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Write for me sample nursing capstone research paper

Write for me sample nursing capstone research paper write for me capstone title using arduino journey of india from 2018 to 2050 essay ´╗┐hi guys it's your girl kill chemist and I am popping on camera to do a very quick spontaneous haul video so I was in Boston today I actually went up there for a natural hair associated activity and was with one of my friends and um we had discovered a goodwill there the last time but we didn't have a lot of time to spend in that goodwill so today after we completed what we were there to do we decided to see if we could find the goodwill again and we did and I must say this is a I am so thrilled I can't wait to show you the things that I got everything that I'm about to show you total 262 dollars it is all coat slash Blazers slash jackets or whatever and yeah let me get started I'm not even going to do a whole long spiel on it let me just move this chair out the way and start showing you what's in my bag so this first laser it is like a nice crisp winter white somebody went to the dry cleaner with it but if you look beyond the dry cleaner tag you will see that this is a banana republic blazer the price was $9.99 but I think there was maybe a slight percentage off of certain things and so it's going to try this on ah look at that guy's this light is so bright let me move this out of the way a little bit there you go you can see it has this nice light textured kind of like a woven or crochet knit it kind of texture to it most of these have like the little MIDI quarter length sleeve situation but I just love this and I thought it was so nice and again it is Banana Republic fully lined very nice blazer moving right along I also grabbed this blazer which is in if you can see that and tail Olaf blazer really nice this one has bullying please and it has it's like a kind of like I guess is that a tweet or something will blend it has like black and pink and tan just different colors running through it and I thought I could do a lot with this you're not even dressed this up or down it is also like an off-white color love the little belt detail it buttons from here and comes back around and buttons there and it just hits like a dream so that's the second one the third one that I picked up is another Banana Republic blazer this is like a light grey very light grey like a nice wool blazer two buttons there it has pockets on the front and again it fits really nice it also has the same buttons on the sleeve and I just thought this is so cute to be worn as like a blazer or even you know it's heavy enough to kind of be want as the outer coat now that it's fall and I just really love this it's got the little split in the back so cute so that's the third hunt next I picked up this blazer this is by Italy this is by I can't remember I don't know who this is by but it's so cute it's like this like yellow tweed like wool love the lining oh my god I wish the lining on the outside of the coat and it has the MIDI kind of sleeves love the buttons as well they look like a little basket like woven baskets really cute so it has two buttons down low and then there's like a gap and there's a button up here I don't know why I had space like that but it's so cute there are two little kind of faux pockets they're not full pockets Jer and I've just been kind of flipping this up here at the sleeve the belt part I don't love how this hangs and I may go to the sewing machine and adjust that part but other than that I just thought this was so huge love the color again it's like a pale yellow tannish kind of yellow color that's just looks so cute there's more wait wait for it next I got oh my god yes as soon as I saw this I was like I have to get this jacket um the brand is Harris Tweed is hand-woven 100% virgin scottish wool and that's the tag inside of the coat and the color on this is just amazing it's kind of like this ah it's a it's you know the sleeves are sure they're supposed to be that's not like you know they're too short they're perfect it's like the MIDI kind of length sleeve and the color on this is like it's hard to tell on camera but it's like kind of a teal based roll and then it has some like Browns and golden colors running through it I feel like I can pull out Burgundy's Purple's out of this coat and just really you know make it work it has the little pockets on the outside this one has two buttons here and here and yeah this it's nice and warm it's wool I mean and it's just such a nice looking jacket I love the collar I just I love everything about it and it fits really nice you can do this over a dress with slacks with jeans and a cute shirt to dress it up really like that I know you're like are you not done yet you said you only spent $62 next oh my god so the other day can't remember what I was about to wear but I was like man I wish I had a red coat to go with this go I went up in there and ran across this this is the brand on this is enough you can see that it says divide it and it's by hmm such a cute little coat it's red it has black buttons I said I told my friend I kind of look like a ladybug but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the buttons as is or eventually swap them out but uh it has you know it's kind of like a double breasted kind of coat a hat slight snaps to secure this part on the bottom it is too cute so it's a really nice little red coat and the fabric is just really nice and soft I just love it I thought this was so nice all right and it comes down to just like right here at my thigh so it'll go nice with pants or over a dress really can't go wrong with that and the fit is just so nice next I picked up this this is an Old Navy um blazer it's brown and it's kind of like a canvas see tight fabric I love the sleeves on this coat I thought this was too cute see the sleeve it's got like the little fitted sleeve that puffs at the end whatever you call that particular type of sleeve and look at that again the fit is just awesome has a little belt across the back and I love this I've been looking for like a brown kind of coat and I just it has pockets I know a lot of these are shorter sleeves but I'm going to be able to you know do them with Twitter's and longer sleeves and just make it work so very pleased with this and like I said this has that really nice texture you could dress this up or you could just wear this as a nice out overcoat because of the texture of the fabric and I just totally adore this coat and the last thing I picked up is actually I forgot this is not an actual coat or blazer it's actually a little sweater this is this is Elena Solano it's a hundred percent cashmere on if you can see that and I love I got it because of the jewels neckline I mean it's totally intact not one jewel is missing and I thought it would be so cute to wear because of you know holidays are coming up and it's so freaking soft oh my gosh it's so soft and yet guys I can't wait to put this in some type of outfit of the day and that is my haul my $62 hole I mean with just those brands that I named and Taylor Banana Republic hmm you know that like maybe just two or three of those items with $62 on the clearance rack in the store that they belong in so if this is not enough to encourage those of you who don't thirst or shop to go through store shopping I really do encourage you I think this was at the goodwill off with Dudley is it Dudley Street so yeah think gently somewhere near Dudley Street in Boston so I think on Sundays blue tags or certain percent off and I think some of the other tags have my receipt in here thank some of the other Tech's may have been a little bit off of percentage off but I got all of these items for $62 so just wanted to share that with you guys definitely be looking for them at upcoming outfit of the day videos you know how I do not promising exactly when I'm going to wear them but when I do I'll definitely let you know that they are thrifted pieces alright guys bye capstone senior project order General Theological Seminary.

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