Write For Me Shelly Cashman Powerpoint 2018 Chapters 1 3 Sam Capstone Project 1a E Waste Challenges
Write For Me Shelly Cashman Powerpoint 2018 Chapters 1 3 Sam Capstone Project 1a E Waste Challenges E 107th Street zip 10029
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Write for me shelly cashman powerpoint 2018 chapters 1 3 sam capstone project 1a e waste challenges

Write for me shelly cashman powerpoint 2018 chapters 1 3 sam capstone project 1a e waste challenges write for me walmart capstone project against gay marriage articles Australia [Music] okay so I am currently so dark all know Jesus in just okay so I just realized that I don't have an intro for the tiger TV that you are watching right now I'm working on it right now but you're watching it so this has happened already but anyway so we're just gonna go with this I'm gonna set this set the tone we filmed this way back when and it was during that cold months in st. Louis another pro tip from Andrew Andrew what's your pro tip for the day always bringing any warmers the games it's in st. Louis and then we said hey DJ we want to come up to Indiana to see your team and he said all right cool we'll do a tiger TV so enjoy this Tiger TV with DJ he's gonna talk about the India Tigers and his expectations and how excited he is to be the new owner of the Indiana outfit just outside of Louisville so enjoy what's up everybody welcome back to another edition of Tiger TV I am your host Spiker Helms and I am here with the Indiana Tigers DJ do we what's up are you doing spying I'm doing good man so the season is upon us you've got a little bit better weather than we do not much so this is your third year and you are now the new proud owner of the Indiana Rawlings Tigers that's correct so in your first season what do you kind of expect going on with moving forward into the new season you know we just want to make sure that everybody's getting better any any opportunity we can to get the boys better baseball players keep getting them to grow and anything that we can do here you got a new little new little device that you brought into the facility here and you're kind of showing to us and guys I'm gonna roll some b-roll on the new facility what the new updates are and then the new of tool and the Tigers toolkit is the it tracks it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know this is a basically an interactive video game with real-life swings it's augmented reality like you're literally getting everything and anything that you possibly think of we've been posting a lot of videos too that have the parents reactions in reaction I mean it's a game I mean you know we have walk-offs in the bottom of the sick leave the parents are cheering I mean you know it's it's really really cool it's it's it's one of the best things we could do with the bad weather yeah you know if nothing else I think we've we've been able to get two people to come in and compete and have some fun I mean so if there's been a silver lining to the bad weather you know we've tried to give some opportunity for them to come play and have a lot of fun well when you see something when you see a tool like this when you see the possibility and think you know what we can do with this to make someone better I mean it's an it's a no-brainer yeah so yeah I'm looking forward to that but also you know we've had a lot of fun with it too gang games are still fun yeah and you guys are making a name and youth baseball in this area like going to Elizabethtown I went to Elizabethtown saw saw his team's play baseball right there and you guys are really making a name but you are moving into the high school realm here shortly you had a high school team couple high school teams but you really want to make a hard push at this thing what do you think is that like your next steps to really make that hard push to make a high school program here in southern Indiana well I think it's anything that we can do to to be competitive and that it also is just given opportunities to the kids to improve their game you know 15 16 year-olds you know make them better is you know 17 18 year olds you know what can we do we think that we have a lot of the tools here at our facility where the Tigers workout and some of the things that we would have planned for them some different changes maybe going into next year so you know and I think you know just the whole Tigers Network that we have I think that we can really get on the map with Southern Indiana Louisville area high school Tigers the youth teams what do you kind of project out what he would be your goal in the next 12 months 18 months when it comes to the youth teams yeah so like I said we've seen significant growth you know we're in our third year right now yeah we started out our first year with seven teams we're up to 22 and 20 of those are the 14 and below you know some of the teams are very competitive making a name for themselves across all the tournaments and different tournaments or different leagues and in different places as you mentioned e-town you know Indianapolis Cincinnati you know people are kind of starting to recognize who the Rawlings Tigers are you know but then also you know one of the big things that we have here is we have some of the double-a teams and triple-a teams that are trying to get to the next level and I think that's what we've seen more than any you know from our first year with the seven teams or last year that we had 17 you know we've went to having more major teams and it's the same sometimes it's the same kids yeah you know so we're getting them they're progressing on on their development as baseball players as well as you know bringing some more in more coaches more talented coaches that that people want to play for and and the coaches that see what we're doing here and with our Tigers facility and and you know through long toss so and and one of the one of the things that when I'm when I get into a cage I really try to focus in on what is it like on my perspective that I can like really instill into that player when when you start doing your training with with here in Indiana like when you see a player like what is it that you like really want to attack yeah so with any kids that I'm looking for like even if it's to the team that I code you know just maximum effort just a kid that's just willing to get better you know one of the things you talk about a cage we talking about zero strike one strike hitting yeah you know we're not putting the ball in play you know we're we're trying to hit doubles we're trying to hit triples and how do we get that instilled across to that kid that is willing and ready to work and ready to get better and do everything that he can those are the kids I'm looking for the kids I really want to work it's very DIF though it's like once you get that max effort kid and you're like this guy can absolutely play like I like I just love that atmosphere like it's almost as if like if talent was all equal like just maximizing effort constantly it's just the separator I don't love it well it is and and then I think it's the same thing to look over it just like you just did the smile on their face oh yeah you know the love for the game right um so you want the Mac set for kids but you're ready for the teammates you don't have and that's what we're teaching and I think that's what has been attractive to people to come over and look at the wrongs tigers is you know they're starting to see the a different culture out there and and that's what hopefully we're trying to provide to everybody and that's what you know people see in this so I love it man thank you so much guys play big this weekend thanks again for watching and well we're actually spying on a little a little for one one on this tell me the tell me the crowd here take two Gatorade cups hey if you're out there sponsor me okay so two Gatorade cups and then what else on tape did I get any wrap you wrap the sports tape around the goggles yeah but it is and rope do you think people are going to make these Gatorade I highly doubt it can I view it a shot so if you want to if you want to make these if all you need is Gatorade or you can email me all right so everyone email him at his school email if you want to learn how to make these Gatorade binoculars - Shannon or a Shannon [Music] [Music] write for me environmental analysis and industry analysis for the capstone project General Theological Seminary.

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