Write For Me Str 581 Week 6 Capstone Examination Part 3
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Write for me str 581 week 6 capstone examination part 3

Write for me str 581 week 6 capstone examination part 3 write for me define doctoral capstone companies business plan examples ´╗┐what's up well it's Monday no it is Tuesday you see that's what happens when you try to do somebody else's intro hop somebody else's swag you messed it up into you slaughter what's going on everybody is specific to them today i'm bringing you guys some domination on stadium if you guys are wondering what this color correction is and why it why black ops doesn't look like this all the time I 10 poked me up with magic bullet mojo and basically it is a color correction and you know i render the video and adobe after effects and put mojo on it and then i render it in Sony Vegas so I can do the commentary and I'm not going to tell you exactly how I got this color correction because I actually did do some personal things to it and another program to make it look like this so I hope you guys like the color correction but moving on from that today I'm gonna be talking about my first trip to Miami and this is something that happened about a year ago and I was chilled with my dad he was down there on a business trip and look at that stupid bush wookie camp and scrub but anyway my father was on a business trip in miami florida and I've always wanted to go to Miami if you guys don't know I watch a show called Burn Notice on USA it's probably one of the greatest shows on television I love it I love it to death and I've always wanted to go to Miami you know see the cars see the people but mostly see the women and when my dad was down there he was down there two weeks before Thanksgiving and he decided to fly me down and we were just going to hang out for a week and that's basically what we did he flew me down from Atlanta and I flew in from hartsfield-jackson to Miami International and on the flight down there it was it really wasn't that bad but there was just one kid have you ever been on a plane flight and you know you ever just want to slap that one kid that's crying like the one that the parents just refused to choke like I can't stand you know parents that don't discipline their children please if you guys are parents don't nobody want to hear you screaming babies I mean I understand that you know Johnny or Susie doesn't want to be on the plane but such a child I'm like I I wasn't raised like that my dad he brought a brother up if I acted out in public I got my ass whooped like beyond whooped like like my dad would he has like this leather belt and it has like it's like a biker belt type thing and he still has it to this day and he says if I ever act up or if I do something stupid he's gonna throw that belt at me like it to wit but I was like yes master well okay moving on moving on so moving on I fly into miami international and my pops picks me up and that was actually one of my first time actually just going on vacation with my dad every other time i'm always on vacation with my mom or i'm on vacation with my pops or you know but it was the first time that i was actually on a vacation with my dad and me and him just got the chill for you know we by ourselves in a completely different city we didn't really know anybody so basically what we did is we checked them to about a four or five star hotel got a nice room and we we pretty much ate out like pigs we went to this place called tony romas and that is probably one of the best rib joints in the world and i would have to say that you know spending time with your pops is extremely important as you know if you guys follow me on twitter i'm always ranting about either how stupid my parents can be sometimes and how my dad has the IQ of a deep-fried Twinkie or I'm either renting a david vonderhaar about how bad his game sucks and the things about you know my parents I really don't mean that you know I may mean that at the time but um you know I really do love my parents they may get on my nerves and I probably get on there's just as much as they get online but you know they all they do is really care and one thing that my pops is always telling me is that you're never going to understand how it is to have kids until you have them and but let's go ahead and get back to the story so me and my dad are with schilling and we're at the beach and we decide you know oh let's take a drive down south beach and so weak we go ahead and go take a drive and I swear I have never seen so many beautiful spanish-speaking women in one place in my entire life I mean my dick was harder than chinese algebra asked two bucks about that he'd be able to tell you I mean like I have never ever seen that many beautiful women in one place I mean and the fact that I was just chillin with my dad and he was like saasy I'm gonna need you to control yourself I mean I know how you like Spanish women and everything but you know I'm gonna need you to call him that down and you know being able to just chill with somebody who actually understands you to the point where you know he can finish the city my dad can finish a sense for me if I need to like we're spitting images of each other pretty much like my pops is six foot six and I'm 65 my pops is like 200 some pounds and I'm like 180 and I'm a little bit darker than he is and like we're we're completely pretty much the same and people are always you know calling me my dad and how you know you know what the phone really would ring in the middle of commentary my god but as I was saying before LaRue and Skrillex rudely interrupted me you know you want to be able to spend as much time as your parents as you can you know or spend as much time with them as you can you know because you're not always going to be with them and they're not always going to be around you know it's the same thing with you know grandparent to anything like that and you know treasuring family is extremely important even if it's not family even if it's just somebody that you know you're close to you know you wanna you want to be able to spend time with them you want to interact with them as much as you can because not every day is promised i recently went to visit a friend of my family's her name is Miss Kate and she's a painter and if you guys would like to see some of the artwork please i'll i can post a couple pictures of it but um she is going to be 89 at the end of this month and she's known me since I was 12 and she seen me grow up and I've seen her I've seen her grow older and older and it's it's really it's really weird watching somebody you know get closer and closer to the point where they could you know they could go at any time and you know I think it's I think it's really important that you do your best to you know spend time with the people that you love and the people that you care about you know one person that I can always I can always look to who's always you know doing the best thing for his family at least in my eyes that I see is Eric the aviator um almost every time I see him on Twitter he's either talking about his family or easy to talk about his son and I just like to say congratulations to Erik for having a baby he's uh he seems like a really nice guy and you know that's a no TV the fact that you know bringing a life into the world and being a parent you know there's probably one of the most amazing things in the world and I guess the guys my age we want to understand that until later in life but um you know that's pretty much it guys what I just wanted to say was you know cherish your family cherish what you got don't let it go because once it's gone you know just because your relationship with somebody isn't the best it could be looking look on the bright side of things at least you have a relationship with somebody you know somebody is always less fortunate than you somebody as always you know has it worse and I've been learning that and it's a personal struggle but everybody suffers from it so that's it I'm tomb I'm out deuces do my capstone project examples information technology philippines Rockefeller University.

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