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Write for me verizon internet of things 2018

Write for me verizon internet of things 2018 capstone project milestone 3 educating staff for money purchase dissertation abstract about me online ´╗┐welcome back everyone we are in the garden right here at ABC 4 with Lorraine from Mill Creek Gardens and today we're talking about the things that we can do now for spring getting ready and you've got a whole bunch of stuff on this side we have what herbs and edibles and things like that yes absolutely it's time to get in the garden now you can plant your leafy green vegetables like your broccoli your lettuces your kale and they're all really healthy for us and you can even have them outside in the cold weather there's even some strawberries over here and it's ready to get going in the garden and we have lots of herbs here you can also plant especially the mints this in here is the sage and the chives they're delicious to be plenty putting on your food fresh they're always tastes better when you grow it yourself we also have some seeds here and I'd like to show you how easy it is to get these carrot seeds in the ground I taken carrots and mixed in with some whites and you can also use sugar don't use salt that will contaminate your soil and you just make a furrow here and then you take and put the seeds in you just bring them along and you use the salt so that it's a carrier for these small seeds you cover them up with a fraction of an inch of soil like this and then you water them in and in a week or ten days with some warm weather those seeds will be up and growing I also have some garlic here you can do garlic starts or you can take a garlic clove and separate it out put them three or four inches apart and about an inch and a half deep and you'll have some garlic this summer and fall for your barbecues and your dinners it's really easy so again you just plant it about two inches in the soil right here you put that point side up and cover it with soil and you're ready to go now that's pretty simple so wait if you go to the grocery store and you get a garlic clove you can do that you can just plant it in there you could but sometimes at the grocery store those are from California or some tropical climates and they're not as Hardy as those okay so Mill Creek is the best place to get those right we also have some fingerling potatoes here and they're wonderful here's a potato plant that's what it's going to look like you plant those you put three to five eyes these are little eyes and you put those three to five and a piece and you plant them in the ground a couple inches deep and those will be growing up here you'll have some tomatoes or some potatoes very quickly speaking of tomatoes I did bring a plant here that even has a tomato growing on it it is too cold to put those outside without a cover so I want to show you how you can put a frost blanket over the top or else one of these hats here that you put right over the plant and it will protect it eight to ten degrees in the colder weather if it gets super cold you may need to bring some of your tomatoes and other tropical warm season vegetables inside when can you take the covering off are we talking like May how warm does it need to be outside that's a great question what you'd want to do is if your starting seeds inside or if you're buying plants you want to make sure they're hardened off and that they will take the cold things like Tomatoes they do need to be covered about Mother's Day is a safe time even though it could be a little bit before a little bit after okay let's talk about the seeds that we need to plant indoors now to get ready for a little warmer weather later excellent okay here's some zucchini squash seeds you can also plant things like pumpkins gourds sunflowers very easy to grow and you can plant them in these are called gypsy sevens if you put a seed here in the middle maybe even two or three seeds per hill and you just push it down in there and these are little pouches that have peat moss in them and they will suck up the water from the bottom and very easy to grow and they'll be up here if you put this inside this weekend you'll have them up in ten days and you'll have these little starts that's the fun thing about spring loreen is that there's always gonna be something happening always gonna be something speaking of watering that guy looks like it needs some help and I brought that on purpose because we have a very dry climate here our air is dry and so when you see a plant that's wilted you want to water it like that and when the water seeps through you want to water it again and again and make sure that that gets hydrated clear the middle of that root ball and it's really tricky sometimes to know that and I love to teach people about watering so you'd think that was wet all the way through but see there's still some dry pockets so in a few minutes here we'll give that more water and then they won't in a couple hours it'll be up again and if it's not back up and and and it has its turgor pressure again then you'll need to give it some more water that's let's talk real quick about the flowering things that you can plant right now absolutely these are some miniature columbines and you can plant columbines English daisies primroses forsythia even some Heather right now you can plant lilacs I'm you can plant four sit spyrius lots of other shrubs if that can go in the garden right now even if he gets cold what about perennials are you safe to put those in now so literally here's another really neat perennial it doesn't do a lot of flowering but I love it for its foliage it's the huger family and there's lots of different colors okay and what do you have in this pot over here because this looks like spring ready to go and this is daffodils and pansies and by the way the pansies are edible so you can put him in your salads we also have some seeds here that you can put in the garden right now here's sweet peas portulaca cosmos these are some of the easiest seeds to grow as well as the snapdragons oh so many fun things okay let me tell you we are having a good for Utah garden question of the week question of the week now is when should you fertilize your lawn for spring ooh right now fertilize your lawn if you want to prevent the weeds you need to put a preventative to prevent crabgrass and other weeds so fertilize right now it's cooler weather and those nitrogen the nitrogen goes right into the roots and builds a strong root system awesome so if you have a question just go to Lorraine's Facebook write in your question and we will answer it next week and they get a prize right when we choose their question they get a prize all right so you ever put in about the fertilizing for spring you get a prize and that's awesome okay so Mill Creek Gardens it's right there on 35th South ninth east in Salt Lake City you can go to their website or you can go to ours their website is Mill Creek Gardens calm or of course you can go to ABC for it's this last good things you Tom will link you right there for this segment and all the information that Laureen talked about that's Mill Creek Gardens thank you so much look forward to next week because this is all stuff that maybe we could do this weekend sure it get in the garden this weekend you can be planning lots of vegetable seeds you could be planting lots of perennial flowers of course the pansies primroses and perennials are always good to put in right now and we have some beautiful flowering trees like lilacs flowering pairs they there's some beautiful weeping cherries right now there they just came off the truck yesterday there's several more shipments coming in so even the herbs as we talked about so get in the garden get things cleaned up and have fun getting your fingernails dirty well even if you don't plan on doing anything go to Mill Creek Gardens walk around it's so pretty it is so pretty this time of year thank you so much again business capstone examples for money Elmira College.

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