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Write for me researchable topics in accounting

Write for me researchable topics in accounting capstone capsim presentation organocatalysis thesis statement ´╗┐yeah she hit an asshole in some way she yeah she am a counter favorite come up she goes but she don't make jump that's the difference which has been tarnished by gambling there's even a book out that claims he's addicted to gambling and that he doesn't pay his debts and now the National Basketball Association is looking into these charges this is the first time Michael Jordan has done an extensive interview about his gambling when we caught up with him at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe last weekend he told me he's going to change his ways because of the book because of the NBA because he's a hero to millions of kids ah Michael Jordan says it's because of his wife [Music] [Music] don't have to be a sports fan to know that this man is beyond human Michael Jeffrey Jordan nicknamed air because the laws of gravity just don't seem to apply your professor how does my defy gravity do you know do you know you know do you know at age 30 Jordan has led the Chicago Bulls to three straight NBA championships the dream team to an Olympic gold medal and most importantly he's given America and the world a sorely needed hero he's a modern-day Elvis a Jordan sighting sparked a frenzy he touch a burst of Tears what is not normal sometimes it LO embarrassing is it because you're the greatest athlete in the world that's hard to judge great basketball player in the world that's still hard to judge oh come on are you sure this isn't a no shucks kind of routine ya know this is me believe me this is me [Music] being mike means making a record 36 million dollars a year in commercial endorsements Air Jordan is the second Raptor off the floor blew the window off the wall nothing but net and being Mike according to the World Almanac for six years running means being the most popular human on the planet if you could be built rental market is going to be like Jordan Michael Jordan basketball people all over the world like him and who like Bill Clinton I'd be a president with a better jump shot can you go anywhere maybe outside the country and not be recognized I used to I used to go to Paris a lot because Paris was a place that you know I could just walk on the streets I can sit down at dinner have lunch or whatever and people never really paid attention he could feel a great deal of freedom oh I'd love to do that just stay outside out there I wouldn't want to go inside at all I just love sitting out and watching people Michael you really do seem very normal you know well a cop is normal as possible Jordan has always pursued normalcy like a championship ring I always felt I was in The Bachelor when we met in end up doing my cooking my dishwashing you know these are things that I should do at home because we had chores to do at home like poster kids for a clean living true yeah some of those things have changed I don't do them now as often as I've said but I love you know fashion anymore if I make a mess I will you know I will if the mais not coming today or you know soon and it's a mess and I'm a tidy person I don't like to have a dirty home or untidy situation the maid is not the only important addition in Jordan's life we need a Jordan two young sons and a daughter share the burden of being related to a legend and understandably Juanita prefers staying in the background tell me about your wife very very many thank you break a good mother Gloria huh boss I love the death though I think she got since a human just banging around you laugh that was great what Robert everything included while see the public Jordan may be the world's greatest basketball player at home the legend gets bent she's a she's a hit an asshole in some ways yeah she I am kind of afraid of her but not not to the point where you know I won't go outside I won't do anything else she runs out so I must give her that she's the boss she's the boss but she don't make jump shots that's the difference [Applause] while Jordans heroics on the court are phenomenal 63 points in a single playoff game you might not know about his off-court heroics with underprivileged children despite a hectic schedule that rivals the president don't look for a limo or a driver this megastar likes to keep things simple [Music] all season he runs a basketball camp you're afraid going to club normally and with the help of his mother to Lord he runs the Michael Jordan foundation which serves needy kids in Chicago remember I saw you there of laga neurology being involuntarily elected to the status of master role model has not been easy he says it's a heavy burden because they expect you to be the most perfect human being that you can be and for a while so I tried to do that I tried to live that that life will being the most perfect person but I had to come to my senses ham just as human as anyone else I don't know when was the turning point turning poll with the gambling although that did the gambling incidents get illustrated that hey I made a mistake Jordans mistake mixing his lust for golf with heavy betting two years ago it was revealed that Jordan had written checks totaling a hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars to pay his gambling debts including one to a convicted cocaine dealer he had golfing gambled with although Jordan did not break the law or any NBA rules the league reprimanded him for gambling with unsavory characters the scandal tarnished Jordan's squeaky-clean image and raised questions about his judgment actually I was game on normally of this guy's background wouldn't you characterize another mistake in that incident the fact that you said it was alone in the beginning I mean because in Missouri a sense of the word Michael that could be considered a lie right a lie to me you yeah I mean that would be considered mistake gambling has cut short or even ruined a lot of professional sports careers can you give it up terry gilliam what gambling oh sure if it affects my life or where I play the game or jeopardize my family or my financial status or whatever or the security of my family sure I give up in a minute to solidify my arguments you know whatever I lost I don't know one even though I shouldn't tell you this but I will T what about lost is 108 fifty five or whatever I've lost I've always giving it back to my wife so whatever checkout neck hit honey I'm sorry for the embarrassment I'm sorry for what I've caused for you know losing this amount of money you know here take it do what you have to do with it I wasted it so this is yours this is the kids this is whatever I didn't have to tell you that but that tells me and I'm sure that I'm not a gamma holic I know where I am I know what I'm doing but if I feel I've done something that has embarrassed a parent I want to correct it but yet I want to move on up on the team as well all right I'm gonna play shrink here see all right okay I'm supposed to play patient know what when you said that you gave your wife the fifty seven thousand and one hundred nine thousand that you lost you know that says to me you feel guilty about it I feel guilty that I didn't actually didn't tell her I lost it that's what the guilt comes from oh you didn't tell her but then when you do give her that money you do tell her no but when you lost it at the planning lesson I was really embarrassed to tell anybody because I lost that's the most embarrassing thing is that I lost but I mean I had to tell her because I mean she could keep on also I'll explain everything that comes in and leaves she sees as well as myself and you know I don't want anything hidden from her even though I try to keep things from you know in a sense away from her because I know her she did you lose that much I can't believe you lost it much she's concerned that hey don't don't make this a habit here you know which I really I mean I can stop if you mean bother you if it's something that's gonna have us go opposite ways fine I won't do it and I've learned from for my wife's perspective driven to bed ten to twenty fifty dollars at the nose and that's it that's good do you think you have a gambling problem at all because I can stop gambling I have a competition problem a competitive problem setting on anything from jump shots and practice through putt is common among athletes they just aren't allowed to bet on their own sport he's like a little devil on this side I got an angel in the side everyone did I listen to him every night Jordan's best friend Charles Barkley or the Phoenix son thinks Jordan trust people too easily and is a target for opportunity these people not his friend what people the public in general oh no but you got to realize it you know everybody he's obviously a great businessman to everybody there by alright now released on the show they got a friend opportunist is what Jordans friends called this man Richard is Kenan who wrote and published a scathing bet Intel book at the height of the NBA Playoffs esteemeth the California businessman who played golf with Jordans claims they went on a betting spree which ended with Jordan owing him 1.2 million dollars as heinous charges Jordan with being an addictive compulsive gambler Mike when I got out of control wagering at levels that that shouldn't be waged that for anybody whether you an athlete or not on Monday akina's met with NBA representatives to discuss the allegations in his book I don't wanna play commissioner and I don't want to play MBA but Michael should be reprimanded for gambling out of control what NBA rules did he bring to my knowledge he again I'm not the commissioner but as I understand it he did not break any rules because there's no rules against legalized gambling and casinos or on the golf course so what should what should Michael Jordan be recommended for well the league I think and the Commissioner is concerned that maybe the gambling is spewing off into other sports or other activities well do you have any knowledge that it has spewed off into other sports I have no country knows that it has a schema today we wrote the book as a friend Warren Jordan that he had a serious gambling addiction oh my hope was that maybe a reach out to Michael and maybe he could see but that by I was going through about what I had experienced that maybe he could gain some insight into what impact gambling in the situation in him and I went through know of the brand would write a scathing book that is critical of a person's gambling problem release it in the middle of playoffs at a critical time when the friend what unquote Frenchie's you're concentrating on the game sure the friendship had been betrayed by Michael long before that did you lose 1.2 million dollars in to Richard Christina no no how much did you be 300 L knows is what I paid 300 thousand dollars over three year period and you paid it up I paid it up actually I was in the process of faking off all the payments Boni people this died we never had a written agreement that was more that's going off in my honor and I felt he dishonored me so I owe him any more at all so how much do you owe him what what was the remaining balance zero from my book now write a book on it he says in his book at one point you said you may as well shoot if cannon says pay him do you remember saying anything like that so I'm good to be a valid person I mean I couldn't harm a fly really I said Michael I expect payment he says I I just assumed shoot you as pay you did you actually believe that Michael Jordan was capable of violence well I I didn't I didn't want to believe that that's true and right now as we speak I don't know that Michael was capable of that kind of violence even in your book you said you didn't take it under the dim Pegasus that I hoped but I did take it to my therapist who was very concerned about it if you didn't take it seriously why did you put it in your book I took it to a level of seriousness but not to the level that I was shaking in my mind my sleep every night that Michael was going to come in and shoot me and you really want the publicity for the book and to make thousands of dollars on a blockbuster bill that was not the primary motive for the book was it one of the most Oh if the book sells and does well I'm a businessman I hope it does I hope it makes money jordan says he has learned new lessons not to bet large amounts of money and to run a check on people before he lets them get too close the dental is harder for people to get to get inside how do you check enough that means you dad dad took him out seriously yeah like it was like a detective agency something like that I've had you check that just kidding oh good I'm clean yeah well do native you the thought has occurred that you aren't really gambling with money you're gambling with your reputation gambling with your good name what would this considered my good name the period of all Pierre the person that doesn't make mistakes I'm not the perfect of all people I do make mistakes just like any other person I go to that feast like any other person maybe it's time for other people who step in and live this lifestyle I won't have a problem with that I'm past that stage in my life that I must live the perfect life if that's what it takes I'm not demand for you even superstars have wishes the one thing Michael Jordan wishes for is the one thing his hands have taken away Michael if you were invisible what would you do good news no part with my kids and then that in hello and I miss it there's so many people there that you know as they were just invade on the time that I would try to get to my family and that would be the number one thing I would do first I asked Jordan if he resents the questions on gambling his answer yes and no it is his private life but he says he wanted to get the matter off his chest he hopes he has put the gambling issue to rest and Jordan says there are no outstanding debts that will turn up 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