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Access 2019 capstone project ac 3

Access 2019 capstone project ac 3 capstone checklist navy openrpt report writer by xtuple pricing ´╗┐hey it was Papa man issue manager movie we back at it with another episode a straight topics and I got one of my homies here started out back in college right now he's out in Los Angeles on vacation so when you come to the west coast make sure you check in no video straight topics I'm playing with y'all now but uh I'm introduce my man brand-new yo all the way from Baltimore right live it down wreck effect we first met back in college ever since then we've been cool I mean I've I've been able to watch him grow his brand freethinkers let's get into how we first actually met bro so Fitchburg State man passwords how'd you even get an idea of that school in the first place um my brother who was actually my coach at the time got an email he was like yo what you think about Fitchburg State and first up I said Pittsburgh so I looked it up my oh shit dope all right Pittsburgh the steals and then he was like not Fitchburg I looked it up when I was like in Jersey so I ran with it two weeks later I went up there for a visit two weeks after that that was a rolling classes all right so then your overall experience of Fitchburg State man what do you think pretty best things ever having to why is that I had to grow up a lot i back home I'm the man nobody know but this man had socks for a special customized song for every different outfit he was known on campus for his socks sod game was always want to always wanted over 200 pair of socks and I think your feet are the foundation of everything so the model is good the rest go because I treat your feet you know especially I judge the person a lot based on how they treat their shoes you know exactly I worked at finish line I play 8 9 years of my life so making sure you kids was clean was a must at all times correct what made you get into starting your own brain um I used to wear graphic t-shirts all the time and people always like you know I like to share this dope where'd you get it no tell them we're gonna hear but wait wait we're not sure fax fax as you guys can see here free thing is I'm representing of course you know support those that support you support your local hustler and then didn't you sell the shirt as soon as you hopped off the plane I'm going to Fatburger uh-huh chick was like y'all like your shirt we've got the foot back so besides you got full but there are easy for friend whatever I might have an extra large to the man Jay took that business is good what's a few things you wish you knew now bad you wish you could tell your younger son today you spend it on free thinkers you ain't broke after yeah um trade market definitely as soon as you get an idea I'll see it LLL see I'm just a dime four years deep and just again listen man I'm still across this note okay we get man you know we get in it you wonder why I was like how about I make some money first get the bread to be able to do that just having the money right spend the money upfront it makes the process that much easy listen to other people to an extent but also do your own thing like I went into this completely blind doing my own thing didn't ask anyone for advice nothing I was ignorant to it I was like don't do it if it takes off it's my success if it feels it's my field I don't want a place for anyone else and blame anyone else yeah but one thing I've learned you learned the most by doing it correct yourself learn from the things that you shouldn't have done learn from the thing that actually worked and you adjust then move on accordingly let the people know what type of merchandise you got heads tank tops hoodies sweatpants socks joggers I need to make bracelets - it's always whimpers what's been the best marketing you actually learned is it actually wearing it yourself there's people wearing it myself yeah like I'll wear it everywhere I go every time I travel every day of the week I try to find something even if I go out and like damn if somebody see me in some other shirt and they wonder who's not my own piss yeah right you know what somebody the other day was I am Jim why are you always rocking that hat oh my one is my hat like why would I rock anybody else's stuff when I got my own stuff but then - it's free marketing exactly instead of having to pay someone else and they nobody will promote you like you promote yourself in fact there you go now influence of marketing is actually big has been able to incorporate that yeah I use Instagram I use Facebook I use Twitter not as much so using more of my personal than the freethinkers one but here's a gram of Facebook are huge for me good then when people buy stuff I make sure they send me a picture so I can promote them as well because you like seeing yourself of course of course look and what I've come to actually learn when you post someone else maybe their friend or sign is like oh I saw that thing I ended up behind a merchandise - so they actually worth both wait what's the next level you can see for free things Oh getting in stores is my next goal that's part of reason about here and I like to try not just walk into a store like yo what's up like right yeah this is my product this is my vision this is my dream nice what's up I want to get into big corporate stores like skate shops and like urban small stuff I'm right there for a fee get like the mom-and-pop yeah you want to start there and just see where it can go from there definitely want to get it over here in the West Coast cuz I got on the East Coast when did you first create the uh being a brand back in fishburne I was in my dorm room yeah in the penthouse penthouse burn what y'all know about that mar 6 2014 3 ons are gonna need a name and then I was listening to him and the more about nothing and he was like thank God for the freethinkers and right when he said oh yeah that's it can I wrote it down as I always say what write some shit down I forget yeah never write it down I forget with that when I wrote it down I knew I was like this is it the fact that I stopped what I was doing to write it down what is a free thinker inspiring people to be more no pun intended do more thinking outside the box not falling into the status quo that society says you gotta be and as we grow up I feel like they should have educated us more maybe at Fitchburg or maybe at the high school level Oates actually starting your own brain because really yep your brand is what's gonna take you to the next level career you know what I mean but in school they teach us stuff that we don't even use that once again if we had the stuff on how to make your own own brand purchase in an LLC we can start early so we can be more successful later on to that school and that's one of the big things I hate about school like high school college at all they teach you stuff you I'm never using the real world instead of like I don't even know man know what mortgages is I don't know how does it work right right I don't even know how to follow my text text wrong for a job alright actually work but I took all these what can we expect from free thinkers and let the people know where of course if they want to cop some merchandise because I just copped me a hat am I gonna go with ten actually but I just caught me a hat as well as a shirt where can they go to purchase some freethinkers clothing calm and Instagram is that underscore free thinkers natural free thinkers yeah I got some cool stuff coming out right after this broccoli fest event my in DC April 28th Matt you looked into trade yeah I go to that sneaker kind a lot nice so I do a lot of sneaker show that's where marketing market is because people have been donating is it this is dope experience this long day a long run but the subdued stares like seeing people that don't know me from anything just walking up saying mushes that's really like my doing like that name again trade shows that yes trey songz are huge good you also learn from other people like you might be next to a person and y'all just talking yeah and they might tell you some stuff that you had no idea about or you can do the same thing name so then something they had no idea about or you can see the way other people do things is there a tip for that you can give to anybody that is struggling with forget about reaching more sales when you get a customer make sure you take them a hundred thousand times I think people multiple times even now telling like y'all know it seems watered down but you don't understand how great of a feeling is when my whole buzz disorder facts there's a lady in New Mexico hundred in the Hashi family right you guys everything from laughing like sometimes should buy three shirts I was putting a free one just because I'm like you really supporting them over and over there and isn't it interesting too because I've you've been selling merchandise line than me but you find more more support out of your home community before you actually get that support from them I got friends never bought a thing from him right four years and I don't need you to like Oh everybody should purchase just like you know you say you my friend all right so before the business is random person Wyoming you know I like it I'm gonna buy they'll ask for discount and that's for anything it is that when you go sick - right right and I'm just you know support your local pus - like a life brain it says because starting something and be able to keeping it afloat is it's harder than you think when what type of partnership would you be like okay this actually makes sense to bring this someone else on there have to be someone who sees the vision as much as I do and isn't looking for money it was trying like eventually that's the go-to you take money but of course it's like I just want to invest in this or jump on board because I believe in you I believe in the brand I'll give you $10,000 what in two years I need $15,000 but I found the right amount I want to say no to that last thing for anyone that wants to support three things support your local hustler mm-hmm WWF rethink is clothing calm all right underscore free thinkers on Instagram just bought some yeah I might send you something free I might put a fight on the bill now just cuz that's what I can do because it's my shit and I can do that that's what happens with ownership all right but now we gonna get into one of my favorite parts of the show is where we talk less about business more about you mr. Brannon Selby here okay so I got 160 questions Daniel I don't know why I say this every time but I do pick any number from zero to 160 and whatever that question is I will ask it to you man we'll start off with number three number three and that was gonna college number uh-oh shout outs a bitch Birdman yes alumni yeah I'm in that joint oh okay who is the most fascinating person you met other day I won't go and I looked in the mirror hey SEC not the most fascinating first time in probably a chance to forever no I mean yeah how did that um as he pops up how did that experience I thought it was dope he had a show in Baltimore and yeah like a meet and greet thing and I got to meet him there and it was just like just this whole or he's just don't do everything he stands for as though his shows don't like it's the whole thing so chance if you're watching this I'm not send you some more stuff 56 what is it what's the most relaxing situation you could imagine so describe the place what's around what's there i mucho mango what is that never you know no 99-cent mucho mango mmm okay probably watch it first 48 first forty why first 48 I was liking like you know fresh frantz.martin you know what's your town show some black shit but nom okay now first word is black itself is 1414 how many siblings do you have four brothers [Music] shots by but now I'm the youngest of three as well are you the only one youngest out here doing things laid ease calm down now are you single or married gonna axon I wasn't supposed to ask we go we gonna put that pressure on 69 what are you most grateful for what am I most grateful for it um obviously my friends and my family like they keep me humble to keep me grounded they rail down couple corners with me and yeah like all this free thinkers all this material shit school but 94-94 what places have you visited that exceeded your expectations Puerto Rico shut up my man Bodie Bodie Bodie man I don't do I had a whole alter ego I was Johnny Tapia out there I got no water I heard it was beautiful I don't even drink beer yeah I was a basketball game yeah I was Porto Rico so I'm actually going back in July oh right right right okay that's dope yeah how long were you up there for actually went twice I went for like a week like four or five months I didn't like Rebecca knows like I gotta go back man is it is it as dokgo of experience as on Los Angeles better now Los Angeles is only for like a summers right oh my god stay there one day I'm miss about the east coast is cold that's one thing that we don't have out here you know even as small as like a block that makes the biggest difference you know just seeing normal shit instead of a lights in Hollywood I got a few state statements here all I need you to do is finish the sentence or first thing that comes to your mind okay they're ready for yes ask Ortiz ass if you could remake any movie and star in it and what would it be The Breakfast Club movie yeah okay and what character would you be I prayed me to do bender the bullet nigga I only thought I would actually no scratch that gladiator if you have a superpower what would it be flying party time travel time travel yeah what place the time would you I probably go back to the early 90s because I'm pajama parties and just the way they party you look dope facts and I would bring a Millie right back to so he would introduce it into Dungeness and finish the sentence I always wake up and check my phone as bad as that is that's your s valium Kanye said to wait an hour before you check anything on your phone it was truly one god I'm gonna start to pray I'm gonna try to hold one of these each other if I can see anyone dead or alive out of so I would see if I wasn't a boss I'd be a my name is Brandon so P and i'm a-free thicker I wanna shout my man Brandon for hopping on the show straight topics you know who it is man Jimmy bean man Twitter Instagram happy you're on dad go check the blog be around a dot blog trust me support black-owned companies go support my man free thinkers man also while you doing that go copy someone building my Empire had a beer on that down college put that on is drafted let the people know one more time with aq fine January check me out WWE free thinkers clothing calm and while you guys build your own brand - yeah hey what's up people I want to thank you for watching that video if you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel go ahead and turn on the notification thing so you know whenever I post a new video and make sure to stay up to date on the blog be your own dad Thank You Missy soon research articles on multiple intelligences Queensborough Community College, Bayside, Queens.

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