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Write for me tutorials 1 4 sam capstone project 1a

Write for me tutorials 1 4 sam capstone project 1a write for me jamie mclaughlin capstone hill search pre 64 model 94 winchester prices ´╗┐all right lads how's it going at your boy clone welcome to another game jam today I'm gonna have a game of foot traffic a foot draft since the demo came out for FIFA 16 I haven't actually played foot draft in the proper FIFA 16 game as you guys probably know from other stuff on this channel I am usually a career mode youtuber so I very rarely play this game don't play draft at all but I'm gonna give a shot and just see how we get on so I'm going to go for 312 I think that's probably my preferred one out of all of this oh hello okay so we got a ebro we got in from nima got informed brine I think you can't go in named aren't ya alright well let's just get the rest of our subs bench up see how we get on oh hello in form of fun looks pretty good check also it's Abby's let's go be fun ok let's start getting some of these top players in ok Defoe ok inform Harry Kane comply ok this is what I'm talking about in for mud rich would link nicely with Neymar alright sent a myth important place important position no one really good ones I guess probably the best one now at chemistry wise we're going to be struggling here go right back Carbajal although we've already got some ryback's and let's go with this Bartra I suppose we've got a bit of a BBVA thing going on there PK in formality oh hello hello hello of course I've caught you gotta go right now though ain't ya yes mate alright so let's all look at our reserves so we get oh my god this is jokes right okay so I'm thinking basically basically that up front it's just mental come on give me Spanish oh my god oh my god yes oh my god what a team this is ridiculous why else we got oh my god it's jokes I would love to take am I not a match card but I just don't know if they're gonna fit you got to idea go on and do Maria okay so this is the team I'm go for it looks absolutely ridiculous but we've got a few chemistry issues but ayee a trait and overall is absolutely crazy let's just get a manager at first let's go with budget see you know so okay well here's our summary messy mud rich PK we got a bloody orange Suarez we got Reynaldo um it is absolutely unbelievable side so got be fun in net balance the auger left-back PK and Bartra plane and center back Carla hall at right-back de Maria on the right march in the middle name are on the left Ronaldo planing cam Suarez and messy up front this team is something pretty special okay let's get into this first game like said I've it's been a little while since I've had any kind of any kind of experience with all of it scene but bless just gained so let's see what we're up against to be honest I cannot being not being an idiot anything like I don't think you're gonna get many teams that are better than ours in terms of caliber of player that look at that 1993-94 a e87 smashing it alright so if we go we got Cavani always got some good chemistry this kid he's got his Latin playing in cam he's got David Luiz Pepe Philippe Louise is plume is pretty good side that it's not as good as ours it's four stars last bought they have got chemistry too bloody burn get that finish oh yeah finishing yes come on yeah there's that much good quality on the pitch you would have thought that they'd have been the last person to score but to be honest is a little bit messy it was actually Maxie was involved they could say but a goalkeeper car miles there to pick up the pieces 65 minutes gone just over an hour this one now Messi is lovely Suarez so great strike not destroyed glad it's to build literally one minute after the last goal brilliant bear turn by messy to take that defender out again found Suarez and honestly this shooting is ridiculous nevermind the orange card just generally is just unbelievable but what's a strike Pepe is not looking happy come on Messi teach him a lesson it's great ball mud rich pull the trigger finish someone I it's three it's gone from nil nil to three million five minutes this guy must be absolutely raging right about now I was left on skin me completely great ball Cavani will just say you Gigi no no no it's google to be fair it deserved the call this guy he didn't deserve to get beat three nil he's actually had a few chances Latin is a joke by the way he's absolutely massive you put anything in the box he gets on the end of it is crazy anyway it's 31 I think it's pretty much game over yeah that's it end of the game 31 32 the second round pretty happy with the performance I mean to be fair with the quality of the lads we have on the field you know you can't I mean you'd have to really struggle to not be part of the game it was really close as it was ok so our next opponents wow he's got a Ronaldo's also got Messi's got the normal Neymar a ver and Pepe elvez and yester be fun pretty good side it's actually pretty similar to ours you know he's one star less than ours obviously doesn't have the Suarez of the de morir but I think this is going to be a much harder game so let's go no I scored straight away five minutes in really great bit of skill by Ronaldo see this is where I'm gonna fall down because I don't really need this skill or anything like that just kind of play the passing game played a patient ABC football and you know when you've got those lights on your team it's obvious that that's a an asset that you should be taking a bunny job no oh my god that's such defense oh my god lads with to nail down its eight minutes gone this is embarrassing oh my god it's freeze for even it's gone that was awful oh my god it's embarrassing great ball Ronaldo Ronaldo we're going for a penalty yes go right yes all right it's free one come on Ronaldo he's through finish I so greatly safe messy oh lucky you well done Suarez yes great goal great cut back reporters attacking just to try and get another one cuz I felt like we've got the momentum of our time we'd had more possession we'd have more shots as well great little ball good little caught I thought he might just done enough there to get his foot in what he didn't miss 3t great ball Suarez finish your asst your 10 minutes to go they are under the cosh like you won't believe only problem is we've committed a lot of men forward so I'm just gonna take us down one notch but still think we're favorites to get this this final goal if there is one it's lovely Ronaldo Neymar finish oh what's a challenge lad get that keep up no haha it's a great finish lad ah that's 45 minutes to go I was indecisive with the keeper wanna blow him out see how seven-goal thriller right we're all out attack we need a goal and we need it now come on DeMaria nice to chopped de Maria ref oh my god has are no penny completely stopped his standing foot no I said amber the game that's really frustrating we won one lost one that's annoying I think we do get some for no don't we Suarez add a belt in sight ornament yeah she had a really good couple of games as you can see we have nearly sixty percent possession we just couldn't make it count we just committed so many men forward so let's see what we're gonna guess am I really your silver players park or why he wants a silver players back well let's just open these parks quit so how we got on at Kamara right silver I can't imagine this is gonna be enticing mashina okay and last but not least the premium girl park here we go give us some one good No cavallaro no thanks all right lads I'm gonna leave this video here thank you so much for watching me thank you so much for spending your time it's been actually quite fun please give that like button a good old crap from me if you need right here make sure you get your out at subscriber and drop me a follow on Twitter and Facebook just search for games on the HD and as per usual I read all your comments in the comment section below so have a great day wherever you are thanks for watching you out write for me capstone homes athens ohio Columbia University, Morningside Heights.

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