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Write for me where to get the capstone hydra

Write for me where to get the capstone hydra networking capstone projects for money french essay prompts ´╗┐hello I'm Arthur Kent welcome to history undercover it's well-documented that the CIA tested the effects of LSD on hundreds of unsuspecting subjects in the 1950s and that the government withheld treatment from blacks syphilis victims during the infamous Tuskegee Experiment not so well-known is that many other Americans were used as human guinea pigs our program reveals how government agencies exposed millions to toxic chemicals and radioactivity without permission and according to critics without regard for the potential dangers join us as history undercover presents declassified human experimentation declassified documents reveal that from the end of World War two through the Cold War hidden under a veil of secrecy the US government performed military tests on large populations in the late 40s and early 50s patients were injected with a radioactive substance while in their hospital bed see life my father never told me I never knew that has happened to him soldiers were exposed to radiation to test their performance in a nuclear war in the 1950s the army released bacteria and chemicals at sea in the air and underground I found out that for my pals that live directly across the street from me had all died of cancer these are four separate families in 1995 a presidential Advisory Committee confirmed that for more than three decades hundreds of thousands of Americans have been unwitting participants in human experimentation it is a very very important piece of America's history and it will shape America's future East Rochester in New York in the mid 1930s and early 40s is a typical blue-collar town John Musso son of a large Canadian family is among the hard-working men at the railroad yards building and repairing cars he meets rose they get married settle down and raise a family over the years John's health deteriorates and he is diagnosed with Addison's disease a chronic disorder of the adrenal glands that weakens him and leaves spots on his face when world war ii erupts in europe very little changes in john's life he does not know that the Strong Memorial Hospital where he is treated as an outpatient has become part of the war effort the hospital is being used for research by the Manhattan Project the top secret unit developing the atom bomb the Manhattan team operates from inside this high-level security building across the street from the hospital only authorized personnel are allowed in research was determined entirely within the Manhattan Project itself and it might be determined by Manhattan Project scientists here in Rochester or it might be the result of directives that came down from Los Alamos or Farrokh from Oak Ridge which is whether the the medical chief was headquartered the university would have no ability to look at what kind of research has been done here John Musso like all other patients at the hospital is oblivious to the government's top-secret activity and he continues with his routine visits to see his doctor for treatment in 1945 the war ends as Allied troops liberate the death camps the world learns about the horrific experiments conducted by Nazi doctors on prisoners in the camps experiments that almost always resulted in cruel and painful death that they wore war crimes that these Nazi doctors could have been tried for murder was eminently clear but the Americans had the ambition not simply of condemning a war crime but of condemning a war crime committed in the name of medicine when the war crime tribunal is set up in Nuremberg to bring Nazi criminals to justice special attention is given to these doctors and the experiments they conducted on humans the result is the formulation of the Nuremberg code a universal rule of conduct regarding and human experimentation in years to come the first principle critical principle of the Nuremberg code is you don't get to do research on anyone without their permission the voluntary consent of the subject now obviously the victims of the Nazi experiments had not given their consent and Nuremberg quite wonderfully lays out consent as the bedrock principle for human experimentation the trials of Nazi war criminals make very little impression in Rochester nor the United States as a whole and so on February 1st 1946 a doctor that John has never seen before dr. Samuel Bassett approaches his bed and gives him an injection John assumes that this has to do with the Addison's disease dr. Bassett does not provide an explanation but the injection given to John Musso does not contain medication it's a radioactive substance plutonium John Musso is one of 18 patients who are used as human guinea pigs all injected with small amounts of highly toxic plutonium the impetus for the petroleum research was the results more or less of an accident that had happened to Los Alamos a scientist a tube of plutonium had had burst in the face of a research scientist Edie actually ingested some of the material was unknown what kind of effects that that was going to have on this individual but the rather concerns about lutonium about his toxicity in general robert Oppenheimer and Louis implement both of whom were at Los Alamos were determined that some human experimentation needed to be done to determine animal studies simply were not sufficient the doctors wanted to find out the plutonium's whereabouts in the human body and observe its mobility there is no indication on the patient record charts that these injections were ever given these patients the research was top-secret it was not to be indicated to anyone not even to the patients as we as we now know with poisonous plutonium flowing in his blood John Musso goes on with his life his poor health bothers him continuously it was a constant battle for him to maintain his equilibrium to fight off very common everyday ailments like colds or infections he had a very very severe problem in doing that and we attributed that to Addison's disease On June 21st 1973 at the age of 72 John Musso is called back to Strong Memorial and for the first time 26 years later he is told about the plutonium injection he is asked to do some follow-up tests and gives his consent he does not say a word to anyone about the plutonium test on May 6th 1984 at the age of 82 John Musso dies taking his secret with him to his grave but the story doesn't die with him a few years later and many miles away Eileen Wilson a reporter for the Albuquerque Tribune is researching some newly declassified documents I was thumbing through the reports my eye fell on a footnote and it said something about human beings who had been injected with plutonium and I was dumbfounded by this you have to keep in mind the context in which I was looking at these records I was all along in this dusty basement these reports were 40 and 50 years old and they were all about dogs who they had been who had been injected or ingested with plutonium and had developed tumors and all kinds of diseases and them were sacrificed so when I saw this a reference to humans being injected with plutonium I immediately thought my god how could they have done this and and what happened to these people so I went back to the paper and that following Monday I came in and I told the city editor I said hey I found a great story research capstone project for money Non-denominational progressive Christian.

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