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Best research topics in tourism for money

Best research topics in tourism for money 6 led puck lights wireless with remote control and batteries by capstone for money the sun also rises symbolism essay on young [Music] hey I'd like to thank you all for being here today you could be anywhere in the world but you're here with me I appreciate that I got a question for all of you what does it take to be successful it's a loaded question because there's obviously a lot of factors involved in this I'm here today to talk about a few subtle factors that can really make the difference and they're key to being excellent and they're key to being successful so I'm going to start off with some quotes because so there's been some wise people who've talked about this long before I ever could of enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success when you do a thing do it with all your might put your whole soul into it stamp it with your own personality be active be energetic be enthusiastic and faithful and you will accomplish your object nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm this is a quote that I like to live my life by and if you're going to walk away with anything from today's talk this is it this is it right here what does it mean simply put if you want to be excellent in a field if you want to rise to the top you have to be enthusiastic about it a lot of people make a lot of decisions in our lives a lot of people make decisions for us when it coming to the question of what are you going to study what are you going to do is your career people make the choice to take this safe option or they go for the lucrative option as opposed to pursuing their passions they do this because they think oh it's much more easier it's much easier to be successful in a lucrative field is it really is that actually true consider two people one person you know is doing a job because hey their parents said this was a good idea said hey you go become a chartered accountant that's what you should do there's lots of money in that so they go they do it they get there they go to work 9:00 to 5:00 five o'clock out the door want to forget everything they just did work is separate from everything else they don't care about it is just a job then there's Johnny enthusiasm Johnny enthusiasm loves accounting oh yeah he loves pulling out his notebook and adding up numbers or whatever accountants do five o'clock comes Johnny accounting johnny enthusiasm goes home and he's reading up on a County he's learning different methods he's studying for exams he's putting extra time into it he some days he'll work late no one's asking him to work late but he does it because he's enthusiastic about it he's passionate about it he spends his weekends on this I want to ask you a question who's going to be more successful the answer is obvious Johnny enthusiasm it's always you have a much better chance of being successful at anything if you're enthusiastic about it if you care about it so some people say well you know what still the guy who doesn't really care he's an accountant it's a big field he'll be better off really really consider this you were almost always going to be better off being in the 1% of a field that may not be considered lucrative as opposed to being average in the lucrative field and if you're not enthusiastic about something you are destined to be average or you're destined to be batted while if you are enthusiastic you have a shot to be the best because you cannot be the best without enthusiasm it's a very important lesson that is often forgotten so as we think about this when you're making your decisions don't let be a hostage to what people are expecting of you make decisions follow your passions follow your heart it's essential to keep this in mind if you don't do this you are destined to a life of misery that sounds awful do you actually want that the other thing is even if you're gonna go and be average in that field you owe it to yourself to follow your enthusiasm you owe it yourself follow your passion life is too short to spend 40 hours a week doing something you're not enthusiastic about please remember that the next thing I want to talk about there are two ways to compete in this world you can drag your opponent down or you can rise above them which is better for society in the long run we're talking about competition here competition has become a dirty word for a lot of people because they see competition only from one mind frame they see the wood version where everyone's trying to drag someone down competition means I win you lose I kick dirt on you well that's not the only way you can compete unfortunately because of this negative view of competition it's being discouraged at a young age young people are being put into schools whereas competition isn't a good thing we don't keep score in sports everyone's a winner unfortunately that's not true there are winners there are losers competition is something that's very important and cannot be marginalized there's been numerous studies on this but it's been discovered that high school students who engage in competitive realms typically high school sports you know some cool kids do high school robotics but we all can't be that awesome the ones who do these sports end up being more successful in university and going forward why is that well there's a lot of factors that come into play they learn about teamwork they learn some people skills but they learn one very valuable skill that is not taught in most places they learn how to compete competition is actually a skill because when you learn how to compete you are learning about expending maximal effort rising above your opponent and doing whatever it takes determination in iteration never giving up why is competition important to your lives consider this you're all competing all the time remember when you were in high school you wanted to get into the best schools there's a limited amount of spots you were competing going for a job there was an article that came up on Twitter today from NPR 50% over 50% of American University graduates are working in fields such as waiting tables janitorial or other unskilled jobs only half were getting jobs that they wanted in their fields how do you get those jobs you are competing for them and those kids who've learned how to compete in the right way by rising above their competition and not go stooping down to those levels they're the ones that are excelling there are the ones that are getting those jobs so let's talk about this competing the right way competing the wrong way there's two types of people in this world there's some people who are inspired by excellence and there are other people who are simply put off by it take a look at an example every one of you you know you've been to school you remember what it was like there was that one girl with the highest marks you don't understand how she got those marks but she always had you know the highest average in whatever how do your friends treat her how did you treat her so maybe there was some people were like wow I want to be like that but most people were probably like man I don't have any friends does she ever go out is she ever going to find a boyfriend this is the way that we treat excellence that is the absolute wrong way think of mr. charming mr. popular ah you've probably dumb look at this the people who are going to be successful are the ones who want to compete and say hey look at Johnny popular look at Maria brain look at them I want to be like her I want to be like him I want to find out how they do it I want to work with them to be like that it's almost even better than that is I want to excel past them I don't necessarily want to just copy the best I want to be better than the best in the words of Ric Flair to be the man you have to beat the man I never thought I would be doing the speech on positive competition and bringing in the world of wrestling but hey when you can bring in Ric Flair's you just got it whoa seriously though there's a right way to compete and there's a wrong way to compete and competing the right way you can rise above always try and be better don't drag someone down and this doesn't just apply to individuals oh this applies to companies this applies to corporations I think the smartphone industry could learn a thing or two instead of suing each other over stupid and pointless things they could be working together to spread the market to grow the market jaane believe the quote he's the founder of Boston Scientific a huge pharmaceutical company and he gave this speech at a corporate retreat where he was talking to people about ethical and cooperative competition within the world of business and how it makes our society better the final thing I want to talk about gentlemen we are going to relentlessly chase perfection knowing full well we will not catch it because nothing is perfect but we are going to relentlessly chase it because in the process we will catch excellence I am NOT remotely interested in just being good perfectionism is a dangerous concept a lot of people fall victim to perfectionism why perfection does not exist chasing perfection in some ways can be like chasing a unicorn you are not going to find it however if you go on a journey across the world to try and find a unicorn you're going to find a lot of other freakin awesome things but not a unicorn if you chase perfection you will catch excellence along the way you always need to aim high you always need to think big big goals and big dreams too often people see limits that are defined for them and they don't go after things but unless you are trying to be the best you will have no shot at being excellent so how do you get to that point how do you get to that point where you're on your journey to perfection as we find excellence well you will be motivated by the enthusiasm you have for you passion you will compete ethically rising above the best in your field always striving to top them and you will contstantly chase perfection knowing well that if you do it you will catch excellence along the way the final quote from the greatest of all time limits like fears are often just an illusion every day of your life people are telling you what you cannot do they're constructing false limits around you you become afraid of those but those limits are nothing but an illusion you cannot fall victim to them you should not listen to the person who says you should do this because this is what everyone else like you does be your own person follow your passion compete ethically and chase perfection knowing you'll catch excellence I want to thank all of you for listening today and remember one thing excellence can happen it's within you thank you [Applause] capstone logistics savannah ga address order School of Social Work.

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