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Aerospace capstone projects

Aerospace capstone projects geological engineering capstone for money jones reporting services boston ´╗┐hi guys my name is Anna and welcome to the October episode of innoGames TV well I'm really excited about Halloween because of costumes I'm also really happy about something else this episode so let's jump to the overview we start the show off with elvenar unveiling the next upcoming guest race next we move over to tian chi who show you their spooky halloween questline event after that toma from the tribal wars team has a special treat for you a new building last but not least grepolis resurrects an old friend the group olympiev and wait guys before we head over to team one Enrica in their magical what else i want to remind you to read the description below to see all of last month's contest winners now let's head over to the elvenar team to see the next guest race hello Alvin our players this is team on and Rico from the elvenar team this time we can announce a new guest raised in the wood elves without any further ado team on spill the beans as you might have experienced by now the orcs and goblins have a rather quirky way of life the rude nature and respectless treatment of the forest has sparked the interest of an old race of elven aah the wood elves they were actually monitoring your every step since you build your first portal for the dwarves and I guess they don't like what they are seeing now with Yorke's and goblins well that's an understatement but wait does that mean that this race wasn't extinct like the others so I don't need to build a portal this time yes indeed when the wood has arrived at your orcish town it is not suitable for them to build a settlement so they teach you how to use mana a powerful force to gain knowledge about how to build your buildings in accordance with nature again mana how does it work mana is produced by new culture buildings and used to unlock new technologies in the tech tree up cut your main hall and build a new street for your city sounds great so far where is the catch mana is also a challenging resource mainly because of two things first while not all culture buildings will produce mana in the future those who do will require a Street connection whoops that will make arrange in my city a bit more complex even though there is usually plenty of space at the beginning of the new chapter and secondly mana can only be stored for a certain time a bit of mana decays every day flowing back to nature where it came from so I shouldn't store it for too long and just use it as soon as possible what is used can decay and the decay is moderate but sometimes it takes several days to produce enough mana eg for the next technology but I'm confident if you made it that far this will be no problem for you once you've prepared your city the wood elves will arrive and you can eventually build a settlement for them so don't use up all your space for the mana culture buildings just say oh thank you wise old man this time there won't be a building called portal but with the forest blade there is a building that has the same functionalities like production boosts and storages for settlement goods ah so my ancient wonder that booths portals will also boost this one indeed to prepare for the word elf settlement you process Mallon two monitors and devil the ground with it then you can grow many different tree like buildings where wood elves tree ends and wood coasts work hand in hand to produce many different magical resources lots of new stuff reminds me a bit of the fairies in the farming true but with an important difference mana as every resource that is produced outside of the settlement will stay in the game even after the chapter so from chapter 9 on there will always be at Lee some culture buildings that produce mana and require Street while other culture buildings will work like before I hope you will come mana as a challenge let us know in the forums also check out the updates about the new battle system and keep on playing there's no denying that Halloween is a great time to dress up and have fun and it looks like the team from forge of Empires agree now let's head over to our little creatures Tian Tai to see what the next Halloween questline is all about ok Kai cool you got my email about dressing up as our internal team mascots wait what you know this is like our usual unicorn uniform that we wear everyday you should know that by now - alright that outfit does look familiar anyway here forge of Empires are actually split up into four internal teams the Imperial pandas which is my team Team Unicorn which is Kai's team 4:04 and the infernal squirrels together we bring you cool events and features for forge of Empires that's right and this month's event is celebrating Halloween in this year's Halloween questline event jack-o'-lantern is back with some tricks up his sleeve he has riddles as well as scary stories to tell you if you like scary stories these will surely bring chills down your spine if you don't just cover your eyes you don't have to read the stories in order to complete the quests once you complete the quest line you will get new amazing rewards including a new scary Abbot our jack-o'-lantern chapel decoration and the haunted Tower culture building additionally you'll be able to get a graveyard or upgrade the one you already have Oh spectacular but we hope you have fun playing this year's Halloween questline event if you have any problems with the riddles be sure to check the forum for help and if you have any feedback please let us know happy Halloween and see you next time bye sorry have to take a little coffin break ok no time for lame jokes let's head over to Tomas from the Travel Wars team which shows us their new building hi I'm Tomas the truck matter of travelers today I would like to talk about a new feature that we want to implement in the game it's something that we don't do that often in tribal wars we've been hinting at it in the last week's and some of you already guess what I'm gonna reveal we are going to introduce a new building the watchtower is a brand new building it is not replacing any other existing building it's located near the barracks on the village overview it has the same requirement as a church which means Head Quarter and farm level five the watchtower has a range where it can detect attacks the range increases with the level and the watchtower can go up to level 20 the watchtower gives you information about the attacks entering the range it gives you an idea about the side of the attack small medium or large and also lets you know if an old man is part of the attack you only get this information when the attack enters the range you will also see if an attack is going to enter the range of one of your Watchtower all this information can be seen on the watchtower screen on browser you can also see the range of the Watchtower directly on the map if you activate the option to get information about an attack it doesn't have to be directed at the village with the watchtower so you will have to place a building strategically to try to cover the most distance and the most villages it is a building so it also means it can be destroyed while the watchtower gives useful information it only does so when an attack enters a range so spotting the attack early and targeting manually would still give you an advantage the building is relatively costly as well so you will have to consider where you want to place it the watchtower will be available on yours only so you can check the announcement to see when it will be available on your version we hope you will like this new addition to the game you can join our forum to let us know what you think about it if you ask your questions or just to discuss the strategical impact that the future will have have fun in the game thanks to map by the way do you think I can borrow the paladin space for my next costume anyway let's head over to Niels which tells us more about rep Olympia hey guys this is Neil's game design of grepolis and today I'm gonna talk to you about the grip Olympia wind which we had back in the days so let's see what it's about so grip Olympia's back again with fresh look and a new tutorial you will train your sportsmen into four disciplines and our laurels to get reward for yourself this is the first of four disciplines the hoplite race in which your athlete can take part in order to get a better result we will now go to the training ground here you see your sportsmen the skills are responsible for the result in the discipline currently he is a newbie as you can see what we're going to do now is assign units to train with your athlete depending on which units you choose for training you will get more or less training points like using a hoplite for the hoplite rice might be a good idea every time your athlete has earned a thousand training points your athlete levels up in the discipline then you can distribute that point on a skill of that discipline the better the skills the better are your results and the more laurels you earn when participating in a competition try to find out which distribution will provide the best results for example the first skill points invested into speed are providing the best bonus for the hoplite race now let's go for the competition on the right you see how much Roberts you have burned already now let's see whatever skilled athlete can achieve here we go great we got a good amount of laurels which we can spend and this time we scored better beating our previous best score our current ranking in the discipline determines if we can get an award for the discipline you can take part several times day and use the time in between for training our result is important for a line score on the left side as well because it is determined by the average of the top 10 players of the Alliance increasing your line score by sharing knowledge on skilling and participating frequently will help you to win the Alliance we walk down here you can check the results on the ranking page too see who are the best players in the grip Olympia but most important use your laurels to get the rewards you earned with the athlete once again the shop can be accessed the next two days after the event ok that's it for today guys I hope you like the changes of the event and see you in-game so that was set for the October episode of innoGames TV if you liked this episode make sure to subscribe to youtube channel and like us on Facebook and Twitter and if you have any comments or questions leave them in the comment section below I'll see you next month and don't forget to have a boob tipple Halloween bye capstone roofing supply Tisch School of Arts.

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