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Write for me senior capstone paper

Write for me senior capstone paper write for me enterprise risk management tools in excel essay module 10 We have a brand new mayoral appointee who is here with us tonight, Mr. Issac Carmignani. Well Issac I’ve known for about 12 years. Yes. Issac has been very active, was, as of yesterday, the co-person of District 30 CDC. This is District 75. [Tone] Welcome to the board. I know. [Laughter] You shouldn’t have said those words. Welcome. [Applause] Anyway welcome and we’re delighted, I’m delighted to have you all and we’ll have the CDC meeting later of course (inaudible). Then we also have to say goodbye to someone, who you all know. Noro Healy has worked for the city at BERS Department of Education, Board of Education 43 years. [Applause] And you’ll be leaving on January 9th is it? Absolutely. [Laughter] Anyway, we thank your so much for your service to the children of the city, and to the employees of the city who you have served in this capacity and before we just let you run out the door we’re going to ask you to take the roll call. I’ll be glad to do so. In attendance, Fred Baptiste. Present. Issac Carmignani? Carmignani. Carmignani. That’s fine. Excuse me. Elzora Cleveland (Show of hand) Joseph D’Amico Present. Norm Fruchter Here. Kathleen Grimm Here. Vanessa Leung Here. Lori Podvesker Here. Milagros Rodriguez Here. We have a quorum. Thank you very much. Thank you. [Inaudible] Thank you very much. OK, first up calendar item number 1. Noting the minutes of meeting of the Board of Retirement, Board of Education Retirement System held on July 16th for consideration and action. May I have the motion to place it on calendar please? (Show of hand) So moved. Seconded please? Second. Second. So moved , so moved. Any questions or comments? All those in favor? Aye. Opposed? Any abstentions? Carried, thank you. I would just like to remind everyone that the September, was it September or October? October. October. We didn’t have a quorum. OK. Second, next up are calendar items 2 through 29. Christine are calendar items 2 through 29 the regular business of… [Tone] ...regular business of the Board of Education Retirement System? Yes Sir, calendar items 2 through 29 are the routine business of the Board of Education Retirement System. Thank you. May I have a motion to put it on the table? So moved. Can I have a second? Second. Any questions or comments? OK. All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? Any abstentions? So moved, so carried. Thank you. Calendar item number 30 is a routine item. It is usually done at the end of the last meeting of the year. This authorizes the Comptroller of the City of New York to invest, sell and exchange funds. May I have a motion to put it on the table please? I’ll move. Second? Second. Are there any questions or comments on them? OK. All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? Any abstentions? Thank you, carried. OK. Calendar items 31 through 39 with the permission of the board they were all done previously through email, because they dealt with investments that were time-limited, and they were in between meetings that we had so we did it by electronic vote, we are ratifying those items today. So if it pleases the board, I’d like to combine them all together to make things move a lot easier. So calendar items 31 through 39, may I have a motion to put them on the calendar? So moved. Second please? (Show of hands) Any comments or questions? OK. All those in favor? Aye. Any against? Any abstentions? Carried unanimously. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. OK, calendar items 40, since we didn’t have the meeting in October because we didn’t have a quorum, Robert C. North the Actuary of the City of New York has retired as of the end of October. We have a resolution that was read and a plaque was given to Mr. North on that day but we are putting it on the table today for consideration and action. So may I have a motion on the table for the resolution to commend Robert North and his duties to the City of New York? I’ll move. Second please? Second. Any questions, any comments? I’d just like to make a comment. Finding and actuary for New York City is not easy. I remember when Robert was hired the first time as Actuary back in '90 something. and he has served very well. I am not at all surprised that the city has elected a stop gap measure to woo him back. He has been very familiar with the system. He is terrific. Mr. North is back on a temporary basis until a permanent Actuary is replaced. OK, all those in favor. Aye. Any opposed? Any abstentions? Carried unanimously. Thank you. Alright, calendar item 41 is authorization to extend an agreement with Gary Tunnicliffe and Jack Ziegler to provide consulting services to the Board of Education Retirement System. Throughout the past couple of years the Board of Ed Retirement System has been going under a new computer system. OK. Ziegler and Tunnicliffe are consultants, is that correct? Consultants on the project. The project is about three quarters done. So this is to authorize to extend the agreement with Tunnicliffe and Ziegler for a period of…? (Inaudible) This is a resolution that we passed actually in July, the July meeting. There is a technical correction that the comptroller’s office asked us to make as to the (inaudible) that you see there, so the board has already approved this but for the technical correction that’s in the resolution that you have today. (Inaudible) It goes to February 2016. OK can I have a motion to put this on the table please? So moved. Second please? Second. Are there any questions, any comments? All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? Any abstentions? Carried unanimously. Thank you. Thank you again ladies and gentlemen. OK calendar item 42 is a resolution to attend the Vitech user group conference. At the time when this was brought up we didn’t have a location for it. We do now have a location. Vitech is the group that is doing the computer programming system for the retirement system. So this is a conference, a conference to send the IT Director… ...and the Director of Operations. ...to the conference to get a better idea on the system. May I have a motion to put it on the table? So moved. Second? (Show of hand) OK. Any questions or comments? This is a budgeted item that we approved from the budget a few months ago? Yes. The money is in the budget but we didn’t know the location, so we couldn’t put in in the resolution to authorize the attendance (inaudible). And now we have a location? Any other questions or comments? All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? Any abstentions? Carried unanimously. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. And once again I want to thank Mr. Healy for his service. He’s been very helpful to me in my tenure on the board. You’ll be sorely missed. I agree. Thank you. Good luck to you and God speed. To Noro Healy! [Applause] Well we are out of here with business. Well I’d like to wish everyone happy holidays as you start celebrating to a happy, happy new year. And I’d like to thank everybody for coming to the meeting and it’s really well appreciated to have everybody. OK and again, from me, happy holidays and a joyous new year. Thank you. Happy new year. Thanks everybody. Happy holidays everybody. Oh I am sorry, may I have a motion to adjourn? So moved. Can I have a second? Second. All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? No abstentions, we’re done. Thank you. [Laughter] internet of things topics Fashion Institute of Technology.

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