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Write for me springboard capstone project github

Write for me springboard capstone project github write for me capstone orthopedic emeryville ca case study on maggi noodles [Music] oh come on economic area meet at the comment you wanna go away you gonna just mess it up or forfeit your WAPA gotta why you are coming there Eddie said it picked up oh no the Lord he knowledge segundo was a vegan yet they said oh I said Korean barbeque lucky push so lo mejor esta cosa porque porque tenemos and so what is the ratio so limpio Doheny co-processor ISM bahá'u'lláh Canadian Toronto will be a channel Travis echo scenario yeah Brock hey sissy y-yeah para los tacos let's talk going to Syrian pretty I meant the solos then one locked away inside another Skinner see ya las casas give me any separate panels to talk with me kamusta dismissed if you give any content Oh Sookie so no vanilla caramel ah de precios yo Tommy you gotta put the sauce we gotta put our onions you gotta put the cilantro you got to dress it up right now it's beautiful sexy buddy oh wait what's wrong with you coño Casa de guy you know give it Windsor yeah I was like oh man I'm happy I'm happy once you have that first bite it hooks you in this is a taste of our childhood and I think that's something that I really appreciate about it this is a spicy goddamn I feel like I need a chopper and fast thought it was super delicious the beautiful combination of different ingredients coming together and it hits you all at once the juiciness early as possible yeah the onions the cilantro the spiciness of the green salsa and then on top of that with just a hint of lime is blue let's go get another vamos a guitar lo travel manana is late at night so right now do this take a break tomorrow we're gonna hit up taco Singaram all right so where we headed right now we're gonna eat some vegan taco why are we going to go get a vegan taco what's the point because sometimes you gotta think outside the box to try something different I don't want to try something different well I'm excited let's give it a try with open mind bro all right so we're here we're here at the kitchen of vodka scene got my back was in karma entiendo lo que yo American is so scary money see in the nigga we follow a setup for a local Mexican vamos a la chingada our name says it all tacos and karma and the reason for that is you know we have this concept of life where it's like we let live you know and no cray and vegan time so this is my thing the way I grew up is the fact that no you're Mexican your tacos gotta have meat in it I passed or cancer that's why they don't like the meat is central to the taco so now you come in here and you're saying you can have vegan tacos you sure can the flavors make it seem like it's me so what you're saying is that if I have a bite of one your vegan taco I'm gonna get that whiff of nostalgia that'll take me back five years old see any Montano think I work on you this process is basically a vegetable protein dehydrated vegetable protein and after it's hydrated and marinated then we cook it in a skillet or pants okay so after the meat is cooked we put our tortillas on the skillet with a light oil and then it sits on it until you see it get nice and soft and then you dress it up with a cabbage cilantro your Southside Rojas outside of a cucumbers and radish so those are the garnishes that go on it funnily enough that I'm prepared to get my mind blow they look like tacos they look delicious are they gonna taste delicious I don't know this is called that God knows nada God is another play on words it smells like a show kanessa not was this black magic that I'm saying I just turn this guy into a believer [Music] oh you know how much harder it is to make this into like something that's flavorful because it's vegan right yeah you can't really rely on the meat itself your flavors got to be on point gotta be down to a science Wow I'm tasting this and it it's delicious ridiculous ain't it you could put a blindfold on me homey side by side with a kind of taco I want to be able to tell the data on top of that I think I might pick this one over the guy Nessa talk we gotta get going to the next restaurant I'm not eating guys are you ready for the third spot where are we going we're gonna go a cold eat barbecue koji no my misery for oh yeah that's our fusion restaurants Korean and Mexican mix fatal we have a special guest I'm gonna meet us over there Roy Choi wait I'm a girlfriend it might have started rocky but knowing okay your girlfriend you love me no I love tacos oh so thank you for that all right here my name is Roy Choi we're at Kogi talk idea run the Kogi truck the idea came late night from my friend he was just saying if we put Korean barbecue inside the taco leadership will be long I took that idea ran with it came up with this recipe and it was a pretty involved it's almost like a bridge that brought us all together cuz it wasn't like you were saying that's Korean or that's Mexican or that's El Salvadorian or anything it just felt like Los Angeles I think it's really important to understand the taco because it's not a gimmick the taco itself had to feel just like an L H Street taco so everything about it but then the flavors were Korean it all had to feel as if Kogi had always been here forever we marinate the short rib and SME soy Chili's all that stuff we marinate that overnight we grill it and we chop it up just like carne asada it gets cooked twice that gets put in the tortilla and then we make a salsa that has dried chiles and we have cilantro onion I'm on top of that so if you just had it like that you would think it was like a carne asada taco but then we put that green onion slaw right over the top and it's over yes so what exactly are we looking at right here oh you got the tortillas they're just a little bit crispy and then you have the short rib then you have the soft let Rojas cilantro onion and then our green onion cabbage slaw on top this is like most flavors come in it because your brain is eating a taco and you're expecting the kind of sound right the the barbecue the Korean Bobby just won't come out of nowhere so I grew up on tacos you have an idea of what the taste is gonna be like no that's outside that whether it's I thought this is a lovely surprise so when you bite into it it's a surprise every time every every single time so the Mexican tacos right it's usually very simple if we can say with this one you adding that sweet element and it's so bomb yeah the spice is just right here you know it's a beautiful combination so like that scene from ratatouille I know like this beautiful I can officially say that Roy Choi made me tacos we could say that he made us tacos and we ate with it we ate with Roy Choi yeah taco fanatic and now it's time to think outside the box out of all three places which one was your favorite I hated the idea of vegan taco but I'm gonna have to go with the vegan taco because I was amazed by how he managed to capture the flavors in this taco the same flavors from the og spot yeah and I don't have to feel bad about myself for me like they all winners but if one the one that I would definitely continue going back to the Mexi understand I love the outside thing I feel like it's just the experience as well and the flavors are grateful Kurtis which one what do you pick what do you like cozy cozy oh yeah I felt like I could taste every ingredient you know some food mm-hmm do you feel like it's all mixed in there but you like I don't know why mm-hmm but I feel like everything about that tango was so intentional yeah each one of them brought something to the table Donnelly's Joseph my 1 oak el Diablo and so see I latching gala don't don't say that I'm gonna say something that I've never told anybody so I'm gonna say I love you and you my friend for this experience alone I appreciate that I love you too yeah all right so we're going next safe there's no more food there my dad took a bag write for me enterprise risk management information system Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.

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