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Write for me sample of a capstone project

Write for me sample of a capstone project capstone winch employee assistance program thesis ´╗┐well after that our next guest doesn't need much of an introduction but please help us give Super Bowl champion and cowboys legend our original number 88 Drew Pearson a warm gym yeah thank you guys thank you oh don't worry I'm still fired up that's my question you had one of the most memorable it's not the most memorable announcements in the history of any draft what got you so fired up and why did you feel like you need to say all that in such a hostile environment yeah sitting in a green room for about two and a half hours waiting for the opportunity to make my selection for the Cowboys I said after watching the other guys go up there I said after sitting here all this time I'm not just going to go up there and read a card I need to say something a little different I wanted to make the point about being an undrafted free agent and having that opportunity to finally have your name called at a draft and be able to walk out on that stage and I want to and as the Eagle fan started booing me and it got louder and louder I started to want to make these points and as I was making those points about the five-time World Champs Hall of Fame owner Jerry Jones not a known enough I started talking louder thinking I needed to talk louder to get over those boos so the emotion was flowing and the excitement was there and I felt the moment and I tried to just take the take advantage of it drew its calves you made me so happy with that moment I will never forget it and a couple of eagles greats also had some time in that very same greenroom on the next day they came to the podium and they had this to say in response to you thank you thank you over to day three of the 2017 NFL Draft welcome to my town [Applause] what was the Philadelphia home of the best fans in the country in the best city in the country is what I say two things first of all I love you guys second of all if anybody from Dallas steps to this doggone podiums in my city in my town we're going to get my true philadelphia welcome enjoy your day [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey listen Philadelphia you ought to be proud of yourselves you are representing right now she you have set the bar what the trap is supposed to be like that's how you do it that's how we do it yeah Hey and let let all the haters hate don't care don't worry about to hate it bu bu if you want to do what you do you do what you do five goes by Dawkins Westbrook love you both I'm gonna give you a fee plus C plus I'm Matt drew what is your message back today let's start so stuff here well I first of all I say too late I was already in Dallas by the time they got back on the stage too late the Cowboys were out of town by then just like we did back in the day when we beat the Eagles we beat them hopped on a plane and headed right back to Dallas a little too late for them who they should have had out there was a number 46 cornerback Herm Edwards then on the other side they should have had grown L young and then their strong safety number 41 Randy Logan Logan and the free safety number 28 Bill Bradley that's who they shouldn't worry about what I said because they were a pretty good secondary back in the day for Stewart oh that is so good I love that you remember all the guys you went against just like boom boom boom boom yes yes yes drew look I look at dude the Cowboys as an organization you mentioned Jerry Jones but Michael Irvin wore 88 and then dez bryant wore 88 you're the original 88 in that Cowboys uniform what's it mean to see that lineage of that jersey and how des is representing it today yeah it means a lot you know and uh you know I wore it and did some great things in it but it's not a legacy unless you pass it on in the next person that takes it does even better things in it and that's when Michael Irvin did when he came to Dallas he said drew do you mind if I wear two double-a so I said first of all this is not mine but if you do wear it do more than I did in it don't just do what I did do more and Michael did a lot more winning three Super Bowls end up being an NFL Hall of Famer and then when we got together with Dez we told Dez you got a big chip on your shoulder because you got to do more than Drew Pearson and Michael Irvin did in that double-a and Dez is certainly on his way in accomplishing that no doubt about that let's spin this forward Jerry Jones has already expressed interest in hosting the draft in Dallas now what if that goes down and you have someone like a her med words or a Joe Theismann it tries to come in and do what you did how will you protect that house yeah good question we let them know we let him have it there's no question about it the the Brian Dawkins was right with one thing they did set the bar with that jab they did a great job with the draft commend the city of Philadelphia for the way they handled things I know how smoothly things went that during the time I was there for sure so we got to top that if the draft does come here next year so if those guys end up on the stage any Philadelphia Eagle Washington Redskin New York Giants will let them know how we cowboy kids fans and cowboy nation feels about them for sure sure you became a bigger hero in Dallas but a bigger villain in Philadelphia in fact our staff here has put together a list of the greatest Philly villains and you're checking in at number three on that list you know Santa Claus at number one remorse so Joe Carter in the world so year three but you're beating out the likes of Trey clean Ivan Drago and Drake right so mr. Pearson how do you feel every three well I enjoy it because I for years for 41 years actually I've been the enemy of the state in Minnesota so my brand has extended from Minnesota to Philadelphia as far as the hatred is concerned so that's good let's kick New York in the mix and Washington initially well knowing that sometimes is here to be the villain say hello to a bad guy to me unnatural now listen sure there were 100 engineering players who declared for the NFL Draft with eligibility left 30 of those guys went undrafted you undrafted out of Tulsa in 1973 now being a member of the Cowboys Ring of Honor what's your message to the guys that went undrafted they don't worry about it all you want is the opportunity and being an undrafted free agent you have a chance not only to get that opportunity but - so maybe select a team that's the best fit for you as an undrafted free agent I had a chance to sign with Green Bay Pittsburgh or Dallas and Pittsburgh offered the most money Green Bay was too cold for this brother be catching passes so I did up signing Dallas mainly because they gave me the best opportunity to make that team they had a history at that time of free agents making their roster and coach Landry stressed that once you got into training camp everybody was the same free agent and draft choices and everybody was going to get that equal opportunity to make the cowboy team so these undrafted free agents don't get discouraged hang in there just your opportunity and be ready for the key is whatever shape you're in it's not going to be enough once you get there you're going to find that out but try to be in the best shape possible to take advantage of the opportunity well drew we appreciate you joining us many not just a legend for the Dallas Cowboys here a legend in the NFL and sure I needed that today you know because I'm facing some haters here at the breakfast-table and you just tell me that even though people trying to keep you down and judge you to say I don't care on you big tears trigger because Brad I did my best thanks beautiful your appearance and awesome stuff it was amazing that was very we need to have to drop in Dallas I mean I'm all for now that's to have him defend the house I'm into it through I love his feel evil internet of things banking industry New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis.

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