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Write for me oxford high school capstone

Write for me oxford high school capstone capstone logistics llc amarillo tx for money panasonic sa ak520 review of literature ´╗┐good morning today is the last day in Hong Kong Hong Kong someone comes good morning today is the last day in New York very very sad to go but we've got a whole full day ahead of us I feel like I'm now reaching a limit of my food levels because I woke up still feeling pretty full so I ordered an acai bowl today instead I've got some smoothies and ears and blackberries homemade granola coconut and I feel that's going to pave the way to a very full food day ahead of us it has been an amazing amazing trip so far and I still a few more hours to go so let's go [Music] oh I cook the people eat the food what's so good that you wolf it down but are you choking memo here also if you are vegan they painted for vegans - it was great to see of Chinese cuisine I promise I've actually done some walking before coming here for lunch I'm finally at Xi'an famous foods coxinha recommended it to me she knows the way to my heart and she recommended me to try out the noodles because they're meant to be insane she also makes amazing YouTube videos she's like one of my favorite creatures ever so I'm gonna link her down below if you love my videos and you're definitely going to the place I'm here because the most famous for their spice featuring the noodles so decided to order a face because when in Xi'an Zhi armed you have to order what they're known for they've got some spicy cumin and ripped noodles and then the same for Institute they're the same but with beef spice and tingly beer and ribs noodles stewed pork burger spicy and sour lamb dumpling in soup and spicy cucumber salad so so many things just order up get your number and then you go and feast and everything looks amazing super super bottom portions now it's time to try it first up I have the spicy cucumber salad they have different spice levels they're going from mild to super spicy yeah overly spicy super crunchy fresh moorish the next thing I'm going to try is going to be that spicy lamb handful noodles this is meant to be like their number one dish this one the one in the suit might have human big chunks of yeah very similar to the one we tried the other day at trailer market so let's see how they compare we've got a lot of chili oil doubtful over and it wasn't peppers from celery as well so fatty [Music] it's very chewy is fatty but it's a very very well flavored and their most famous foreign noodles here because they all make it in one long belt I think I read online that it's for books so when you eat it it goes on for days noodles today's look the noodles are so good keeps us buying very bouncy a lot farther International compares with the one the other day was a lot more delicate and lighter but it's you can see them preparing all the noodles and same way as well time for my favorite thing which are the dumplings you can get the option of either it being in soup or you can have it standalone this is how big dump things are and it's in a chili oil bath over here so it's not one for the faint-hearted that is sour it's so nice a spicy and sour I just like him a lot more because that's what to take the word got more moist when it's in the soup inside a bus fighting human lamps in the same as you get anything in comparison to the lamb with the noodles this is a lot more tender very light the dumpling skin isn't too soggy this soaks up by the broth and you can even what lock them in one sitting well I can only wear probably about 20 and 130 but this is so good and it's so nice and this lamb is quite heavy meat thus our suits to go with it as well fantastic now I've got the same version of the lamb but this time in the noodle soup I don't know it's because it's in the noodle serum feels so much silkier the texture of it just feels so different much later you're easier for you and I feel like can't come in return line a lot more the other one is a lot more heavier so they try the beef and that's the same dish as the round one but I want to see how their me compares kazeem is so much better than the mountain the beef is super fancy though but it's America so well it's all the flavor a lot more if noodles aren't your thing they can also hook you up with some burgers - this is the lamb burger you can also get a pork version but it's shredded love let's run an Amish slow light in there it's also super oily every time you eat it you feel like a little burst of oil going to your mouth the bun is really good - it's only not drying but it doesn't give you where your fingers are the meat is good you like your oily spicy foods and this is going to be a heaven if you don't there are other things than the menu but maybe stay away for any we're going to finish this now and then head over to get some ice cream at the ice cream factory in China sound which this have and egg custard flavor that I really want to try and there's other cool Asian flavors so we all scream for ice cream and I'm going to go scream for some background ice cream [Music] I've got the a custard here and it's super elastic a look this tastes like a more pronounced of vanilla very eggy but not overly so I'm not too sweet throw refreshing and I can imagine this being really good in the summertime it's not as different as I thought like when you hear a custody just think it's going to the damn top but it just tastes just like a very eggy vanilla in a good way in a very good way it was got a bunch of other flavors like durian Reds being Thai tea so mango papaya sorbet so many different Asian flavors so if you love your ice cream anyone have a bit different and if it's it here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay this one is the spicy seafood hot pot so we've got seven through crabs here I was minecraft so hard to eat some prawns a bunch of ramen noodles mussels nuts and squids all mixed up into a big ol pot I am tired now back in the hotel room and I need to pack to leave first thing tomorrow morning the flight is at 10:15 a also so many asked what hotel is staying I am staying at the even hotel in midtown and I can't connect I cannot recommend it enough it is fantastic the staff are amazing the breakfast is good the beds are very very comfortable they've got cool gym equipment inside the room and I would hum percent stay here next time I visit New York again it's so close everything as well around the corner is Grand Central Station you've got the awesome food places nearby that you Dom plays clothes at Koreatown like it's just so so amazing and convenient but this ends the trip to New York I wanted to thank you all everyone who's taking the time to watch these videos to comments and like all other kind of stuff like the Instagram pictures honestly thank you so much I didn't think anybody would watch it so it's really really nice that people have taken the time of the day to do so and to come along on this little adventure with me it's amazing but Samantha Sunderland she left the most nicest comment on the New York day three vlog and a quite a few of you have been really enjoying the content and stuff recently and thank you so much it really really means so much to me I'm trying to make every single video better than the last and it just it means the world that you guys all love the content and stuff as well I have some some very very cool travel plans coming up I cannot wait to share them for you I just need to confirm everything sign all that needs to be signed and then I'm gonna do a video just telling you all about the upcoming trips which I'm very excited about but let me know if you enjoyed this daily vlog series and whether I should do or daily vlog stuff or whether you prefer it or condense into a weekly video I'm not going to work tomorrow kisses travel day and yes thank you again I hope you having a wonderful day afternoon or evening and I shall see you in next video [Music] latest research topics on human resource management order Manhattan School of Music, Morningside Heights (Columbia University area).

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