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Write for me uts capstone feit

Write for me uts capstone feit capstone experience in nursing for money muet essay for band 6 interview ´╗┐remember these hands today's video is a pretty big Dollar Tree haul that I wasn't anticipating doing it just kind of happened didn't it yeah it really did we went in just for a couple of items and we hit the days where they were unloading and putting out all of their Christmas items yes it is the middle of October and they are putting out all of their Christmas items completely forgot about Halloween and went straight for the mother lode of Christmas they really did like there is so much Christmas stuff out at my Dollar Tree right now at all of our doll but it's not just one it's all three of them have a go to yeah it really is and I mean there is a minimal amount of Thanksgiving stuff left it's a corner it really is yeah like yeah it was there was really not much left at all and so because I saw some really great buys I knew okay well you know the Dollar Tree if it's there you've got to get it while it's there and I'm in the midst of planning for all of my Christmas DIYs and I've got a Christmas series that's gonna come out and so I need to start filming those anyway and so I grabbed a bunch of items that I think are gonna make for really great DIYs and so today kayla is gonna give me a break I am doing the intro and you've got her doing our Dollar Tree haul today so let's get to it he was gonna show you all of the great things that we found before Kayla gets started on this hall I wanted to tell you guys that I picked up the three of these plastic pumpkins that you can pick up at Walmart I bought them now because I am using them in an upcoming Christmas DIY so when it's time to do our Christmas DIYs these won't be around anymore so if you think you're gonna want to do this DIY with me you might want to pick up three of these plastic pumpkins at $1 apiece remember these hands like what did it say on here they're fake plants what are they succulents that's what they're called succulents we got seven fake plant succulents going on the fake nature Bend we got some fake moss Oh Christmas special a reindeer moss we got three pouches of rocks stones I don't know what's going on here okay we've got more stones but these ones are colored stones so I have no idea what she's gonna do with these pictures of my bathtub in case you wanted to know what that looked like it looks like this Halloween candles just kidding I don't they're just black LED white LED light candles because we're fire hazard safety over here in the Barlow family at you subscriber who got her video demonized where fire fire has a friendly over here we we believe in smoky very what's his fee and only you can prevent forest fires then we got shoes then we got a bright green plastic stencil alphabet stencil for people like me who don't know how to use the Cricut I got two stacks of the colored index cards because I'm a very visual learner and I need these cards I can't live without them then she got some red Christmas trash cans breathe for whatever reason now we're back with the fake nails they're emoji style this time for Allison then we got a miniature coke glass also for Allison we got more of these bad boys Wacka pack birthday edition then we got some growing crystals in the color purple and green I'm not quite sure how these work but I guess we're gonna figure it out when we do a video on them recycled paper we got some gel stickers for Thanksgiving happy things and happy harvest with a cute little scarecrow some Halloween face paint makeup and all sorts of different I want to look like that probably some Winnie the Pooh figurines we got Tigger Pooh a or and piglet some more cereal bowls these ones are white and they come in a 2-pack I have no idea what these are folders just like the tin can holders they're glam candle others now we're back in the rustic area these are also candle orders but they're mason jars and of course this would not be a kelly barlow creations video without burlap they're like squiggles and polka dots then we got two cream lace ribbons all right listen I have no idea what the heck this is they're called bloody bites and they have fake fangs and blood pouches in it so that'll be a fun video how did you say that word I asked you this last week to fo UX so folks know it fo sho it's a phone seven packets of this fake snow I have no idea why we got so many but we did now we're starting to get into the Christmas stuff you got three bundles of red twine and three bundles of green twine a Santa Claus bucket three boxes of LED Christmas lights two of them are the multicolored lights and this one is snowflakes lights - Charlie Brown Christmas trees one is white and the other is the classic green Christmas tree probably the cutest salt and pepper shakers I've ever seen in my life it's mrs. Claus and Santa Claus it's so cute we have a whole bundle of Christmas decorations here for the Christmas tree of course so we have some lights some silver up it's upside down some silver ornaments some disco ball ornaments some fuzzy star cute little elf bows a tree topper to solar candles these ones look like the candlesticks these are actually kind of cool I might steal one an elf basket made by yours truly just kidding we got it at the Dollar Tree a nutcracker that I really didn't think worked but it does my god I don't even know what this is but it's made wrong his feet are on backwards why did we not realize this when we bought it if you can see this is his head and his feet are backwards are you kidding me laughing I Santa Claus snow globe a spool of glitter ribbon three plastic light bulbs they're empty snow globes so you can make your own snow globe some Christmas plus kids these ones our little Christmas trees and these ones are snowflakes oh they're a garland so you can hang up your Christmas cards and Christmas photos I didn't know that that's really cool these are a little well it says stickers but stickers don't look like that they're like little stick on gems and these ones are green raindrops and these ones are sorry this one this one is green rain rock and this is snow flea not these ones that's not proper grammar these are super cute they're little Frosty the Snowman hats so you can hang them up on your trees but that's not what I'm doing with them oh I guess that's not what she's doing with them so stay tuned do you feel the Christmas spirit yet I don't know what the heck we got these for because they're super loud but they're cute when they're off then we got some really cute [Music] some really cute burlap ornaments this one is a cute snowflake and this one is a stocking you do not stick these on the tree there's no way these would take up the whole tree no they say ornaments all right listen these say that these are ornaments but these things are huge so I don't think these go on the tree I hope they're not going on the tree cuz then I would only have six ornaments on the tree so this one's a a golden star then we got two angels and two reindeers then we got a cool Christmas activity it's a bag that you can color on that's it for this Dollar Tree haul take it away Ali if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and click that subscribe alright here take it and put on notifications for ya if you want you can hit the bells yeah I know tube will notify you when she closed her videos [Music] click on those links click follow and you'll also be notified through social media when she posts videos also I'm gonna scripted down below you can find the PIO box and if you would like you can help us reach our goal of 500 hats for City of Hope for all the men women and children that are battling cancer Oh lastly subscribe to me I'm green [Music] write for me capstone project for bsn program order Trocaire College, Buffalo.

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