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Write for me onenote lined paper default do my usf capstone classes school fair essay ´╗┐hey how selfish your boy j-rok for something back at it again right now we've got some NCAA basketball ten and this game it is the championship of the colonial tournament and growing up in his Northeastern University Andre Walker I don't know why he's gonna start when she's averaging barely four points a game she didn't twenty percent from the field yeah I think offensively he's ass but he gets rebounds so no I I say that's a pretty good job by him so basically we got to spread out the tech we got to make them free throws a diol Nesmith our seniors got to come out and play when we're talking about Musa Cone a we're talking about Deon Nesmith you know we got to get a lot of production out of these guys and we almost got the block right there but we did not get the block up so they're about four and about two minutes passed and we get the nice pump fake right there I mean Tanksley steps in for the jump shot right pretty easy easy peasy lemon squeezy I mean texting in the corner he misses but that's new saucony on the rebound passes out to one game bringing for three and he makes it also I would like to say if you guys are watching this series there's a lot of other NCAA basketball series that you guys can watch I know there's somebody doing Washington State there's somebody doing LMU well which is Loyola Marymount guys check out Zach sports gaming cuz he's doing NIU and also check out husky nation TV I believe he's going 1-2 and Omar love he's doing one as well and he's a Leo Gonzalez you don't hear his name much in my videos a Leo Gonzalez out of Puerto Rico he made the jump shot right there Malik Nichols in the quarter he knocks it down one at a toll run leading by 9 points right now with about three minutes left in the first half pass the ball of tuwana Green Ronnie green he's gonna be a big part of this offense next year as he will be moved from that shooting guard spot to the point guard because we need him timber games and that's Malik Nichols who will also be a senior next year along with a mean Tanksley so they get the ball in the quarter they pass it down to the block we block it with Locust Coast states but Volquez ghosties apparently found them but that was not a frickin foul come man but I cannot hate a game that was made in 2009 so they make the first free-throw and they make the second no I think they only made one I'm not sure but it's really matter also I'm using a different color corrector so the colors look a little brighter you're welcome you're welcome anyway they made this shot right there well we're still up by 11 I got a change up the line of slyness looking nasty so they score but I'm like man we gonna get the points back so what about 121 left to go we're up by 9 look at D unless we just cooking him bout the cook 3 for 7 so far got 6 points ibrahim Zombo is now in the game ibrahim de jambo he will not be playing those actually even though he's a junior he's technically supposed to be senior because he only had one year of eligibility left and Deon Nesmith got fouled he leads the team in scoring with 15 point 9 points he's gonna shoot it he's gonna make it the senior yeah he transferred from Monmouth University I think I mentioned that before great University great University guys you guys like a liberal if you guys like nice universities guys gotta go to Monmouth they got some good food as well as I said so we're up by 10 they make the free throw so they cut the deficit to 9 points so what about 5 seconds left they trying to press I don't know why every team tries to press after a free throw but that just gets me tight so he passed the ball - wynee great for 3d you cannot make it so we end a half on a good note we're up by 9 points we need we did what we had to do the seniors I'm giving the seniors as many minutes as possible because I feel like this is the last tournament they're gonna be the Colonials winning the last colonial swimming they're gonna being so basically I say you know they been playing hard all season so they deserve all the minutes they can so as you guys can see we're outclassing them with our shooting but for some reason they're still in the game we have 5 players with 4 points or more that means were spreading out the attack we're capitalizing on free throws but we do have like I think we have like three people or two people with two personal fouls each so that's not a good thing so he does that a little hop step and the hop step works that works I wish I can do that movie Brian bernardi's in the game he passes it out to Ibrahim Ibrahim pastor Jamal Robson 3 Jamal riots and he does not get as much time to see would like to but hey he can knock down shots so that's what we got in a mini game phone so you guys can see we got a like our bench our bench players in the game cuz we're up by 30 so he passing in the corner to Bernardi uh and I lied we were not up by 15 only about seven uh so that really does not help my argument at all but when I knocks down to three I'm just not the three but the jump shot but I'm just saving my starters energy and as you can see he got found like there any got the n1 so now they could cut this deficit to only four points we do not want to lose if we lose we're most likely not gonna get into the tournament and we need to go to the Big Dance we've been working all season we do not want to lose this moment so Andre Walker back in the game yeah Nesmith also back in the game and a mean taxi also back in the game so we passed a wide a blondie knocks down the mid-range J up by five at about two minutes left to go but they get the layup right there so they cut the deficit to only three points we got more fouls so I'm not sure if they're in the bonus but that is a foul on 850 and one one-year green thousand grant Garrison's got 15.6 but ten three four three I thought at the line but he misses this one so we're about 148 seconds left to go but League Nicholls is gonna take this all the way and he gets fouled he cannot believe it but yes you did family I'm sorry sir you did so uh I - as Malik dream the first free throw when about 45 seconds up to go if you round it it's 46 but this ain't math class so well up by three with 45 seconds left to go go we'd get another foul and I believe they're in the bonus I'm not sure if Lynn has 19 points make that 20 as he knocks it down the first free throw these northeastern teams they staying in this game they're sticking with us and they're only down by one is April in knocks down that other free throw so Brian Bernardi we haven't met cuz he's lethal and we knock down that J right there with a means hexley you guys see where we were going small because we needed score we needed to score so raucous ghost he got fouled he only made one free throw one second left they talked that he if it's not gonna matter cuz were you with it went almost to the Big Dance we're going to the Big Dance folks it's just a matter of what seed we will get at the Big Dance all right we'll go to the Big Dance guys it's just it's amazing we had a great ride this season we'd be Old Dominion not once not twice but three times Dianna is your player of the game with 12 points and 4 assists man this is a great regular season now we got to go into the postseason well technically this was supposed to easy but now we got to go in and see if we can get ourselves some w's in the 20 minutes beyond this was as I said had 12 points mean sex he had 10 one in green had 9 Malik Nichols he had 9 Bernard had eight Lucas ghost he's had three but he also had four rebounds and Leo had two points so yeah anyway this has been another j-rock video remember to like comment subscribe and peace write for me capstone mining analyst coverage Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

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