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Caanz capstone timetable 2019 for money

Caanz capstone timetable 2019 for money do my time management research paper topics saunier duval caldaie prezi presentation ´╗┐the reading of Muslims is peace which is in Arabic means salaam so I begin with that would that be let me ask how many guests are here okay just also my crowd is almost Muslims so I'll be addressing you because they know quite well where we stand on these issues but let me begin by saying Muslims living in the West whether Europe or the United States Canada they are really going through it we are really having it the hard way because we happen to be the front and we are held accountable for the actions of you listen I'm not here to be defensive but this is what our religion says if you look at the religion of Islam you will find out that it's tuned to protect 5 holistic we call them aims or objectives the brothers we call them a closet of Sharia first or the top of the line is the human life the sanctity of the human life and when we say the human life we do not distinguish between the life for Muslim or Alive of a non-muslim this is equal and yes it is true that there are some people who kill with robots in the name of Islam but again it is really an and unjust to hold every Muslim that you come across accountable for this the individual who shopped and I think the professor was revealing to Chapel Hill North Carolina the three students we did not you know say okay why Christian cable even though Fox News said that he's an atheist are guilty of this crime we still you know looked at it as an individual act and hopefully it will pass but this is the first agony if I may use the word that we are experiencing living in the united states in America not only us our children I believe this country for 20 years I have kids here both here you know what I talk to them about i'm originally from Egypt when I talk to them about talking but going back to Egypt they say this is who this is what we'll do but they happen to be Muslims so this is what we were confronted Lee is you know and I just want to give you an example that it is very unfair to even be played in the other side as well if you recall a year or two ago that priest in Florida who wanted to burn the quran anybody boys are you know in the Muslim world and the mainstream media this individual was presented to be this is the mainstream Christianity every Christian in the West now wants to burn your holy book burn before I'm so there are some evil forces out there that playing this game and somehow they are benefiting but who is paying the price Mohammed Ahmed that Trisha and John the layman out here some you know regular people who have nothing to do with this I just want to share with you something that is very personal we love dearly our messengers and I use the word s the word messenger with with an S because we happen as Muslims to believe in all of them I love Jesus as much as I love Muhammad and I love Moses as much as I love Muhammad and you know what I get world also if I see somebody insulting Jesus and salting movies because this is my religion we believe in all of the messengers we believe that Muhammad came to conclude the messenger ship or the message that all the messengers convey before him he came as a seal and for us we feel the same pain the same feelings if any of the messengers is being insulted and so forth now as a command from Allah and it just happens naturally and I mean by mahir the One God that we love what our messenger messenger messenger especially in Hammond because Muhammad peace be upon him is the one that we fool and everyone wants anyone wants to follow the final mandate of Islam is the following him we love him more than we love our children we love ourselves we just love him we just love this character and we do have a scooter by the way who made that statement then for the Muslim brothers informative no husband he said if there is one miracle about muhammad is his character he cannot imagine if you read his biography you you find your heart convicted to love him because he was forgiving he was merciful he was kind even to those who hurt him who harm him and he taught us this and that is why we condemn and we stand against that killing and Charlie Hebdo this is totally against the teachings of Islam completely listen I'm not Navy are not expecting her to be in the him actually the ruling and our religion if you insult the messenger is to be killed the ruling if you insult the messenger is to be killed this is actually existing in our books but who executes this that person has to be brought to a court of law in front of a judge and he's asked to justify what he did why did you do this and if the judge rules but you don't go and take a machine gun just shoot like this this is a jungle and Islam does not condone this what totally against this and this is what we reach and this is what we teach why because the messenger himself told us to be patient told us to simply any people those who harm you harm you religion harm your items with perseverance and patience and show them that I'll give you an example I was all the messenger at one time a group of non-muslims passed by and they simply invoke God that he would die in a trickery way remember when I greeted you at first I said peace which is in Arabic means salon now if you just say samurai boom Sam means death you see it's very light variation in the world but the first one you're saying peace be upon you but the second one you're saying death upon you may you die this is insulting now the wife of the Prophet actually came out insulting those people you are saying this you are wrong and she started actually insulting them he said to her her name is Aisha of the Lagonda come back don't do this be kind be soft and he said to her kindness and softness will always make your behavior something that is unique and this is how any person who pretend to be you know conveying a message from divine should have or should be so he's teaching his wife and his teaching us then don't try to respond in aggressive way just let go at one time he was given the authority to destroy those who hurt him and I'm talking about the trip to type to the Muslim brothers he was actually given the authority to kill everyone and he had the power then to kill everyone who actually harmed him or inflected harm a woman he said no this is not what I'm after I'm after people finding that spiritual experience which will better their lives in this world and will make them better people in dealing with children in dealing with neighbors and kneeling with wives and dealing with co-workers and it will give them also the actor also we do have other occasion when he was entering macking we know that if you read and I encourage you I carried you to just grab a book that talks about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him his biography you know he was expelled kicked out from Mecca kicked up and he came back victorious and he was marching back into this town with 10,000 to oh so the people of Mecca looked at him and they said to him what are you gonna do with us and then he asked them what do you think I'm gonna do to you he's they said all we know about you that you're forgiving you're a generous person they said I will say to you what the what Yusuf said to his brothers and he is revealing to Joseph profit Judith his brother sold him in slavery in Egypt and when they finally came to take provision from heaven he did not punish them for the dead treatment he received when he was a little boy at their hands he actually pardon them and let them go I will do the same thing so this is our messenger this is what we learn this is what we we understand from the religion of Islam and this is what we teach and any man my profession is an email this is what I teach to my congregation this is what I teach to my children and this is what is being taught in the mainstream Islam yes we had left that there are new individuals like any other faiths any other religion they do have this they have extremist people who take things out of context people who simply justify their actions using manipulated text distorted understanding miss interpretive taken out of context yeah in every little religion do this but where the main stream is the main stream is what I explained now it is my job and your job to take the initiative and learn about one another so this way we can simply bridge the gap we can spoil the schemes and the planning of these media outlets or try simply to create that animosity atmosphere of animosity and hate amongst us and this is the message that i came to convey to you today number one we simply stand against that murder that killing of these journalists even though they insulted a very deep character to us a very dear person to us we love him more than you love ourselves we love our children we love our wealth but yet two evils do not make it right too long do not make it right the way that we were instructed to respond to this is by explaining to the people who is the messenger who is he sharing the biography of the messenger with the rest of the world and this is what we are encouraged to do what this may be will allow question and answer if you don't mind the one thing I hope to say then out the truth thank you okay in that I want to share as a Muslim student and represent my follow Muslims student on the repose of the caricature of campus we see it as a content and a disrespect for the Muslim community in the University it is known around the world via past events that happened with her Charlie Hebdo or Denmark or other events are Muslim fighted offensive to do not allow any visualization whether it's pictures movies of Prophet Muhammad peace be about him we don't allow as a young came said we don't allow any visualization of any other prophets as well no matter what what the point that the people who use the caricature at the you campus wanted to make the picture could have been avoided when we first saw the picture we felt really insulted by we couldn't bear looking at it as a community Indian diverse in the university we must respect each other and respect the views and beliefs we have whether Muslims Christians Jews gay or Latins and so on we are a community and respect is a must no matter how view the others think of them they have their own beliefs and so do i I respect them and I do not contempt them there's a group on campus called interfaith advocates women we should work with them and learn from them and help them they seek to make the deal community our community free of insults for everyone where everyone can practice their religion and be themselves without judgment and this is how should be thank you write for me ryerson capstone design project New York University School of Law.

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