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Accounting research topics on taxation for money

Accounting research topics on taxation for money capstone custom writing services for money 50 best harvard essays pdf ´╗┐hi everyone welcome back to Kaitlyn's corner today I'm here for sit-down trying to get ready with me / how I stay motivated talk in my last planner video I showed you guys to spread that listed some things I do to stay motivated and one of them is to get ready even though I work from home doing YouTube I make sure that I get ready and put on a proper outfit I'm not in pajamas all day and I also do tend to do my makeup everyday usually I don't go through a scale of the process I'm going to go through on this video but because we've got a few tips to go through I figured let's bring up the liquid foundation you know I'm using the Make Up For Ever HD foundation I mean this is a pretty popular foundation I am in the shade of why 335 white shirt and foundation don't seem like a great mix but okay I'm scared as I was saying like I find it really important to know take time in your morning to show up for me on days where I stay in pajamas all day and maybe like don't put on the makeup like even though those days are every now and then are amazing but if I do that on especially on weekdays when I'm supposed to be getting things done I just feel like I'm more likely to stay indoors and not go see people then I get a little bit down or a little bit blue it just has a rippling effect I hope that is applied evenly don't think any foundation has ended up on my shirt so that's a success going in now with the instant age rewind from Maybelline I've been using this for a while now on and I got the color medium [Music] I'm gonna finish my base off with some what's it called translucent powder from Laura Mercier I can't even tell you the last time I clean this brush I have no doubt that there is a ton of oils on this brush that are probably contributing to the fact that I feel like I'm breaking out a little bit more than usual this translucent powder has seriously changed my life I know that sounds a little dramatic but I think it's true moving on to the eyes now going in with Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer but the second tips that I have for staying motivated is to regularly check in with your goals whether they're weekly goals monthly goals yearly goals this is especially something that I think in the last month I've been not drink so well I've been a little bit too go-go-go and I haven't recently taken a moment to hit the pause button and just reflect think about you know what my intention is what my purpose is like what I want and I know I'm not the only one it's really easy to do I have to blend those before I carry this thought on and it's really hard to remember to do that because day to day life moves by like this so easy for days to accumulate into longer periods of time and then you will look back on what you've done and not be happy with yourself because you're not anywhere closer to where you want to go and that can be something that really is unmotivated to something I've done in the past to get me out of slumps and something I think I am due for is visualizations action discussions sitting down and thinking about where you want to be and picturing that in your mind as cliche as it sounds and then also figuring out an action plan for how to get those things done breaking down big goals into very small steps that you actually can do that aren't as intimidating as like oh I want to lose 20 pounds now if you just put that goal out there I feel like that's very hard to do but if you say okay I want to start working out for and start slowly maybe I want to start working out for 20 minutes a day every day that's a lot less intimidating then I want to lose like 5 10 15 20 pounds whatever it is like starts break it down to small steps that you can build on so that you can get to that goal in a realistic way there's nothing more motivating than feeling like you are on track in that you are you're getting somewhere for my eye shadow I'm going with this Marc Jacobs palette and scandalous I love this palette so much but look what I've done to it that is 100% cracked I shadow I dropped it one time and my heart almost broke I'm gonna go in with the shade out the office for all over my lid and then on that note of you know goal setting and that little talk about exercise I think another way to stay motivated is to take care of your body and that partly means exercise but I think it should largely mean taking care of your body in terms of what you put into your body the food that you're putting in let's be real I'm 21 I am NOT a health expert I do not eat healthy every day I am a university student living in Toronto where fast food is all over the place there's amazing restaurants everywhere and I'll be the first to admit that I probably eat a little bit more than I should that being said at home and when I go grocery shopping and I do try and make smart decisions and not buy like not allow myself to have junkier Foods in my apartment because if they're here I'll eat them thankfully with summer I think it's a little bit easier to eat healthier look if you if you are snacker you know all fruits are in season so having fresh fruit as a snack is a great way to I'll cut those cravings for potato chips and cookies and all that really delicious stuff can I decide that doing your makeup and talking at the same time it's actually very difficult yeah fueling your body with fruits and veggies integrating those into your diet getting enough sleep oh my goodness this is a huge one for my fellow students out there who are maybe in school right now I'm on summer break but I know during the school year I would sometimes get five hours of sleep which I'm sure there's people that get less but I was not good for me and I really had to make sure that that wasn't something that would continue long term so if you're struggling with sleep I would say first of all try getting yourself onto a sleep schedule go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every night even on weekends I try and always wake up at 7:30 whether it's a Saturday or Tuesday and definitely not always successful but the more you can make that a routine the better your body will be able to learn when it's supposed to start shutting down and when it's supposed to be waking up and you'll have enough energy for the day I had find that throughout the past couple years I'm usually doing good with one of those things either eating good working out or sleep and I rarely have all three of them as the best that they can be so that's what I'm working towards trying to have harmony with those three areas of health physical health for highlight I am going in with my tart blush bizarre palate has a lot of blushes and two highlights I believe and I love using the highlight worthy my next motivational tip is to reflect on your successes it's kind of going back to that idea of time going by quickly again it's so easy for you like to go by and for you not to really appreciate how far you've come because you're so focused on where you want to go I totally forgot to bronze so we're just gonna do that too we can get a lot of inspiration from looking at our own journeys you know whether it's a success that's small or big I think we can all agree that when you feel like you've succeeded at something you feel better about yourself you feel just like all around positive and channeling that energy and your thoughts towards that's your past successes can really help you be inspired to go after more of that in your life a large part of me hopes I'm never content with the person that I am and not in like a sad way but like inna I just want to constantly be improving and wanting to get better in all areas of my life not just success in a financial sense but success in in my mood and my relationships and you know everything we're gonna attack the brows right now with honest Todd is honest Accio Beverly Hills brow is I have the shade dark medium medium brown I don't think I can talk while doing this going in with some Maybelline great lash in blackest black for mascara there's not one of my last tips for staying motivated and there's probably a lot more things I can think about one of which I just thought about which is consuming inspirational content and content that makes you feel like you want more from your life also surrounding yourself with people who have vision themselves who can be cheerleaders for you and can even keep you accountable for for going after things that you really want going after your dreams your goals there's absolutely nothing more unmotivated than being in the presence of someone who has no motivation to do anything or to go anywhere with their life that's fine if that's what they want for their life but that energy is contagious and it's important to understand that let me put this on but my real last tip to stay motivated is to work and when I say work I mean work on whatever area of your life that you're feeling unmotivated about and although I think reflecting and visualization is a huge part of the reason I am a motivated person I also think that if I didn't actually just sometimes do the things I need to get done and push through slumps and have the ability to push through those mental roadblocks that can sometimes make me feel lazy and on energy is that I wouldn't get anything done and that would cause me to go further into an unmotivated state adding a little fancy gloss on my lips that's it for the makeup I'm just going to add some wavemaker sugar infuse soft Sheen waves never ever drying style Toslink spray oh it's texturizing beach spray didn't need to say all that but this is from cake I've just been trying this out to the past couple of weeks during the summer sometimes I just like putting product in my hair rather than adding heat and I already curled my hair yesterday so technically I think I'm supposed to use this in wet hair we're ignoring the instructions there's the finished makeup look and here's a look at my outfit this top friend Diani meet day dynamite which I get so many tops from dynamite but I really like this one and some jeans from gas nothing too crazy so this is a perfect exhibit of something that I am unmotivated to clean but I must push through and clean it so that future Caitlyn doesn't have to deal with it put you there so I hope you guys enjoy today's try to get ready with me motivated talk edition if you did be sure to give this video a big thumbs up let me know in the comments below if you have any tips to share about how you yourself stay motivated and I will see you all very soon with a new video until then bye guys [Music] capstone courses are Clarkson University.

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