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Write for me vodafone internet of things platform

Write for me vodafone internet of things platform write for me ap capstone high school short essay on the boston tea party ´╗┐everything that you have been told about mass shooters and mental illness is wrong you have been told that in order to prevent these shootings we have to do something about mental illness the implication being that only a mentally ill person would commit such an atrocity but I'm going to explain why this assumption is wrong most mass shooters do not meet the court standard for criminal insanity nor do they meet any particular diagnostic criteria for mental illness and to assume that they are all mentally ill stigmatizes genuinely mentally ill people people who are already inappropriately feared poorly served by our medical community and subject to violence homelessness and social isolation and finally I will explain why making this assumption undermines our ability to genuinely understand why these shootings occur so let me begin by explaining what criminal mental illness is this is Daniel McNaughton in 1843 London McNaughton shot the Prime Minister's personal secretary believing him to be the Prime Minister himself he acted on a long-standing delusion that the Tories were following him and endangering his life England like the United States believes that in order to be truly guilty of a crime you have to autonomously choose to commit it hence the standard that carries McNaughton's name the Mignogna standard asked the question did the defendant know that the act was wrong at the time in which it was committed and if the answer to that question is no then they cannot be held criminally responsible not every state in the United States has a version of the insanity defense but those that do use some version of this standard some additionally recognize that knowledge of wrongfulness itself is not sufficient that one can know that something is wrong but be so out of touch with reality that they are not able to control their behavior let me be clear most of the shooters that you have heard about on the news those with household names like Eric Harris chris harper-mercer James Holmes or Dylan roof were not compelled by mental illness to open fire in a classroom a movie theater a church or a parking lot these men were not out of touch with reality they knew what they were doing they made a choice to act and they could have made a different decision the McNaughton rule is rigorous it is only claimed in approximately 1% of all criminal trials and it's only successful about 25% of the time this is to say that our courts rarely find it to be the case that people commit terrible acts because they're mentally ill and frankly we don't believe that either we don't automatically assume that people who beat their children or kill their neighbors or commit armed robberies do so because they are mentally ill for example nobody believes that that this man his name is Bernie Madoff acted as he did which is bankrupting elderly people and children's charities literally taking money away from kids with cancer because he was unable to control his actions mass shooters are in this situation they are able to control their actions and when we say when pundits and politicians insist that when it comes to a mass shooting they must be caused by mental illness what it does is stigmatize as mentally ill people we don't think about our children our neighbors our siblings or ourselves our minds do not turn to the people that we know and love who suffer from depression or anxiety or PTSD our minds do not turn to the 45 million Americans who suffer from some form or another of mental illness instead our minds turn to a tiny minority that is people who are actively mentally ill and it's not this number of 11 million adults it's a much smaller tiny minority of those people who are actively psychotic who are subject to delusions and hallucinations our minds turn to the homeless people that we have seen speaking to invisible companions they turn to people that were already afraid of they turn to people who are crazy that we call crazy they turn to people that we believe to be dangerous and out of control what you don't know is that mentally ill people and in particularly severely mentally ill people are far far more likely to be victims rather than perpetrators of violence what you don't know is that less than 5% of all violent crimes are committed by people with a mental illness you don't know that most mentally ill people are not violent and most violence is not committed by persons with a mental illness most mass shooters plan their crimes far in advance Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold meticulously planned the Columbine massacre for a full year before committing it chris harper-mercer posted his intentions and sought advice from a community on social media about how best to carry out his attack in which he killed nine of his classmates in an Oregon Community College Dylan roof the Charleston Church shooter also posted his intentions and sought advice from his community of white supremacists if we want to get at the problem of mass shootings we need to stop blaming them on people with mental illnesses and ask harder deeper questions about our conceptions of masculinity and entitlement about these young men who act as pseudo commandos and that is as people who kill in public during the day they come armed with an arsenal of weapons and ammunition they brag about what they're intending to do and they want to kill as many people as possible pseudo commandos are not driven by mental illness they're driven by anger and resentment this is a quote from Dylan Klebold to one of the victims that Columbine who he permitted to live the quote is we've always wanted to do this we've dreamed of doing it for years this is for all the shit that you put us through and this is what you deserve that is not someone speaking from mental illness that is someone speaking from anger and resentment there's even a community of sorts that sprung up on the Internet to support those who feel aggrieved and titled who feel as though they are not getting what they deserve from society in general and in from women in particular and I so wanted to introduce you to their mascot they have their own mascot his name is Pepe the Frog and Pepe dresses up in different outfits and carries a gun the Bata rebellion betas consider themselves a revolutionary alliance of men who are not found attractive by women a number of mass shooters of recent mass shooters chris harper-mercer being among them another shooter Elliott Rogers the illest Avista Killer consulted a website called 4chan they considered themselves betas and they posted their intentions in advance to get advice from other betas for example chris harper-mercer an anonymous poster gave him this advice I suggest that you enter classroom and that you put everyone in a corner and tell them that you're gonna hold them hostage and then you open fire on them that is not a person who is mentally ill or driven by a hallucination or a delusion that is a person who collected a community of support so I'm gonna end with a message worth hearing and that is that blaming mentally ill people for mass shootings is very comforting it allows us to believe that they are not like us that they are not normal even though we know that normal people are the ones who commit 95% of all violent acts it also permits us to avoid difficult political and social reforms because you know there's only so much you can do to fix crazy but the problem is this comfort comes at a tremendous cost it stigmatizes an already stigmatized and marginal group but more importantly it prevents us from answering the genuine question why would a sane person commit such an act thank you do my how to write a capstone paper Rochester Institute of Technology, Henrietta.

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