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X86 h capstone

X86 h capstone write for me capstone recovery arkansas need personal statement on sexism please ´╗┐hey there beautiful don't worry about anything else let's just be present in this moment and get ready to relate on a spiritual level whatever wanted to girls so woman if you love bras raise your hand okay now take a look around men men everywhere raising their hands as if they're on some sort of invisible roller coaster that's only going down if you're a woman and you raise your hand you know what straight up you're simply a better person than me I strongly dislike bras and I'm not gonna stand here and complain about all the fairy tale reasons no I'm gonna factually tell you why I dislike bras so all my ladies and my fellas that wear bras let me know if you can relate first of all I walk into a bra shop right and I instantly don't know what the f is going on I am confused just racks on racks on racks up different bras there's always something new roles are like mascara you know they have that one simple job but they're gonna keep convincing you that this one job they're getting better and better at it like you I know we said that last mascara was gonna extend your lashes but not this one this new one this is the one that's gonna extend your lashes this one does it better okay strap you use this mascara man I'm going to be using your eyelashes to play jump rope you got bras called push-up plus push-up flexi super foam gel push-up padded push-up diva the nipple gripper 3000 and I walk into the place just like Miss yeah yeah miss I'm looking for the bra that just holds my boobs I am overwhelmed by all this terminology and all the options I just want a bra that's gonna prevent my nipples from cutting people when I hug them in cold environments because if it's cold straight-up almost a body you were gonna hug and then I'm gonna step away and you're gonna look like leonidas from 300 after he got shot like 400 arrows and then I'm gonna be standing here like Edward scissor Dipple that's why I just hired me for all your gardening needs you're sick because the thing with the fancy bras right is that I always buy them I walk into the store and I convince myself oh yeah I don't know where this bright yellow neon highlighter lookin lace bra but in reality that is she is never practical can I just be real I own 25 bras okay and I were exact same one every single day I were the same bra so often that I can't even afford to wash that one bra because if I did and it was in laundry for four hours I wouldn't know what to do I wouldn't be able to leave my I would have to put a hold in my town to like do not do anything for four hours if I had a dollar for every time I had to take that one bra out of the laundry without washing it because I had to wear it again I'd be a millionaire I am disgusting okay I have separation anxiety from said bra and don't get it twisted I have a drawer full of sexy bras but they never worked out because when I put on that bright yellow bra and then I put a t-shirt on top of it it looks like I'm breastfeeding Bart Simpson not to mention that the fabric and lace has now created six bumps under my shirt and I'm just sitting there like hey I have six nipples and I'm waiting to feed my calves this defeats the purpose of the bra but look at this bra look at this bra I have never worn this bra except for the one time I tried it on in the change room and can we be real Beyonce was probably like playing in the store I must have been fiddling myself to convince me that is impractical Jungle Book Logan brought for work I've got the their necessities the simple bare necessities and also I know what you're thinking you're like okay really that bra looks pretty big like what are you doing with a bra that beggin to you I say I'm a tomboy with a figure underneath that t-shirt tracing curves with your finger what a voice is reference and can we talk about how for something so supportive bras are actually huge jerks they're so expensive why are broad so expensive I walk into a bra store and I literally have to start thinking about my financial situation in life I decided to buy one bra I nervously walked to the cashier and she's just like okay right dude or do ya would you like to lease this bra I really hurt my boobs got me out here making life decisions okay I'm gonna do I buy this bra or do I pay for my rent this month I know if I buy this raw for the rest of the month I'm gonna be up in Chipotle not getting the guac because that issues extra I got a fancy bra now I'm out here with plain chips with six nipples looking like Marge Simpson you know what the most annoying artists that I will buy this super expensive bra that I tried on and I was so hype about in the next day I'll put it on and I'm ready to be supported AF I put it on and suddenly this mother effer don't fit no more I go over a speed bump on the way to work on my nipple pop so what happened from yesterday to today where this bra no longer fits me I just don't understand why bras don't fit the same way they fit like they fit in the change room should I start to think that my nipple is just moving okay my nipple is just like one of those lost uber drivers it's like all the way over here - hello yeah no you gotta meet me ASAP in the pin right here yeah make a u-turn yeah yeah yeah that's trees but make a u-turn dump in rolls over here straight up nipple I'm a 3-star your blood clot oh my goodness and do not even get me started do not even get me started on washing bras I can't I can't I don't even understand what Wizardry happens in my washing machine I can someone tell me because legitimately it's supernatural my washing machine is Hogwarts I will put three bras into the washing machine they will wash I will open the wash machine and I will take out a pretzel literally my broad have turned into a fisherman's knot why why did this have honestly why do bad things happen to good people my bras are so tangled and twisted in out of order that they're no longer spelled VRA they're spelled var and that is exactly where I'm headed because of this bra trauma ain't no once in a while okay everyday when I'm on a plane or like you know when I'm in a movie theater ends up there a public setting although I'm gonna just unhook my bra and I don't think anyone's gonna notice and every time I think that but this is what happened let me do it I'm gonna unhook my bra right now actually and within a matter of seconds my bra will do this thing where it leaves my boobs and it comes up here and I'll be like hello I have three chins dear gravity on behalf of Sandra Bullock and I a few Wow anyways no bras were hurt in the making of this video except this one ah hey hope you enjoyed that video if you did please give it a thumbs up can you relate to what I'm saying or is this just me am I crazy are my boobs we're just let me know comment below let me know your thoughts and feelings about bras whether you're a male or female I would love to know if you check out my last video right over there it is a clap with the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama purse so heavy gettin Oprah up but my second vlog channel is right over there other than that I just wanna say thank you so much because my birthday campaign sundar figis was so extremely successful we sold over 13,000 rafiki's that's thirteen thousand bracelets that will support women's education in Kenya so thank you so much that is so much more than I ever thought we would sound so thank you and even though the birthday campaign is done you can still buy a girl lover Vicki the link is in the description they will continue to be on sale from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for supporting that cause I don't that make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday Erin left me to be here my love superwoman that is a wrap and write for me excel 2019 modules 1 3 sam capstone project 1a Guttman Community College, Midtown Manhattan.

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