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Write for me what is a university capstone course

Write for me what is a university capstone course do my capstone press books marianna thompson chemung valley reporter ´╗┐what's up triathletes Taran here gonna start off this video with an outright fangirl alert this is the on running cloud and I've got no hesitation to say that I think that it is the best all-around running shoe of 2016 yeah that's right I'm going to be that bold in this video so I've wanted to try one of on running shoes for about three years now so I contacted on they recommended either going with this their cloud model or the cloud racer because those are the two shoe models that on running makes for the more serious runners and triathletes out there I went with the cloud because I wanted to test out an all-around running shoe that would be good for road speed work track trails off road recovery runs I wanted to see if the cloud could handle everything I've got a total of about 50 miles in these shoes Nick rocked it on running pegs the cloud is the world's lightest fully cushioned shoe as opposed to the more heavy bulky shoes that come in at say 10 ounces plus the on running cloud is only 7 ounces as opposed to the more built up heel heavy shoes the heel to toe offset on the cloud is only six millimeters from back to front that six millimeters could be lower to satisfy the more minimal barefoot runners but you know I fancy myself a minimal kind of zero drop sort of guy and I didn't notice until I started looking at the specs of the shoot today that it was six millimeters so it was a very good shoe if you're coming from a zero drop shoe background and 140 bucks it's in the mid-range of price out there as far as looks go I think that on really knocked it out of the park spicing it up with both the men's and the women's models are some really cool combo colors out there so if you like loud shoes and something that'll turn a few heads out there on your runs the cloud will do that on running secret sauce is this pod technology that goes along the bottom the idea behind is that these pods compress whether you land on your heel or your forefoot because it goes the entire distance of the shoe and it returns that energy as you start moving forward in your running stride and to be perfectly honest with you I was skeptical of that technology because it does seem a little bit gimmicky to me a started trying them I was actually really surprised that the feel isn't really that different than any other running shoe out there it's not really unique at all what these shoes gave was a really stable slightly responsive but not bouncy slightly cushioned but not squishy soft and comfortable without being constrictive very grippy on the pavement highly enjoyable ride the best shoe in my opinion is one that you don't notice or think about and that was the case with every single test that I put this shoe through coming out of the box they're basically broken in the second that you put them on they do end up coming with a set of elastic laces installed right out of the box so that's a nice bonus but I found that the elastic laces left the shoe a little bit flimsy and not tight enough so I ripped them out right away and put these standard laces in first thing you'll notice when you put the standard laces in is that they're a bitch to get into these bottom loops I wasn't a big fan of that the laces are really really long and they're very thin so I found that you had to tighten them a lot but because you've got that extra room you've got two choices you can give a really good yank and make that not very tight or you can give it a double knot you've got more than enough room to do that now here's where we get into everything that I loved about this shoe as I went through testing it track running was really enjoyable with the shoes now granted they're not a really aggressive racing flat so you're not going to get that kind of feel but I did about 3 or 4 200 meter repeats at a very fast effort before I even remembered that I was trying out these cushion shoes I had no problem getting up to high speeds and these did really well at the track they had a lot of grip and just enough responsiveness combined with just the right amount of cushion to be good for a track workout as far as barefoot runs go in a triathlon I don't know if I would use this for anything longer than a 5 or 10 case a sprint or Olympic distance triathlon because I did have a little bit of a hot spot and developed a slight blister on the inside of my big toe and the shoes breathe a little bit but they're not extremely light and airy so your feet do sweat the inside of the shoe is really really smooth there's nothing rough on the inside so if you wanted to try these out barefoot you're not going to be upset that you did but it is going to take a little bit of getting used to toughening up your feet as far as trail running goes we wouldn't use these for really technical trails they did more than fine on things like gravel pack dirt grass trails it had more than enough cushioning and enough responsiveness that it didn't beat up your body going over that rough terrain but it's not a big burly shoe and the traction isn't that great if you're going over some really difficult terrain and for those bread-and-butter Road runs temple runs recovery runs on pavement this has been the most favorite shoe that I've tried probably in the last year and a half I had no problem getting up to higher speeds for those tempo runs but then it also didn't feel really weird as I ratcheted down and started using these for recovery runs all the fan Girling aside though the on run clouds aren't a flawless shoe there's a few bones that I have to pick with that the first issue that I had was running over gravel because of this space going down the middle of the treads gravel got in the middle of the shoes and it lodged on the inside as I went over gravel trails kissed me off the second issue that I've got with the clouds is with the traction overall the traction was really good I had a lot of good grip on whatever surface I was running on until I ran over cement that was covered in water I don't know why that happened just that one time but it was slippery the third thing that bugged me is more of just an annoyance but occasionally depending on how your foot strikes or what type of surface you're running on the pods actually have this weird sound like a when you land on the ground it's nothing to do with the performance of the shoe just kind of annoying and the last thing that you could complain about is 140 dollar price tag that's certainly creeping into the higher price running shoes out there that said I'm probably not going to knock on on their price point you could probably get away with just this shoe to take care of your trail running your road running your track running and that will bring down your overall shoe budget a little bit and then the second reason that I'm not going to whine about the $140 price tag is that it seems like even after 50 miles while these are a little bit beat up I've put them through the ringer and they're still very responsive so if this ends up being a to 300 mile kind of shoe that's a pretty decent bang for your buck all in all I'm not BS in you one bit when I say that the on running clouds are some of the most favorite running shoes just pure runners or triathletes that I've ever tried I find that with most running shoes you basically got to pick a shoe for each different type of discipline one for track one for trails one for Road because they're all built basically to be good at one thing that's not the case with the on running cloud and that's why I say that this might be the best all-around running shoe out there right now so that is it for the on running clouds thank you to on running for sending these out and letting me give them a try as always happy and hard training out there good luck in your triathlons kill it write for me capstone park new homes Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt.

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