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Write for me reviews of capstone treatment center

Write for me reviews of capstone treatment center capstone ministries mitchell in spanish period in the philippines powerpoint presentation ´╗┐Marvel Comics recently released the following variant cover for its upcoming Spider Woman comic book upon seeing it the internet lost its collective mind Elle magazine's writer Megan Freedman said imagine spider-man in that position instead and the concept would have never gotten this far and according to io9 if it's inappropriate for a male character it should also be inappropriate for a female character even Time magazine weighed in on the controversy saying a male hero would never be placed in the same physical position except he already has oops welcome to the best show in the universe I'm Maddox the cover of the amazing spider-man number 30 had the following cover on it in the exact same pose as the controversial Spider Woman cover except over a decade ago and nobody cared or even noticed yet when Marvel Comics dares release a variant cover by famous Italian artist Milo Manara people were tripping over themselves to be offended everyone from time at the Guardian and slate to Daily Mail Entertainment Weekly and even he covered the story the reason well according to Rob Britain from IO 9 even the dumbest horniest teenage boy on the planet knows that there's no fabric on this earth that could possibly cling to Jessica drew with individual buttocks like that yes in a world where a woman is injected with radioactive spider blood and developed superhuman speed agility and stamina the hardest thing to believe apparently is that no real fabric could possibly adhere to her contours like that right dipshit rincon goes on to criticize the cover saying that she looks like she's wearing body paint and that's a big no-no for an industry still trying to remember that women exist and perhaps read comics and also don't want to feel completely gross when they do so first of all when you assume that covers like this are made strictly for the benefit of teenage boys you're being heterosexist you're assuming that there are only straight comic book readers and that they are all either strictly male and heterosexual or female and heterosexual for someone who's supposedly taking the moral high ground on criticizing an industry for forgetting women you seem to have conveniently forgotten that lesbian and bisexual women exists and that some of them may actually appreciate covers like this as well not that you need to have a particular sexual orientation to appreciate art even if it is evocative and as for the criticism that she looks like she's wearing body paint the artist me manera actually admitted to this saying that many superheroes look like they're wearing body paint Superman for example is naked and painted blue spider-man is naked in red and blue and Spider Woman is painted red he said that it's part of a trick that publishers use to create superhero forms nude and he's right take a look at spider woman's ass superimposed over spider-man's ass they match up almost identically it's just a stylistic choice that has long existed in the comic book industry who cares spider-man has always looked nude for example an amazing spider-man issue 553 his suit looks like it's painted on adhering to every single contour on his body this is what a person wearing real spandex looks like Rider Eliana dr. Monroe magazine points out that Mila manera is known for his erotic style and wonders why hire him to draw a major character oh I don't know maybe because he's won major awards has 45 years of experience and iconic style and tens of thousands of loyal fans 50% of whom are female which according to him also appreciate his art and view it as a celebration of the body not as pornography and Megan Friedman from L piles on with this condescending and frankly sexist article titled this is what happens when men try to drop email superheroes she suggests that if they want to attract female fans they should at least have their male superheroes pose like this - thanks for the moral lecture Friedman but I don't need lessons on sexual propriety from Elle magazine which is published cover after cover after cover of women in evocative poses oh that sound means you're running dangerously low on your moral authority first of all this is a variant cover meaning that you don't have to buy it if you don't want to it's completely optional for fans and collectors here's the actual cover and even this draws Freeman's ire as she winds that her bust is in the spotlight well sure if you completely ignore her head you know the part of her body that's closest to the cameras point of view for the record there is nothing inherently sexual about the variant cover and even if there were so what what's wrong with having a sexual character over 47% of comic book fans are female so people who suggested it might alien women are being condescending pricks the most popular piece of fiction among women in years was Fifty Shades of Grey an erotic novel by constantly bitching about this horseshit you're conditioning people into treating sex like it's something degrading and shameful it's not spider-woman is simply climbing up the building if you don't want to sexualize her then don't sexualize her sexual ization occurs inside your mind and anything can be sexualized if you want it to be for example some people Arata size feet or hands I don't know why but they just do there isn't anything inherently sexual about feet or hands or any other body part including breasts asses penises and vaginas it depends entirely on context if that weren't the case then straight male doctors who are performing life-saving breast cancer operations would have boners clearly they don't so there must be something more to an image in order for it to be sexual context matters you morons some people consider this painting of Spider Woman as her presenting herself but the important part of that sentence is some people spider woman isn't presenting herself to an imaginary enclave of onlookers any more than spider-man is presenting himself to the criminals he just apprehended on the cover of his comic in context Spider Woman and spider-man are simply crawling about not doing anything inherently sexual there is a movement on the internet called the Hawkeye initiative the things that's cute to take male characters and draw them in the same pose as women however when Elle magazine can find a problem with the cover as innocuous as this I can only imagine apoplectic shippment they would have thrown if they drew Spider Woman in a male pose that had her spread eagle like this people would have decried the cover as sexist for spotlighting her vagina and called foul yet when it's spider-man nobody even bats an eye even though you can clearly see an outline of his testicles nice double standard you insufferable Apes with associating sexuality with negativity there's nothing wrong with sex being sexual or even sexualizing objects just because a person is sexualized doesn't mean that he or she loses worth or value as a human being if you think they do then you're warped and you need to have a healthier view of sex we're demonizing what arguably the most human aspect of humanity that's it for now until next time on Mad ox [Music] breasts asses penises vaginas breasts asses penises vaginas breasts asses penises vaginas [Music] do my capstone nursing exam Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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