutional to have a death penalty so in America you have a democracy and apparently this side over here would rather have a cool among juris to change a lot because they have an issue with it all of the sudden right so instead of voting and using their voice which we all have into the demonstrating peacefully like light we can all do there or even I'm going to talk about later of voting with your feet they would rather not have it so let me keep going about it and to not like we said novel governments he said not all governments have understood this so half have according to that half of a understood that the death penalty is not a good idea so great so that we need to support morvale you or whoever else so that we can so we can repeal this law if you believe so but they don't want to do that they'd rather go through the solution which is going to cause anarchy and more problems so let me get my first three points us was founded as a nation of laws right my second is the second point is about how this is a this will undermine the justice system and the third point would be federal the federal system that's a big new extension in our NRI TM right so nation of laws you know we talked about John Locke and a lot of speaker but you know society must come together and agree upon their rules right so you're born into America and you realize in California there is a death penalty if I commit a premeditated murder he talks about the Virginia woman earlier which is really interesting because she premeditated murdering her husband after she took out an insurance policy on him now of course it's a graphic crime and that's sad and that's disgusting to think about but in Virginia she lived in the state where she never lost what most people know the laws and stay physically there hopefully you do because that's part of being a citizen she knew that she could be attributed for that and she was actually last week so it's interesting to try were debating this and you know yeah just because I think what's thing for jeanie woman did is ethically wrong is not reason enough to allow an ethical wrong on the part of the government okay and you guys have not clearly says because you believe it's unethical right what means speaking of sores contractor you have to have consent of the government right and so instead of voting and changing law as they've done half the states you would rather have okay we gotta have a mob rule in the last one we got to take the system down no there's half the states have done this already to the legal judicial process and you want to tear down the judicial system because of the you have issues with it so go vote you know what we do believe this is a slow slow because a pothead in California might get the idea well i don't i don't think it's why should the state tell me that i can't smoke marijuana it makes me happy right libel everything visit have you the next step is obviously other things in oregon where i'm from originally we have used in asia right that's a choice that oregon mates the federal government tried to stop organ by doing it in an Ashcroft the organs they it was found out that organ has the right to make their own laws so you have done a consent of the governed and federal isn't worse and that's our main extension right so let me get to that in reverse order net so we believe that you should be able to vote with your your feet right so each person can can leave the state if they don't approve the law and we think of consent of the governed me says you're in that stated you're not voting to change the leaders right we have elections at 33 days so if you don't want if you want to change the marijuana laws in California go for it because you guys are voting on a marijuana legalization bill and you want to change a banning a capital punishment vote for jerry brown great easy a solution and in five years I every state will be caught up as you believe and tell me why you canceled it just causes to the chase problem okay we would say when something is an escalator we view it as an escalator now then we shouldn't wait for it to be a legal standard down the road from Chevy as we should immediately might try to stop the de stop this out by civil disobedience events but you can see it is that the Constitution the US Supreme Court has the sizes of it and is not found it to be in the constitutional these are it to rule of it sorry for yelling it is in America where we advised by our judicial system that goes back to the John Locke thing right so that the founding has it's a lot of states make law so you can see that we have a system where we all live at a lot that's why we live here that's why we vote that's why we participate and get involved in the elect leaders that will change these laws and the rest of the same but apparently you can tell you make the argument we know that you have we think we win this case because you are now creating anarchy which I want to talk about the justice system being undermined right so we'll admit that's not always perfect and you know that sucks it's part of human nature as they said they talked about our here right you know you're never going to have perfect justice and we should strive for that we should improve the system to create you know low racism we should improve the system so that we have better learn for everyone but we even dream your peers I mean what in a magnificent system that you have a jury of your peers instead of some you know court or the appointed by is you know your your leaders whatever so these average people are given instructions to institute the interpretation of the law and we don't think that as I mentioned earlier it's a silly example but a kid in California who believed that marijuana is should be your legal right which people do should be saying all right well you you got busted for weed okay man although just for that I don't think I should follow along because they did it on the death penalty them you know they don't think the death penalty is leaked online follows I'm not going to prop you use forget perfect drug dealer okay cool so yeah that's that makes it that you could extend that we think that's very peaceful because that's how presidents happens is law which you guys aren't okay with and that could happen with common people listening you know these people aren't lawyers so it's not like that you know they get the directions from the justices the people at church so what have we told you today well I've extended it and talk to you about how the federal system works about how you know if you want to change the system you absolutely can you can do it sooner or later the status quo is effective and we said energy will come about and your system will make this worse and we are kind of propel above thank you capstone foster care birmingham for money SUNY Adirondack Community College.

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