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Write for me student guide to the msa capstone project

Write for me student guide to the msa capstone project write for me psychology capstone syllabus the role of news paper essay ´╗┐kicking off ten minutes of international news I'm Carl azuz welcome to CNN ten first story this Thursday a clash in the European nation of Sweden riots broke out one night earlier this week in a neighborhood of the capital Stockholm a regional police chief says the violence might have been triggered by increased police pressure on criminals in the area the neighborhood of rinkeby is known for having high levels of unemployment it's also known for having a high immigrant population before the riots broke out u.s. President Donald Trump suggested that immigrants and Sweden were responsible for an increase in crime across the country some Swedes praised President Trump for drawing attention to the issue some said there is no issue that a recent increase in immigrants has not made Sweden less safe the country has accepted more refugees per capita than any other European nation so the debate is raging even though the violence has calm Matthias Carlson is a leader of the right-wing Sweden Democrats the third largest party in parliament I think he's a good example to put forward as a bad example if you don't control your borders if you have a irresponsible the refugee policy you will get problems and we have serious problems here in Sweden is it a crisis yes I would describe it as a crisis we have seen serious problems with law and order as evidence Carlson points to a riot that erupted in the Stockholm suburb of rinkeby Monday night a police spokesman says officers fired at least two shots when dozens of rioters attacked police officers during the arrest of a crime suspect ten cars were torched in the unrest and one police officer suffered a bruise to the arm from a thrown object hours later the scene in this largely immigrant community looked very different this is the centre of ring curbing now that we're here I've got to be honest as a first-time visitor it's hard to believe that less than 20 hours ago this was the scene of a full-blown riot more than a dozen police officers deployed in this Central Square several shop windows were smashed but families with small children appear to be going about their business as usual in crisis right now no it's not at all the crisis look look around I mean it's very calm very quiet of course there are I said incidences that happen but police are dealing with them Magnus ranch dorp is a counterterrorism expert at the Swedish National Defense College I'm not denying that no integration issues but what I think is wrong to do is to conflate immigration crime and terrorism because those linkages are not that strong during the peak of the European migrant crisis of 2015 more than 160,000 new arrivals crossed Sweden's borders Sweden has since tightened border controls reducing the flow of migrants by imposing temporary passport checks at the border in a four year period when Sweden granted asylum to more than a hundred thousand refugees crime grew by seven percent meanwhile state figures show the Muslim immigrant community in Sweden is increasingly under attack like much of the rest of Europe this Scandinavian country is grappling with immigration assimilation and the threat of Islamic extremist terrorism very complicated challenges at the heart of a growing global political debate yesterday astronomers announced that they've discovered seven earth sized planets all orbiting the same star the findings were published in the journal Nature NASA says this is a record number of these kinds of planets orbiting this kind of star it also believes that three of the planets are in what's called the habitable zone scientists define that as the space around a star where a planet is most likely to have water this isn't exactly in our neighborhood they say the star is 40 light years away and that'd take a human spacecraft of years to get there so how did researchers identify planets at that distance while examining stars with a telescope based in Chile they saw shadows occasionally interrupting the Starlight they say that these shadows indicated that planets were passing between the telescope and the star like eclipses what they're hoping to do in the future is determine the planet's atmosphere and whether they really have liquid water a second trivia where would you find the world's deepest Blue Hole a sinkhole filled with water lake okeechobee Atlantic Ocean Arctic Ocean or South China Sea researchers say the world's deepest Blue Hole which sinks almost a thousand feet deep is located in the South China Sea that title used to belong to Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas it's a location popular with free divers this is like a Marine extreme sport free divers literally take a deep breath then descend into the depths without a breathing apparatus it's dangerous free divers can get lung damage they can black out or die from doing this but for those willing to take the risks their love for the sport goes well below the surface I'd be lying if I said I've never been scared I've had two occasions where I sort of thought you're not going to make it but as long as you keep your composure everything seems to work out my name is Jonathan Sonic's I'm 30 years old from New Zealand we're on Long Island and the Bahamas at the beautiful Dean's Blue Hole I'm a professional free diver competitive free diving is where we compete to sequence from the furthest deepest or hold the breath for the longest Jonathan zanuck the current world record is 128 meters we've achieved things that doctors once thought were impossible we're exploring the capabilities of the human body pushing ourselves to see what the human body can really do I feel like I'm just getting started [Music] we couldn't have designed anything better this is like the freediving maker people come from all over the world it has the place to dive we're here in preparation for Suunto vertical blue which is one of the most prestigious free diving competitions in the world one of the things that lured me into the sport was the whole science behind it before I dive I'll go through a whole preparation and that will include stretching the body stretching the lungs the diaphragm the intercostal muscles pecking is adding extra ear - you're already full lungs by using the mouth is a pump I would estimate that I will pack at least an extra liter into my lungs and then I'll come down to the beach visualize my dive whilst I'm making my deepest dives what goes through my mind is always positive thoughts positive energy it's like a form of meditation - very deep within yourself the physical sensation I get through diving it touches on all senses what you can see what you can hear or maybe even its the lack of noise during dives our heart rates drop down to below 30 beats per minute when we're going down to depths where we've got basically the length of a football field above us it's not the sort of place where you want to have any sort of negative thoughts when I make it to the surface after a big dive so much the spiritual experience [Music] there's quite a famous quote a scuba diver will go underwater to look around and a free diver will go underwater to look inside himself for ten out of ten waiting patiently is not a trick this dog knows when her owner ran inside to pick up some fast food diamond her name's diamond decided to make a little scene barking and honking for her owner to hurry up and she didn't just do it once no diamond seemed to take a shine to the car horn and the word on the street is that she's been spotted doing this in other places around her hometown in Ohio at least she can't get a ticket for noise pollution we don't know why she's so dogged Leah paused her owners absence why she was so honked off why she just hates to terrier but we can say she is truly a diamond in the rough I'm Carl azuz and that is CNN ten [Music] you capstone high school bangalore State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

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