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Business and enterprise capstone project online

Business and enterprise capstone project online write for me capstone disassembler examples home reading report english story examples ´╗┐hey guys I'm back with another video in my health care healthy fitness series and I've been trying to get back on track it's been a little rough at the end of this summer because I took about like a month off and just traveled and the reason was because I just had the time and I want to get all my vacation and traveling before I start having kids next year so I was doing pretty good before then I was working out eating right but then of course on a road trip you know you eat bad so I'm back on track with working out one of my goals I always try to do just to just kind of meet my workout goals is making sure I meet my step cow so I might have mentioned a couple videos ago that I have a Fitbit a lot of us have these things the Fitbit has been so huge and motivating me to make sure I have the right mmm like minutes of activity each day and my main goal on my Fitbit is my step so I have a goal of 10,000 steps a day which is a little bit high I have to really work like I literally have to work at getting it I don't do a lot of walking throughout my day I I work from home my house is pretty small so I don't do a lot of natural walking so this really motivates me to do to get my step so there are days where I don't meet the steps but if I if I really try I keep using the Fitbit I make them so one of the things that I was trying to do was see how I could make my my step count without having to go to the gym so long go outside of my an outdoors person and what I used to do was I would literally just go like this like March around in my house in place and make my steps that way if I had left over if I still had more steps to me after my my workout and the annoying thing about that is it felt like that was kind of cheating because I was just like stepping in place to get my steps and even my husband would be like that's cheating but you know I was like trying to do where I could do so I wanted something that was portable where I could just do it while watching TV isn't that what we all want to do just work out while watching TV at night so I have two things that really changed my game and help me meet my 10,000 steps first off is my new set bit so this is the Fitbit charge this is um a couple months old I originally had the Fitbit flex which was great a great introduction into the Fitbit world I probably the Fitbit flex is a little limited the only thing that it displayed on here was like little dots which showed you how many I'm how many like it was like 1.4 2500 steps so they're really the only way you could check your progress such as calories burn miles walk steps taken sleep all that stuff you had to go on your phone and use the app which was fine but I had to always go on my phone and there was always like a delay where I'd have to see where my steps were died sometimes it would just be like a couple of minutes waiting for the screen to refresh and it got to the point where I was like you're really draining my Fitbit fat my fitbit battery as well as my phone battery it's kind of inconvenient because you'd be at the gym and you try to like check in it would take forever so and then the band Star Trek because using I was wearing out literally 24 hours a day so I decided to upgrade I might kind of cheap when it comes to technology purchases I don't know why because I will spend money on clothes and makeup but it took a while for me to upgrade and I bought the Fitbit charge after doing a lot of research they have a lot of great model to fit that some of them are really fancy which I didn't think I needed at this point but if every charge seemed to fit what I wanted I really wanted it to show with a quick display how many steps I took caliber and stuff like that so I love that a Fitbit I'll show you and take it off this is a black model on the side small I love that you just click this button on the side and it shows you the time then you click it again it shows you the number of steps you take in and it shows you them the miles you want as well as a number of calories burned and then both flights of stairs you've taken and then I has an alarm clock on here so I how it has all the features that Fitbit plus of the Fitbit flex plus a few more and I love that in the middle of a workout I can just kind of check it and see how many calories I've how many steps I've gotten towards my goal and it's been so helpful and it's just a simple click it doesn't lose battery that quickly it'll last like a whole week and it'll be good and I'll show you when you need to plug it in as opposed to it will show you on the screen time to charge your battery versus the Fitbit flex where you got an email about it and I actually wore it on my road trip and the beach in the pool like I don't was completely fine even though they say that you should not really wear in the water if you want to make sure it doesn't mess up but I was fine so I love this so much so the cool thing about this is I actually got this pretty good disc I got on a Groupon I got it a refurbished refurbished a version for $79.99 it's usually like 130 something like that so I'll put the link because it's still on Groupon and I'm really glad I got it like it's a really really great purchase so your this is how I get my steps tracked but how do I actually make my steps by that in the day so for example today it's about eight twenty eight I'm checking the time here I have 89-53 so eight thousand nine hundred fifty three steps I'm not even at ten thousand yet it's already almost you know nine o'clock and I already did an a full 45-minute kickboxing workout video as well as walked around and all that stuff if it was one of those days where I ran errands outside I probably would have made it myself I was inside all day so I'm going to show you what I discovered which is so awesome and you saw it on my Instagram I post on my Instagram I think some of you guys were asking about it so I'm finally gonna do a review because I've had it for a couple of months now and I've used it a lot so there's my solution to making my steps in the house and this is great for your house your apartment wherever you want to save space it's very very heavy so let me go ahead and adjust my camera so you can see it okay so this is what I bought I bought this on Amazon it came on Amazon Prime you know I buy everything on Amazon and it's called the sunny health fitness and I believe it's called like their portable stepper so this is a little machine where it doesn't require any plugs or anything like that it's simply like calibrated so what you do is the sets flat on the ground it's a little heavy but not heavy enough while you can't pick it up and I set it on my rug in front of my TV and then I take my little feet and I step on top of it and I go back and forth it's like a step machine and it comes with handles you want to use the handles and it also has a display where it shows the amount of time you've been at the calories burned this number steps and all that stuff so this hunt thing has been a godsend usually around 910 p.m. after I've had dinner and the food is settled I'll get on this thing for like it depends and then they'll be short as ten minutes sometimes it'll be 40 a minute as long as it takes to get to my 10,000 steps for the day it's very small I just kind of stick it behind my coffee table when I'm done and you can't see it so it's not in the way you could stick it under a bed or in a closet it's pretty small and it was very affordable I only spent 47 ninety-nine on it so I'm like having a treadmill on the house or an elliptical which I've had an elliptical before and I never used it because it was so like it was unsteady on my carpet and it just ended up collecting dust and being like a clothes hanger and I got rid of it because it was just just taking too much room this is very convenient and small and I didn't spend a lot of money on it so I find that when you do these it does burn your legs more than you might think you might think it's easy breezy no it's literally like a separate machine where you're like up and down you feel the bird especially in your thighs I even had my my nieces and nephew who are all under the age of 12 do it and they're like huh this is tiring so I find that I don't use it with this drops because these little resistance bands are pretty tough so I don't even use the strap I just swing my arms when I'm doing it and you can adjust the resistance on this so I'm gonna show you how to do it I have to go ahead and get this situated okay so one of the really convenient things about using it is I don't have to wear sneakers in the house I'd you literally these are my house slippers he's a little like you sandals and it's just up and down and I hate wearing sneakers inside I just workout barefoot so it's really up to me and so as you can see you just step up and down and you can see that it's play I don't know if you could see that but it's starting to work and count the steps so sometimes I'll just do longer steps like that sometimes I'll like try to go really really fast and just swing my arms while doing it so this is how you do it and I would say it takes about ten minutes to get about a thousand steps so that's it but that is how I make my steps this is not just something I picked up last week I've been using it for a couple months to see if I really liked it and if I would just kind of like get over it but I feels like a really good solution to getting your steps in at home not a lot of spaces required not what money is required and then along with my Fitbit it's been really great I paid for both of these things this is not sponsored but I will put the links on this to Groupon and Amazon so if you do buy it I think like when you refer something on Groupon maybe I get something back I don't really know but I want you guys to get the best deal possible working out is like something that we should all you know really incorporate into our lives and it doesn't have to be expensive or or super out of our way difficult so I hope it's helped some of you guys if you have questions about these products let me know I'll also have a blog post all about it on makeup I read on calm and that's it so I hope you guys enjoyed this installment my fitness series if you have any recommendations for anything else in the fitness series let me know I'm thinking about doing more videos I just need some ideas so just leave them in the comments below and I hope you guys subscribe as I'm really trying to get back into videos and until next time I hope you guys have a great night Cabela's capstone project for msn for money Helene Fuld College of Nursing.

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