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Write for me wgu capstone business plan example

Write for me wgu capstone business plan example capstone nutrition cfo biology reflection essay ´╗┐Zoe I love cooking drumsticks and I'm just imagining this is the type of thing that I would cook for my mates if they're coming around to my place for dinner I'll do my famous chili chicken drumsticks I can't ever every now and again you need to do it fast so what I'm gonna do is show you how I do it in my pressure cooker then what I'm gonna do is just cut these little packets open like this and the reason I do this is because we're gonna season them up there we go I'll give you the plastic there thing and throw that out for you and what I'm gonna do is put some pepper on here if you grab them salt and I want you to season up the chicken drumsticks I love chicken drumsticks they're like it's eating something with a handle you know what I mean I pick him up a little John sticks there we go some pepper on there as well and of course I'm gonna put some some paprika on here as well so this is hot paprika a lot of hot paprika the nice big sprinkle that on there I remember my dad used to make honey drumsticks and I remember someone stole my lunch when it's school one day and I cried honey drumsticks are one of the best things in the world I tell I would have called the police now this pan is screamin hot you can see how hot it is as soon as I put the chicken drumsticks in there it starts to smoke straight away and what I'll do is I'll put them all the way around like this the beauty of a pan like this is you can actually fit 12 drumsticks into the pan all the way around here like that look at that great great it's crazy isn't it here we go I've got my extra virgin olive oil and I'm gonna pour it in there a nice big solution you're really gonna hear this start to cook now what we want to do is have plenty of heat we want to brown off these chicken wings so to get some of the flavor on it listen to that Oh plenty of olive oil on me over here Zoe I'm gonna get you to put the spices together I've got about a teaspoon of black peppercorn all right but in there I've got some awesome cardamom pods and some are some clove enews Roberson Ayla beautiful and I've got some dried chili believe me these are red hots creamy hot so those straight in there grind that up to a nice little paste the meantime I'm gonna get an onion and finely diced just slice it all the way through here like this and then slice it through the middle and get a nice fine dice out of it you're getting that big getting the chili off that's gonna get the little cardamom see that Oh awesome better sleep on this there's a lot of chili in this one and this is why these chicken make these chicken drumstick a famous across the bed my mates would hunt me down for this see here we go that's why knees do it quickly because they're coming over any what they want to eat it now exactly I mean this is one of the things someone rings up is a good football game on something you want to watch you want to be 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I'm gonna throw that in as well I've got some stock in the thing is when you're cooking in a pressure cooker you need a lot less liquid and you would do if you're a slow cook in an oven so what I've got is a about a cup of tomato passata and here's a little trick I grab the stock and I pour it into this jug so I don't waste any of that lovely tomato passata and then pour that out into the pan here now this will come to the ball fairly quickly and what I'll do is I won't even wait for it to come through the ball I'm just gonna pour it straight into my pocket like this all the way in like that now the trick is with this Zoey is to make sure all the chicken drumsticks are well below or close to the level of that liquid it will actually steam in here and get quite hot at me what I'll do is I'll grab the lid here like this top it on like that close up the lid I'll slide this pressure cooker over here turn it on nice and low turn this gas off now this will give me plenty of time because it'll take about 20 to 25 minutes until it's tender give me plenty of time to make a really nice bolger peeler which I know you're gonna love Zoe the boys are just about to knock on the door the footies just about on the TV if you wanna grab the the vulgar P left there and just put it into the blue bowl what I'm gonna do is blow off the steam here in my pressure cooker it's amazing how something low and slow that I could have cooked in the oven I've just put into the pressure cooker here for 20 minutes and got it going there we go the trick with run one of these pressure cookers is to make sure all the steam is blown off before you open the lid most of the really good thank you most of these won't even let you take the lid off first but another tip is to actually run the pot under cold water and cool down the outside of the pot which releases all the steam and then you can now take it out now what I'll do is bring the pot over here you can see my chickens just falling off the bone but let me tell you this is guaranteed to be the most tender chicken and the hottest chicken as well this will be so chili hot it'll tear both your socks off and any hat you're wearing it'll blow that shred off the top as well there we go well I'll put that in there now what I want you to do is get in there and I have a taste have a look at this you've got some really cheap chicken drumsticks with you really trip to buy some bulgur wheat which is really filling as well yeah it's almost falls apart yeah just not only will it fall apart this will hurt as it goes in and all the flavors of the chili and everything else to go all the way into the center of the meat almost shadow to the bone I feel the need to still relax and and and slow down slow cook food is just a great way to chill out your are three recipes they were slow than good nutritional type food but more the point just delicious capstone microturbine cost per kwh New Rochelle campus.

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