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Write for me software project management research papers pdf

Write for me software project management research papers pdf high school senior capstone project examples for money amnesia 5sos Cook: Last week on the climate of Middle Earth. Professor Dan Lunt, a climate scientist from the University of Bristol, embarked on a quest to simulate the climate of Middle Earth. Lunt: You know, ever since I've been a child, I've been really into the Tolkien books. I've probably read them tens of times if not more. Cook: But one does not simply model the climate of Middle Earth. Assumptions were made. Lunt: Dragons like Smaug and activities of the wizards and Sauron for example may well have raised the CO2 level on Middle Earth. Cook: Once Lunt had built his climate model, it was time to run the simulation and see what his climate model would produce. Lunt: I was amazed actually, it was mainly because I spent so much time doing these past climate worlds that actually in the end I was able to pretty much finish setting up the simulations in one evening. Although it was a very long evening, it was more like an evening and a morning, cause I got quite a bit into it. Cook: However, real world issues also presented their own challenges. Lunt: It was in my spare time, it wasn't funded. But I did run the simulations on the university supercomputer which is free to use by members of the university for research purposes. So I didn't tell anyone I was doing it actually but I did get to a point where I thought maybe if people were, you know, trying to discover a cure for cancer, they might get a bit annoyed that I was running Middle Earth simulations. Cook: After Lunt had completed his simulation, next he had to interpret the results. An important part of understanding what climate models can tell us is recognising their limitations. Lunt: Now the model can't actually tell you anything about the climate on a scale that is smaller than one of these grid boxes. And so what that means, however these grid boxes typically maybe, the very highest resolution models are perhaps of the order of tens of kilometres but most models you're talking hundreds of kilometres. So there are lots of processes in the atmosphere in particular that are actually occurring in reality on a much smaller scale than that. For example, clouds themselves are much smaller than the size of one of these grid boxes and so we have to make approximations to how some of those processes work. Cook: Interpreting his model results presented its own challenges. Lunt took an innovative approach to making sense of the data. Lunt: A useful way of sort of interpreting that model output really was to ask the question what some of these places in Middle Earth, how their climate resembled places in our Earth. And so, for example, I chose a few places in Middle Earth so we started off with the Shire with its rolling hills and you know, it's a very green , very nice part of Middle Earth. And so I thought, well, what is the model predicts of the Shire, how does that compare with the real Earth. And in particular, I knew that the recent film had been, a lot of that if not all had been filmed in New Zealand and so I was very interested as to whether the right choice had been made and whether the Shire’s climate really was like that in New Zealand, for example. So I actually made a map of the world , our Earth, and highlighted all those regions that had a climate similar to that of the Shire. And so we found out, for example, that there were parts of New Zealand that had a climate similar to that of the Shire but actually they were nearly all in the South Island and apparently the film was filmed in the North Island. So it was out by a few hundred miles maybe. Apparently Tolkien envisaged the Shire as being similar at least to parts of the UK. And in fact we found that Leistershire and Nottinghamshire do have a very similar climate to that of the Shire, if you believe the climate model. After doing the Shire, we were obviously interested in other places and in particular we thought, well, Mordor is a very well known part of Middle Earth. It's where the evil Sauron lives. It's very black and desolate. So we tried to find places in the real Earth that were like Mordor . And somewhat to my delight, we found Los Angeles in the U.S. had a climate almost identical to that of Mordor. Also parts of Australia, I think, Alice Springs also had a very Mordor like climate. At the time I did this, England were actually down under in Australia playing cricket against Australia and actually one of the Test matches that we lost was almost right bang in the middle of the most Mordor like climate so I think that almost certainly explained our whitewash by the Aussies this year. Cook: An interesting finding from Lunt's climate model was an alternative scientific explanation of how the Elves left Middle Earth. Lunt: An interesting place in Middle Earth is somewhere called the Grey Havens, which is just on the west coast of Middle Earth. And it's a place where in the books, it turns out that the Elves when they leave Middle Earth and go back to their homeland if you like, they set sail from the Grey Havens and go west to their own country. And actually some of the main characters in Lord of the Rings, actually not Elves but Frodo and Sam, apparently also Gimli and Legolas set sail for the west. And actually we found that one of the reasons why they might have set sail from the Grey Havens is actually it turns out our model predictions is we have very strong easterly winds blowing towards the west at the regions of the Grey Havens. So that explains why they left from there and not for example further south from somewhere in the west of Gondor, for example. Cook: Tolkien wrote about walking, talking trees, called Ents. Lunt's climate model offered a possible new interpretation of Tolkien's Ents Lunt: There’s a lot of discussion in the Lord of the Rings books about the Ents moving and actually these are the trees moving. In the books actually it says that they were looking for their wives, the Entwives and that they travelled vast distances. And actually what our work perhaps suggests is that the real reason they moved is that they were trying to move to more climates that were more suitable to them to flourish and grow. So we certainly found and in the real world, there are, in our Earth there are cases that are predicted by models where trees will actually move in a similar way to the Ents did but they will be moving in response to climate change rather than looking for their wives. Cook: Next week, Lunt will face a challenge that confronts all scientists: communicating the results of his scientific research to the public. Lunt: I originally intended it to be quite short but in the end it was one of the longest papers I've ever written. Cook: He will explain how his climate model helped find a piece of Middle Earth in our own world. Lunt: Just outside Alice Springs, there is a region known as Mordor Pound because in the seventies, some geologists were there and thought the climate and the whole feel of the place was so like Mordor from Tolkien's books that they named it Mordor Pound. Cook: And Lunt will expose his greatest regret in simulating the climate of Middle Earth. Lunt: I got lots of complaints about the fact that I hadn't done that properly so for all those people, I do apologise. Cook: Find out more next week in The Climate of Middle Earth. Lunt: That explains why they left from there and not for example further south from somewhere in the west of Gondor, for example. Cook: That's awesome Dodgen: Wait, didn Sam leave on the boat? I thought it was Frodo Lunt: He did, if you read the appendices. If you read the appendices, he did actually, yeah. Dodgen: I've only seen the movies. Lunt: That happens after. That happens after. Cook: He does too, you're right. Lunt: It's geeky, it's geeky appendix knowledge, I'm afraid. do my dnp capstone paper examples order Marymount Manhattan College.

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