Write For Me Str 581 Week 6 Capstone Final Exam Part 3
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Write for me str 581 week 6 capstone final exam part 3

Write for me str 581 week 6 capstone final exam part 3 do my capstone education corp parsvnath regalia completion report ´╗┐hello everybody this is actually my third or fourth attempt to start a video because I start rambling and being weird and saying the weird things so I'm just gonna give up and just let all the weirdness come out and you guys are gonna have to put up with it so sorry um I missing anything in a couple of months I've been pretty busy with kids and work and I wanted to make this quick video because a friend of mine also a very well-known activist you may know zip aka I'm worldly on YouTube as well as several other activists have received a letter from the watchtower and bible tract society basically they're revoked from everything I want to read it okay sorry if some of you have already you know seen or seen the letter millions of times I know some of the other activists have made videos and posted it on social media but for those of you who haven't heard it I will read it for you real quickly so it says dear mr. Zeb we are authorized to inform you on our beat on our own behalf and on behalf of Christian congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses that your implied invitation to visit any Bethel facility regional convention kingdom hall or assembly hall whether least licensed owned or operated by a Watchtower Bible and tract Society of New York ink or any congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses is hereby revoked should you choose to enter any of the four aforementioned properties we will immediately contact the police with the intent of pressing criminal trespassing charges against you thank you for your attention to this matter very truly yours bah bah bah bah bah bah bah so basically I mean it's the same exact shit that they tell us when we go into Kingdom Hall's your invitation has been revoked and they call the police but as long as we leave the kingdom halls there's nothing they can do because the police are just gonna ask us to leave and we're already leaving so they're wasting the officers time our mess has just been put out there and we definitely don't want to stay any longer than we have to in those places so I was thinking about this letter that they have basically told I'm sure I'll be receiving one soon see I'm jumping all over the place already and being weird that hit stop and then try to redo this over again but I'm just gonna push through or I'll never get this video then um and so I was thinking how Jehovah's Witnesses claim to disfellowship pedophiles or anybody who's been convicted sometimes not always but they will say you know oh we dispeller ship them however they will admit and you can probably find this on their website somewhere I'm not sure but I know I have them some elders confessing on video that accused and convicted child molesters are allowed to be reinstated they're allowed to go to the kingdom hall long as it's in the bag just like a regular disfellowship person and they can get reinstated and go out in service and knocking on people's doors well they are taking that right away from activists who are speaking up against Choudhary's and all the other shit that we are protesting so but what they're really doing is they're making the decision to revoke these this everlasting life that they're offering the world okay weird pause because I lost my train of thought okay I'm losing my train of thought again so in the mind of a Jehovah's Witness or at least a sincere Jehovah's Witness they want you to come back to Jehovah so that you can receive everlasting life so they send you these pamphlets that say you know return to Jehovah they talk about the prodigal son they want you to come back because they don't want you to you know die brutally and Armageddon and get your eyeballs picked out by Birds but the apostates who receive this this letter are told that they are not allowed to ever so how how are they to know if any of us were to say oh sorry I'm gonna come back you know obviously they're gonna say don't call us but once they find out they're talking to any of us activists you know it's clique it's always brick wall just they close this out we are not worthy of everlasting life so pedophiles sure you can come back you can go to the high and go knock on doors apostates who speak out the truth the truth about the truth no we are not allowed to have this everlasting life it's really sad it it's very telling it kind of shows you where their priorities are kind of the people who don't realize how messed up that is are extremely brainwashed obviously I you know we're all gonna die anyways I just don't believe that I'm going to be killed by Jehovah but I really think that it's sad that the the leaders the watchtower organization is making this determination where as used to they they would leave it you know they would say Jehovah is who leaves it or who judges hearts but not if you're an apostate so anyways I'm sorry if I'm rambling and kind of having like saying the same things over and over but you get my point I also have another a really great idea I haven't done it yet because for some reason and in the city I live in I cannot find any carts anywhere other than on campus on my University campus and now that school's out they're not gonna be there anyways because they're gonna take a summer break as well apparently but they don't talk to me anymore they know about me even in the JW's that go on there and they've never seen me before I've never seen them before they shut down instantly I guess they've showed pictures of me and my devil horns or something but so they don't talk to me anymore it's really boring talking to them I made this sign here ask me anything I realize and then just stand next to their cart and you know people walking by it would be a great unwitnessed if they ask you something it's awesome make sure you answer reply in a way that can hear not screaming or yelling because that would be like public disturbance so you know the JW's are really cracking down on whatever they can find on US legal legally like subpoenas or you know warnings and attorneys you know fake fake attorney letters and stuff so we need to be really careful about finding out the laws in your area if you want to do some activism I've already called the campus about this poster and you know as long as it's not like a direct jab at the Jehovah's Witnesses there's there's no reason that they would remove me and it could be for any public area really cuz I mean it's talking about myself I'm an extra witness ask me anything instead of saying you know they're occult like I would like to do like arrow pointing cult you know avoid at all costs that might get me in trouble I'm not hundred percent sure but I don't want to risk it so sticking to that anyway so that's really all I have to say today I'll try and make more videos soon if I can find some JW's I did have some come to my house not long ago I was in a hurry so I didn't record it but I did use a little bit of a pasta stand I guess they don't learn they haven't learned you know they haven't seen the um they haven't felt that evilness around my house when they walk up to it so I guess that's a good thing anyways thanks for putting up with my weird this my scattered brain and everything and thank you for being my follower you guys are super awesome til next time capstone dental dallas tx order Siena College, Loudonville.

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