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Write for me paper on medical technology

Write for me paper on medical technology write for me science capstone ideas my sisters keeper genre movie I very much enjoyed your talk I understand that most of your criticism is aimed at big Theory theory with big implications with implications for the structure of society and economy so I recall though that you used the same critical phrase excessive ambitions against another program of research that was published I don't know 10 years or so ago that called itself analytic narratives and these seems to be to be much more modest in their ambitions in the sense that they sought to explain specific historical cases through melding narrative with rational choice reasoning so I understand that you see a lot of excessive ambition in the social sciences should we all thus confine ourselves to thick description could you give us some examples of theoretical but also empirical social science that you think really hits home well well I publish a couple of books especially explaining social behavior we argue that there is a middle ground between thick description on the one hand and low like theories on the other end which I call mechanisms it's in a somewhat technical sense of the term it's frequently recurring easily recognizable patterns of behavior so for instance conformism is recognizable when you see it anti conformism doing the opposite of what others do is easily recognizable but we may not be able to tell ahead of time which what in a given situation will be triggered after the fact we may be able to explain behavior as motivated by conformist motivations on the condition of course of subjecting the explanation to the usual hypothetical deductive criteria you know there's a little machinery you have to put in place to make sure it's not just us just so story by you can even when with retro diction no explaining the past you can indeed use eliminate you can reduce the risk of just just so stories by subjecting the explanation to to the standard machinery which are doing in my book explaining social behavior now I don't think this is a big difference between analytic narratives for instance and what Robinson doesn't know Glenn Robinson try to do in their article on on no political transitions I think it's very similar it's based on vastly simplifying assumptions in for instance and sometimes manuf it assumes we know to be wrong for instance the in the article by Abner greif on the general & merchants he just uses a standard assumption of exponential discounting and ran infinite horizon to explain whatever it tries to explain we know that people don't discount it exponentially and rob dawson Bowden Robinson assume with almost zero argument that the capital class and working class can be created each of them as one homogeneous collective actor so which is for me just so no it's the same thing it's based on stylized assumptions either and proven or probably false i'm working in economic theories my field and i just heard that it is valueless and obscure i don't agree with those or else i would have chose another profession well it has value i think for instance at two ellingson mentioned there are many examples of where it was useful and to criticize it for being obscure I think feels very wrong because I think madam if I say the mathematician and the presumed precision actually has helped to make precise the logic of the arguments if you go before they a time when mathematics was used there were verbal arguments and reasoning of complex phenomena economist extraordinary complex I think it's very helpful to try to write down clearly and explicitly what are your assumptions and then the Jews from those your conclusions I think it's the opposite of being obscure what an economic theory says is not that something holds it says that if such and such holds usually an axiomatic form things we can actually decide if you like or not then this will follow I think that's very helpful and of course every theorists understands that those if samtrans do not cover all the real possibilities but we work as hard as we can from simple assumptions and then generalize these theories and sometimes have gone very far so for example when you mention for now I'm and Morgenstern assuming projects objective probabilities and so on I mean that is a theory that was developed in the 1940s after the war and that is correct it is axiomatic which is then extraordinary good because you can actually look at the axioms and you can test them but much as happened since then so you didn't mention for example savage and based on a tradition now in economics updating and things like that and also there is no such assumption as there is an objective probability in much of the theory and we are going to be on that also so that there is theory of ambiguity and so on and so forth so the program of economic theory is actually to clarify its to say that let's look at these assumptions and let's try to push them further and see what other logical conclusions and then make predictions but I think not only predictions I to me the most important value of economic theory and game theory which is my field is to help us reason in a qualitative way about things to sort out a logic think of what could be the incentives for these people for those governors for those firms for those bankers what are the kind of incentives they are given what could be their beliefs and try to put yourself in their shoes and then analyzed as if these were reasonable people and I think that's a very good practice ok thank you well most of that I don't think anyone to disagree with but it's the use of the word obscurantism of course was deliberate and provocative but you may remember that runner fish used a similar word in a 19 after the war I think when they thought aromatics from getting out of hand he said there's a tension out or play or metrics so and that of course was also deliberately provocative expression we're not playing we're serious economists would say we're not playing he thought they were being frivolous and since I have no expertise in econometrics I will not endorse him nor disagree with him but it's it's not totally unprecedented and that was inside the criticism by Ragnar fresh the first or the second whatever Nobel Prize winner in economics so and I think it's obscurantist in the sense that when people do not justify their assumptions that reason correctly from the assumptions there are doing something that is not obscure and something that is obscure or can be obscure in many cases so if they assume unthinkingly that people discount the future exponentially without justifying that assumption which has to it there's very strong empirical counter evidence I think they are being absurd list of course the reasoning itself from that unwanted or and warranted assumption I'm sure it's fine I didn't create such that but i think it's obscurantist to ignore or as awesome what does maganda Robinson do to ignore collective action problems and in their empirical basis claiming that simply pointing to an article by Gordon Taylor cremant 1971 that a completely devoid of empirical content that's the article to which they refer as the empirical basis for some other claims and I can go on and I'll go so it I'm nobody could disagree with the desire for explicit clear and when appropriate mathematical reasoning that's not issue thanks everyone both june and the commentators and those of you in the public for a very interesting write for me capstone final exam quizlet New York Film Academy, Battery Park, Manhattan.

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