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Write for me research paper topics in public health

Write for me research paper topics in public health write for me average age menopause onset information technology report topics I game Rob here it's the evening of 22 february 2016 i've got a video from the sharpening bench for you guys tonight and thank you for watching by the way and welcome to you first-timers you might find this video on google or some other search engine looking for this particular knife welcome to the channel please feel free to subscribe me we should see Oh two or three new videos per week usually knife related sometimes I'll sprinkle in a little bit of the gospel but for tonight we're looking at the the Andre de Villiers Hummer the adv Hummer this one obviously made in 2015 Oh guys I just don't know if looking at this by itself on camera can really do it justice so here it is next to a large Sebenza which doesn't look very large let's see if we can orient these in another way I'll put them sort of front of the handle to front of the handle diagonally it Dwarfs the Sebenza of course the cévennes is not a huge knife but this thing is a an unbelievable tank and you guys know if you watched my overbuilt folders rant video that this is a knife I am just playing never gonna buy it's just never gonna happen it's huge what we've got here is a very highly stylized sort of bayonet ground blade 176,000 sore four and a half millimeters thick fashion of CPM s35vn steel with a monstrous flat big rib running down the length of the blade all the way out to here four hundred eight inches long if I didn't mention it already the handle like five and three-eighths inches so what does that give you a total a nine and a half inch overall length folding knife the handle a full five minutes of an inch thick it is a titanium frame lock with a steel lock interface insert that also doubles as an over travel stop I think you can actually see that as you look right there in the slot typical Andre de villiers sort of design and execution I think on this knife it is sort of a tritone titanium a very dark blast in the recesses the the flats are nicely finished satin and then around the edges of the frame slabs almost a mirror polished very cool on the blade they have a little crowning at the front of the flipper tab which is kind of cool and it is vertical satin in the hollow grind of the blade and the swedge which is also hologram and then a horizontal satin on the flats a very nice run of jumping and an oval hole I'm not quite sure what that thing does I guess you can maybe open it with that no not with the right hand very easy Oh big old DTaP don't think you're going to do that too many times it is a flipper deployed knife on ball bearings with that Andre de Villiers interesting micro adjustable pivot so you can adjust tension without affecting centering I guess is the thinking on that there's a lot of tension on that pivot even with ball bearings it flips great but you don't really want this blade I think freely falling into the blade well you really don't it could probably just shear a finger doing that pocket clip is a machine billet titanium clip works well I'm not sure this is ever a carry knife and it is but this came in the latest shipment from my customer Scott he he says you guys have heard me say it's probably my highest volume customer and he sends me some pretty weird stuff not weird in a good way let's talk about the sense this is a from the sharpening bench video let's kind of talk about the edge a minute and guys I realize before we get into this this is a collectible cuffs thomas' probably desk jewelry this is not a carry knife although it probably falls into the tactical folder class it's not a user it's a piece of mechanical functional sculpture but it was super thick at the edge I don't know what angle it was ground from the factory it looked like it was fairly symmetrical meaning both edge bevels right and left we're about the same width from the factory but it was probably 45 degrees inclusive and it was probably 25 on one side and 20 on the other so it took a lot of work to get to where you see it right now it's 18 degrees per side with a little tiny 21 degree micro bevel and it was not fun it just was not fun this US 35 is heat treated I would say probably 260 is 61 are see not easy at the elta more elevated grips to get to get my scratch pattern squared away from the last grit was just it was a beast to sharpen you're gonna notice here at the base of the edge on all ADV knives there is a child and it's round so it's like it's almost like it was drilled and then the knife cut away you'll notice my child is it's like half of an ellipse I had to enlarge it quite a bit to clear you know a swoopy plunge grind especially since the edge bevel that definitely got broadened out a little bit so it would actually cut it doesn't look overly broad I don't think I just needed some room in the back and the Toyo Maud came up for you let's see if this thing cuts because it sure did not before gates going for out behemoth over half a pound tonight that those only on the stones for about an hour and a half and by another half an hour on this drops yeah cuz you got personal it really did I hated it every minute of it but you know the typical what we typical to what we see from Andre just a very very well-made knife I am not I'm not going to buy one of these I am not wild about the design I'm not wild about the size the thickness the shape of the blade not my style none of it but it is a super well-made knife for what it is and if you're I as a consumer or a collector jives with Andres design I you're going to be happy to have one of these because the manufacturer is executed superbly you know it's just over the top we have these dark dark blasted recesses this one even stepped you know at the sort of bottom pommel area of the knife and then so you've got one two three different finishes on the titanium and carbon fiber inserts if you were going to actually use the knife some pretty effective jumping on the not quite a thumb ramp of the blade even back on the spine of the handle we have jimping that holds the thumb nicely but it's recessed in the handle so in your flip in the knife it doesn't snag your index finger at all super comfortable knife to deploy there is sort of a gear pattern or jimping on the back spacer which is almost uh it's just a stone wash titanium I guess so there's another finish so one two three four with the carbon fiber and five with the stone wash on the back spacer different finishes on this knife but it seems to all work together and you know if you're actually using the knife in a tactical role that because it's a Stover five-inch handle this is where your thumb would be in a reverse grip right on that jimping it's good and it's a great flipper man the blade just weighs a ton you just get it gone and how she flies I'm just laughing because it's such an over-the-top knife ondrea's most of you guys know the south african bow this is kind of like it's like it customizes 68 Dodge Charger Hemi of a knife and well you know 100 noses market most of it is American it's a Hummer I mean this is a h16 five turbo diesel central inflation central braking nine foot wide on floor this great great name for this knife I gotta say of course because of its finishing this would be the consumer h1 version you know with blinged out chrome 22s and neon underbody lighting and a system a vehicle I would never buy inspires a knife I would never buy but I know some of you guys are gonna think it's cool I didn't even look how much these cost cuz I don't care but I bet you do and if you're in the market for a knife like this this is a good one it really is and it actually cuts after it tortured me for a couple hours that's all for this one my friends grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and remember the word and the Andre de villiers ha MA or sharp write for me criminal justice capstone paper topics cheap New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

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